Friday, August 31, 2007

Kumae Changtoinette

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Even if I do say so myself . . .

Once again I have to admit Kumae Changtoinette is so cuuute! (- o -) *pant pant*

Seems like imbalance is a lovely element!

Having learned that my single release date is the same day as Ver-Bara Day I got so excited that I couldn't help but draw the Ver-Kuma again . . .

Yes, I once again put my hand to the forbidden Ver-Kuma.

'Cause, you know, I really wanted to draw this 3rd cell no matter if the storyline would easily be guessed or not! (lol)

The fateful encounter of Kumae Changtoinette and Count Fersen . . . !

Um, by the way, I believe those of you who often read this type of manga would know it, that the twinkles in the eyes are basically made by adding white dots of the correction fluid, but I don't have the correction fluid at home, so I drew the eye twinkles just with a pen. You gotta consider the shading of the black-eye parts at the same time, which is a little bothersome.

How come I'm struggling this hard in this time-consuming way . . . I thought, but kept struggling hard with fierce expression on my face.

So please take a closer look! At the eye twinkles of Changtoinette . . . !


Get you a bottle of correction fluid > myself

By the way, I also looked for a ruler but couldn't find one, so I used my CD nearby as a substitute for the ruler to draw frames and straight lines. Say CDs are quite useful~*

Get you a ruler too > myself

Thursday, August 30, 2007


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"Hikaru-chan like Ya Kuma   but me like this Kuma he more"

'Oh, seems like it's a hot number, huh~.'

"Kuma kuma he ~*   Kuma he~*   Kuma he~*"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


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By the way, today is indeed Ver-Bara DAY, you know!

I heard today is the day that "Berusaiyu no Bara" was staged in 1974 by Takarazuka Revue Company.

I'm so happy as the release date is set on such a wonderful day!

~PART 3~

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"Oh my . . . "

Year 2007

29th of August

It was the release date of "Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry" . . . ! !

~PART 2~

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*takes the mask off*

*twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle*

Today I'm gonna draw a 3-cell manga in memory of "Ver-Bara Day" and "My Single Release Day"! ~PART 1~

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"Oh my . . . what are you going to do . . . ! ? I am . . . ."


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Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, but yesterday I went to see the preview of "EVANGELION:1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE"!

I saw the production staff people and Mr. Anno the director and was able to say hello to them.

And the movie was . . .

. . . so cool - - - !

The new scene with some mechanical things was wicked cool. The battle scene was powerful and my eyes were completely glued to the Shitos(lol) Once again I found my love for Shitos. And what surprised me was Kaworu-kun's appearance - I can't tell you anymore 'cause it's forbidden to expose the central story.

Aww~! So what I wanna tell you most is confidential~.

Well but, even if I weren't forbidden to expose it I may refrain from telling you about the core thing! - so that you can expect to learn what it is when you actually watch the movie.

I think you guys who doesn't know EVA well and who knows EVA inside out could both enjoy it. It makes you really wanna watch the sequels~.

Also I confirmed that the ending part which featured my song was not that out of the movies element(lol) Which was nice.

Above all, the good thing was that I was able to watch it in the theater environment~. 'Cause it's embarrassing and a little scary for me to go to the theater normally to watch the movie I myself is concerned with.

Huh? When will it hit the theaters? I remember it's just around the corner, right?

Come to think of it, it should also be just around the corner that I appear on M-ste for 2 consecutive weeks . . . Gotta recheck the lyrics 'cause I'm gonna sing Kiss & Cry this Friday . . . !

Monday, August 27, 2007


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Ya Kuma is the top song of this artist - - - ! (lol)

OMG (lol)

This rocks ! ! (^o^)

Wicked cool

I know I'm going like crazy, repeating this less-than 1 minute song just endlessly,

but you know, I've been listening it over and over again and it's getting to sound like . . .

Iya kuma honma moweeyo

Iya kuma honma moweeyo ! ! !
(No I really don't need Kuma any more)

(Would it be because the phrase is being repeated just too much? (lol))

OMG, this song is so cool.

Oops, it's time to leave.

See ya later ! ! !

Impulse buying 3

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When I was looking for a song on iTunes Store, by using keyword search . . .

Something came up ! ! !

Ya Kuma came up ! ! ! !

Alright, let's buy this one - - - - ! ! !

(downloading . . . "Hmm? So this is in World Music category?")

Alright, let's take a listen - - - !

Ya kuma, kuma muweyo

Ya kuma, kuma muweyo (ah~)

It goes on and on like that . . . !

What a great song!

Ya kuuma, kumma, muwe~yo

Ya kuuma, kumma, muwe~yo

Could it be an African language?

Gotta check the meaning later . . . ! !

On top of that, when I took a look at the credit, I found the artist name was Melissa Vardey and the album title was:

"Living in Divine Time featuring Chaka Khan"

Cha, Chaka Khan ? ! ? !

Could it possibly be Chaka Khan who's singing like "Ah~" in the back ? ? ?

Man this is going like crazy . . . !(T o T)
(I mean, my excitement level is)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My skin

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Most people I meet tell me I've got good skin.

I appreciate it. Hehehe.

Also I often receive many questions telling & asking me "You've got clear skin, how are you taking care of your skin?" from women, when I upload my images here wearing no makeup.

So, here let me show you my skin care items, which I (who don't care much about beauty thingy) have been using since I was in senior high!

. . . Well actually they're just a facial wash, lotion and cleansing milk, which are very common.

I'm just using these super-basic 3 items of Shiseido's Qi (pronounces as "KI") series everyday. Sometimes I don't wash my face though(lol)

They are so common, not assertive but modest, which makes me love them ("KI ni iru" in Japanese) and treat them as my favorite. (Sorry, I thought I pulled this gag with all my brains, but it just turned out another crap)

Matter of fact I've never experienced any skin-trouble-like skin troubles since I was born, so I have no idea if it's because this facial-wash set goes well with my skin or I just got good, silky skin by nature!

Before this one I used the ordinary facial wash of Biore that you can get at convenience stores. What was the lotion I used before? I think I used "Hadasui" or stuff like that.

So, sorry guys, seems like I don't have informative information that much.

But let me say that I can recommend you this Qi! The ordinaryness is what's good about this! I know this is a weird way of recommendation though(lol)

The other day in Aoyama, I ran into this person after a long time who again told me "Oh my, your skin is so young~". I heard that 90 percent of skin-aging reason comes from having sunlight, have you heard about that??

Then there's no wonder my skin in good condition, huh?

Seriously, for the past 10 years I've seldom had sunlight(-_-;)

I've been to Hawaii or Bora Bora for a couple of days, once per 3 years though . . . Even if I think I get tanned very much, it seems like I still look pale and people don't easily believe I've traveled overseas. That happens sometimes(lol)

Where should I go next time I take a vacation and take a trip~? Well once again I think I can hardly wait to visit Machu Picchu ruins in Peru! Seems like Peru also had a big earthquake recently, I wonder if people are doing all right over there.

Japan also has been having a lot of earthquakes lately, that's a little scary isn't it(._.*)

Planning an evil scheme

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"Hehehehehe Hihihihihi"

The other side

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I often receive emails telling me that they feel me close to them when they access here right after I upload my new message.

'Cause that let them think "So this one's just been uploaded, she'd still be sitting in front of the computer, just same as I am!"

That's one of mysterious phenomenons on the internet huh. You kinda feel like you're connected to each other, sharing something with each other.


Today I thought of letting you feel "me" on the other side of the computer(internet) visually,

And took a photo of myself using my computer!

My new MacBook's got a camera, and it has a function called PhotoBooth.
It should come in handy when you do things like chatting, but this camera's been hardly used by me. I took a photo by this thing.

That's me on the other side of the internet.

I tried to make my face expression look like the unconscious one I always have when I surf the internet, listen to the music, read fan mails, or do any other things that use the computer. Well I had some consciousness actually, but anyway it turned out to be like this. I often put my hand on my face. On my mouth, chin or cheek.

By the way this PhotoBooth has got various kinds of effects, and many of them are something that would make you think "who the heck will use such a weird effect like this, in what occasion, for what purpose!!? (lol)"

I'm pretty sure every single person who's using the new MacBook would've played around with that thing once at least . . . (lol)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kuma Chang's Dream

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"Guess what   Guess what   Hikaru-chan   Me caught   this big salmon"

'Oh you did! That'd be a great salmon indeed~. I say Kuma Chang have kinda happy dream.'

"Then   Me brought it back home   And ate it all"

'Was it good?'

"It tasted   like honey   Me know   Hikaru-chan have a nightmare   sometimes"

'Yes, sometimes I have quite scary dreams~. You know the other day, I dreamed of Kuma Chang being squashed, which made me really shocked and sad.'

"Eh   Squashed"

'Yeah, You round Kuma Chang got squashed, flattened. Like a salmon.'

"That's   a terrible story isn't it   Hikaru-chan"

'I wonder why I have such a bad dream like that~!'

"Maybe   it is because   your habitual behavior   is bad me guess"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Because it's a BOSE thing

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This is a picture on the instruction manual of BOSE headphones I showed you last night . . .

Do you think he has a bouzu(shaved) head? Is it a shaved head?

Because it's a BOSE product . . . !

( ^m^)=3 *chuckles*

Or, is it a short-cropped head? But looks round and not that thick at all . . .

So maybe he's got a bouzu head I guses?

I hope it's a bouzu head . . . I really hope so! (>w< )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


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Got new headphones after such a long time ! !

Tomita-san the arranger told me "Have you got that one? I'm wondering whether to get it or not, since I heard it's pretty good~," and that led me to get one the other day!

It's QuietComfort 3, by BOSE!

BOSE's earlier headphones with noise cancelation was huge and I didn't feel like using it, but this one is pretty small. It's lighter and smaller than the SONY one that I usually use in the studio.

It has a comfy fit too! Battery charging is a bother, though.


It's got wicked fat bass~~~ (<3)

I can feel low deep booms~!

Those bass and kick sounds are really fat~! (<3)

I couldn't help listening to Beautiful World, Kiss & Cry and Fly Me To The Moon 2007 Mix with this one(lol)

I can sense every single sound~! Bass sounds great too~ (one more <3)

I felt like listening to songs with ultra-fat basses so tried "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg, and it feels kinda as if my brain is dancing! The following song is "Gin And Juice," that makes me feel so nostalgic - - - ! It's the song in "Snoop Doggy Dogg" name era~.

But what made me surprised most with its awesome bass, was the song called "Tombstone" by Peaches! I thought I almost peed my pants!

Woot! Snoop's "Who Am I?(Whats My Name)" just came! This really bring back memories ! ! ! It's the song released when I was in the elementary. I can feel I'm grinning right now. I'm slipping back in time to the past-. I just can't resist ! ! ! (lol) I cannot help but sing along!

Well, I got off the point but anywayz I'm really into the new headphones by BOSE-chama.

Heheh (<3)

Sample CD

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The sample version of my new single has just been made!

It's got lots of my photos taken in Yokohama early in the morning. I remember I had sunshine after a long time~.

I've been having my strange sleep pattern for years, and I'm beginning to wonder this could be partly because of my having too little sunlight(^ ^;)

By the way, I forgot to tell you but I did the taping of CDTV last Monday!

The set looked magical, using dry ice.

You know, speaking of dry ice I bet you have a cool, chilly image for it, right?

But this time, the studio was filled with dry ice over and over again(for sound check, camera rehearsal, run-through etc.), and it got so hot and muggy enough to make you confirm others if you were not in a TV station but a tropical rainforest!

I myself, who was singing under those lights, was hot, but I thought it must be tough for the shooting staff people to be there. Guys who were in charge of setting up the set, who were running around with camera cables, all those guys had to be in the studio and move around in there. They looked very hot~. Everybody was sweaty all over.

But if people watch the show on the air, they'd probably just have an impression that the set looks kinda cool and magical(lol)

Even just to take 4 or 5 minutes length video, it needs sweats of many people(and lots of money), you know*

I'm not kidding, seriously. Every time I see the set in TV stations I think "Wooow this is great~! Guess it costs a lot to set this up . . . " I wonder what all those things will be after the taping is over. Would there be a lot of parts that can be reused?

Seems like they get loads of trash everyday~. Something that is uses as a part of a beautiful set, turns trash after it is used . . . Sounds kinda odd, huh.

It's still so hot

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"Good nite   Pillow-san"

'O U B E I K A'


Monday, August 20, 2007


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It's kinda embarrassing to tell you about my dream 'cause you may do dream analysis or interpretation of it, but I myself is a type of person who doesn't believe in dream interpretation thing that much, so I just thought it's OK and that's why I wrote about it yesterday.

Basically I always remember my dreams clearly in detail, and 70 or 80 percent of them are scary ones!

I often wake up with "Whew~ I'm tired~" because of the content of my dream.

Sometimes I fight against an enemy, sometimes my buddies get killed, or I'm just running away from something. Sometimes I'm getting attacked a lot by dogs or cats, having nowhere to escape and just thinking "Oh it hurts, it hurts," and sometimes my family is killing each other with a knife or chopper, and whatnot - I cannot write further, 'cause this just gets more erotic, grotesque and nonsense*

I receive some emails from time to time asking me "Hikki, when do you sleep??" as I write here quite randomly . . . I don't know from what time, but basically I always wake up after I sleep 2 hours or 2 and a half hours!

It's OK for me to wake up, but I always have a big trouble getting to sleep, and it takes at least 1 hour to fall asleep no matter how sleepy I am. This is so inefficient and this could be my problem.

So I fall asleep, then just after 2 hours or so I wake up, and kill time for 1 or 2 hours by reading books or playing with Kuma Chang until I calm myself down, as I become wide awake because of scary dreams.

Well it's true I'm keeping irregular hours, but please just take it like "Oh, so she wrote it 'cause she woke up?" when you find my message posted at an irregular time!

Today now I'm going to hit the sack, by the way*

The image above is the one taken when I stayed at Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjuku looooooooong time ago. Those little sunlights coming through the clouds are making concentrate attacks on a corner in the city! The buildings may get burned if you put a huge magnifying glass in between.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

*pant pant*

I just woke up shrieking, at the moment of being bitten in the face by this big black dog that attacked me and had a lot of struggle with me!

It was just a dream~ Thank goodness~ I was so scared~ (T_T)

I'm a type of person who always has such types of dream and I believe I'm used to it, but this time I woke up shrieking for the first time in years! Also being surprised by my own scream (lol)

On top of that, I saw the closeup of Kuma Chang's face the moment I opened my eyes, which made me embarrassed and scared as well . . . (You know, Kuma Chang's really got a big head . . . )

I turned the TV on as I was not able to sleep because of my heart's pounding, and found 24Hour Television was on. They are working for a long time, please take care~ (._.*)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm sorry I'm sorry

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Well, let's see, let me take a look at your real face

*peels off*


Awwww---- ! ! I damaged the left-below part of Kuma san's mouth when I removed the lid ! !

Some cream stuck to the lid, off from his mouth . . . !

Weeeeep I'm sorry I'm sorry! My apologies Kuma san!

*sobs* . . . What a painful look . . .



*mumble mumble*

*mumble mumble*

*munch munch*

*mumble mumble*

Hm. It tastes normal.

Hey, come on!

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WWWWwhh What's the meaning of this !?

You mean I gotta eat this !?

Mmm m . . . . gahhhhhh

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dead tired

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Gahhh~, I'm tired~ TV works wear me out~ (._.; )

I wonder why, 'cause it's not that pressing work(I commute to the studio everyday and work for many more hours when I do loads of recordings, you know). It's a fun work for me, though.

After the taping of Music Fighter was done I found the hair makeup staff-san had some pretty ke-tai strap, so I asked her "What's that?" and she replied me she just got it from my staff.

It was a promotion item for "Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry" single release! It got kinda small crystal-like sphere, with two pictures inside. From one side it looked like a globe, and from the other side it looked like something black & white . . . I couldn't see it well. Trees? What was that.

Now let me tell you.

After that I went home some time later,

And I didn't get that goods

W-H-Y- ! ( T O T )

WHY nobody gave it to me - ! ( T O T )

Well I don't care. I don't need it 'cause I've already got this lovely globe item.

For your information - this is a well-known piece, and you can find it in the places like stationery stores or some general stores in the States. It comes in a couple of sizes and this one would be the middle size one I guess.

I've been keeping this same thing ever since I was a little child. I bought it somewhere, and I bought it again when I moved or lost it.

I got the first one probably at the stationery store that had a lot of import goods, located at the intersection that had a bank and red telephone booth nearby in Hiroo, if I remember it right. After that I got it again in NY when I was an elementary school girl, 'cause I felt kinda nostalgic at that time! Then I think I got another one around when I came back to Tokyo. 'Cause it'd been on my table around when I debuted.

So that means this should be the fourth one, right?

Thursday, August 16, 2007


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I think The Blue Nile sounds best in the nighttime~. What a fabulous music.

Yesterday (the day before yesterday, already) on the taping of Utaban, I was playing The Blue Nile's album "Hats" in the dressing room for the first time in ages while getting my makeup done, and it was simply superb.

I suddenly started laughing in a halfway manner like "Ghh Nfheheheheh" when my fave guitar riff part came on, which made the makeup staff-san worried like "Wh, what happened, Hikaru-chan?"

By the way, The Blue Nile is the band that does some low-keyed, subdued, professionals' fave type of music, so I guess people would just love it or hate it. I should say I can't recommend them to everybody, but I love them very much.

I ran across Ōta-san of Bakusho Mondai when I was waiting for the elevator at the place right next to TBS underground parking! It's been quite a long time(since I last met him once at a radio show taping about 9 years ago), so we didn't notice each other for a while.

We had some chitchats in the elevator, then suddenly Ōta-san asked me "Why did you split up?"

Geez!! What's the point of his asking that question!?(lol) - I thought, but replied him kinda like "Well, for many reasons(lol)" turning a deaf ear on my staff bursting into laughing, then in the meantime we arrived on the destination floor, so we parted giving "See ya~!" to each other.

It was such a short time~. Wish I could've talked him longer, as I was happy to see him after a long while~ (^0^)

The song part taping of Utaban had no audiences this time, which made me feel a little short on fun, but the set was quite gorgeous as always!

And I met (or rather, ran across) aiko-san in the corridor for the first time in quite some time. *

You can see a lot of artists and talents in TV stations, seems like. (Who doesn't know it?)

I've got another TV taping tomorrow! Today I did nothing, being just lazy and relax all day long, so I'm now full of energy for tomorrow's Music Fighter taping~.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here we go

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Off to the shooting of "UTABAN"

" . . . "

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Maybe   it's just me"

*rolls over*


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Did u call me?"

Monday, August 13, 2007

TV taping, first one

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Wuzzup folks.

I taped HEY!HEY!HEY! yesterday!

I put on these private chic socks of black NEBUTA.

Singing for a TV show for the first time in a long while, and singing Beautiful World for the first time in front of people - I was tense a little bit at rehearsal, but quite enjoyed singing in the actual taping probably because I had audience people*

Finished singing, changed my clothes, then as I went out of the dressing room to go to the talk-part taping, Monkey Majik san called to me when they passed me on the corridor, which surprised me a lot. Normally, how can I say, it makes you surprised so much when someone you don't know talks to you all of a sudden, at extreme point-blank range! Or I might be more timid than the normal level(lol) I may be able to have a chat more casually in English, when I'm in such a situation.

MM "Hey, how ya doin?"

Me "!? (Oh, it's M, Monkey Majik san! Aw awww) . . . F, fine, thank you . . ."

Am I a junior high student who's poor at English - - - ! ! (lol)

After that I exchanged a word or two with them just casually, but I found myself, who replied them embarrassed at first, quite interesting. I think I kinda got to understand the feeling of Japanese who got embarrassed when being talked to by foreign people.

My heart never stops pounding in TV stations! I have a feeling I wanna get used to it, as well as I should not get used to it.

Well whatever, I enjoyed tapings of both singing part and talk part pretty much.

The moment that thrilled me most was . . . After the song part was taped, while the staff was checking the VTR I was having a chitchat with the audience people as usual, then I came to sing one chorus of "Boku wa Kuma" in the course of nature, and then came this KUMA call in an excitement state ! ! !


Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ! ! ! KUMA - - - ! ! ! !

Everyone thank you very much for staying with me that way(all excited more than I imagined(lol)). I'm so impressed.

(^-^)/ Thanks for coming!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tokuji Shimaji, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Pref.

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Before I write further, there's one thing I wanna tell you . . .

I've been having a slight cramp in a part of my left side ass since yesterday, which bugs me so much even right now when I'm sitting here in front of the computer and typing ! ! ! You know sometimes you have a little cramp in your eyelids, right? That's what's been happening in my ass(left side) right now! For more than 24 hours now! Just when will it stop~!?


Well, back to this booklet "徳地(Tokuji)", Tokuji . . .

. . . is of Tokuji, of Saba District, of Yamaguchi City~!

And in the chapter called "Bustle of 島地(Shimaji)" found the name of "Utada" . . . !

(Shimaji is the area located in Tokuji)

It says "There lived a 大庄屋(dai-shouya) family called Utada family in Shimaji, and they were possessed a large piece of property."

大庄屋? . . . "Is it a big barbar(床屋, tokoya)?" was what I thought, which was completely wrong! (Too silly!)

Dai-shouya means those officer type of people in charge of collecting renders from farmer people. They were the town leader, as well as officer.

. . .

Ehhhhhhh------! ! The officer to collect renders~?! Does it mean, the officer who is so infamous for taking farm crops from farmer people without mercy, often in samurai dramas~!?

Oh, I see . . .

Well, seems like that's about it, Utada san.

Oh well, this has got to be like an inside talk that anyone without Utada surname won't care about. Sorry for that.

Utada sa~n

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Utada san! Hello~. I'm Utada~.

It's kinda complicated isn't it!

Lately I've got emails from 2 Utada sans! I feel a big bond with them especially because this is a rare type of surname. Or we could be linked somewhere at some point if we traced the family tree.

Both of them told me that they're interested in their family tree, or rather history these days, but have few clues about it.

Currently there exist twenty-some families with Utada surname across Japan.

Just like those other rare surnames, ours will follow a course of decline and eventually disappear . . . Will it suffer the fate like that . . . ?

My dad says, when he was a little kid his grandma showed him a looooong scroll type of family tree and he was told things like "Make us proud, you are the scion of a high respectable family with a long history."

. . . Hey Zanecchi, where is that family tree~!

It should be somewhere, but seems like he's not sure where it is. I was talking with him like we've gotta find it someday.

Then the other day, dad gave me a mysterious booklet.

Jeez this looks tough ! ! !

徳地(Tokuji) . . . ? I think I've heard of this place name . . .

To be continued

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hm-hum I see

So you're prone to have red-eye in photos if your eyes pigment is pale!

I got emails from the people who also tend to have red-eye. They say their eyes are brown-ish.

So that's why white people or animals(dogs, cats) tend to get red-eye.

Oh wow.

Anyway, it's a strange thing that when you get old your hair goes white, isn't it? I wonder why the pigments of hair and body hair get decolorized. Has the mechanism of white hair already been figured out? I guess maybe it would be because the protein in charge of creating pigments loses its strength or decreases in number and becomes unable to put out pigments, due to some gene-related matters and such.

Do other pigments get pale as well when you get old? Like eyes' one. Does it remain the same?

Say, when I was around 6 or 7 years old, one part - or rather should I say one wisp - of my hair turned into a color that was some mixture of blonde and white, which made me think "What the heck is this---! It's been two years since I started to go to the school full of white people . . . Does this mean I'm turning white people---??" and put me into a flutter, but it was just I partly got white hair from stress. (- __ - ; )

I got black hair again in the meantime, but I'd look cook just like Black Jack if a wisp of my hair remained white~. That's unfortunate . . . !

But come to think of it, it's a strange phenomenon too that you get white hair from stress. Does it happen because you get out of shape and the protein gets screwed up? Why does the sole specific protein to control pigments, out of all proteins, get influenced . . . ? Or, would it be like white hair is well known because it can be seen? I wonder if too much stress or sense of fear hurts also other parts of the body too bad!

Probably. In many ways, though you can't tell them immediately.

You gotta watch out for the signs from your own body!

I was lucky, as I didn't have alopecia areata(lol)


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

For God's sake, please take a closer look at this guy!

Take his hot energy!


Friday, August 10, 2007

These socks are . . .

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


This has a huge impact on everyone!


Even I stepped back from this for a moment (lol)

I got this through Zanecchi's acquaintance. Thank you very much for giving me such unbelievable socks. This will be my most fave ever. Tops the list in "stiflingness" category.

And on top of that, this is an "available for a limited time only" kind of thing! I appreciate it, I appreciate it so much. This NEBUTA thins has a different type of fighting power that my other collections never had . . .

Yesterday when I went to the beauty shop to dye my hair, actually I was putting these socks on inside the shoes.

"Right now I'm wearing such geeky socks though nobody can tell it . . . ! Oh my, I can feel my heart is pounding . . . " I was thrilled in such a strange way. I'm such a weird girl.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dyed my hair again

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I dyed my hair again, for the upcoming series of my TV-related works---.

Can you see the difference? I chose the color one tone lighter than before. This will look light as well on the TV, which is nice.

Seems like the ke-tai camera cannot fully portray the color~. Does it look darker than it really is? (Or is it just my home is dark?)

I see I've got a little red eyes. It might be because I got a series of DVDs lately and been watching them in a sitting, for a little too long time . . .

Say, I've got one thing I've always wondered for a long time - most of the time when I take a photo with my friends, I get really red eyes, gleaming, while others look just normal. Even if I get reprints with red-eye correction, only my eyes are gleaming red, like an owl.

How come this happens ? ?

Does it mean my pupils are always enlarged? (Er, am I dead . . . ?)

Or am I always in an excited state? (lol)

Or do my pupils take long to get small against the flashing ? ?

I'm fairly a night-bird type of person, and I really look like an owl with gleaming eyes alone in the photo . . .

Owls . . . I don't remember what an owl chirp is like . . .

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New feature added~!

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So. The RSS thingamajig for which we've had a big number of requests, has been added to the site!

Does it notify you immediately when the site is updated?

I'm still kinda not sure about it. I'll study more. Yup.

This is my latest fave yogurt I recommend you. I saw it at the convenience store, interested in it like "Oh, it's a new addition. What's this??" then bought it~.

Generally, most yogurt packages are in a brisk, light color, but look at this one! What a chic package with a taste of autumn ! ! !

You'll be again surprised when you open the leaf, cause the yogurt itself has a fairly vivid color.

When you bring the first bite of the yogurt to your mouth . . . Oh boy! It tastes a little strange! Yet tasty! Hmmm, I might be into this thing!

So. I bought it again. I'm sorta lovin' it.

(Yogurt isn't attached to the leaf back at all, by the way) (I'm satisfied, though)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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. . . was the atomic bomb day. I got to wonder why I was thinking only about atomic bombs when I was thinking how to eliminate them from this world. It's a little strange that I don't mind other weapons . . . but "war" is to kill loads of opponents and do damage to their county, then that should mean war is to blame, not atomic bombs . . . America is the only country which had first created and used the atomic bombs, while banning other countries to possess the atomic bombs or been putting pressure on them to reduce the quantity on the other side (And they possess a lot of nuclear weapons themselves) . . . Also, lately they've been criticizing Japan's "Comfort women" issues in the past, but they have a history of slavery in the past as well, are they really in the position to talk about the things like that . . . thinking about those things one way or another, I fell fast asleep before I knew it!

I slept great.:*:.(*^-^)

I don't know much 'bout politics and economics, they're too complicated.:*:.(*^-^)

I'm gonna have a chat with Kuma Chang.

'You called Doraemon as geeky, but you shouldn't judge someone just by the appearance.'

"Yup   Me understand   not all the people   are shapely   like me"

'Yes that's right. And you know what, Doraemon has this great pocket called Four-dimensional Pocket, and you can bring out loads of useful future devices out of it.'

"Eh   That sounds great   Four-dimensional Pocket is cool   Maybe he can change it   with this my bag"

Monday, August 06, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Alright, I think you find that Kuma Chang's head is 1 meter around(1.005 meter actually in the image, as the tape measure was a little loosened)

That famous Doraemon san is 129.3 cm both in height and measurements and 1 meter in seated height, according to his official profile. (I heard these figures came from the average height of boys in 4th grade elementary at that time, so it's more like a conceptual thing though)

Could Kuma Chang possibly slightly be similar to Doraemon . . . ? To examine this suspicion! Let's take more sizes of Kuma Chang~! (There we go~!)

The tape measure I got in DAISO worked pretty hard (lol)

First of all, his waist. Here it is!

. . . 122 cm!

He's in metabolic syndrome . . . ('o' )

Next, his height. His natural position is the sitting pose, and he should be ca. 110 cm when he stands up.

His seated height should be around 80 cm.

( . . . Looks like this is getting to be unreliable little by little (lol) Nope, that's not it! I'm not cutting corners, but it's got to be rough because his body is too pliant - especially when I measure something vertical, the length always varies depending on his pose!)


Well, compared with Doraemon, it seems like Kuma Chang is one size smaller overall. As to the balances, Kuma Chang got a smaller head, and bigger waist! (lol) That's about it.

Their whole atmosphere and roundness look alike, but Doraemon is larger in the upper part of his body, while Kuma Chang is larger in his waist and other lower part of his body. (lol)

"Who is Doraemon   Hikaru-chan"

'He's a very famous cat-like robot. He got a big head, short limbs, looks round in whole and so cute.'

"Hehe   What's that   Sounds geeky"

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Woot! The white thing is . . . !

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It's cleaned off---!

Rubber erasers rule~!

I got some tips of how to deal with it by email, and I'd like to thank all of you!

Some people taught me that those white square-shaped sponges sold in Hyakkin(100yen store) would work good but I thought it's too much of a bother to go out to get them . . . then I got this suggestion that normal rubber eraser would work as well . . . !

Come on~! I started scrubbing with a rubber eraser, half in doubt, then guess what, the white paint stuck on the table faded every moment!

You rubber eraser . . . so you have such a talent like this! You rubber eraser, I've underestimated you up till now . . . Forgive me! And big thanks to you! (^-^)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gaaahh! Something white is . . . !

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I placed a wet ziploc bag on the table and left it there by mistake, then when I had a rude awakening and rushed to pick up the ziploc I heard this unlovely tearing sound . . .


The white-printed part is stuck onto the table surface --- !

My   My   My antique table --- ! (T 0 T )

Ooohh! Ariel-!! (T 0 T )

Baked garlics are pretty yummy~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'll explain about the image later!

Two days before, I had some baked garlics (baked garlics with oil wrapped in aluminum foil) at "Tora no Ana(Tyger's Den)," a yakiniku restaurant in Nakameguro for the first time in ages, and it was just great. Baked garlics are the best.

Er, I, I've always loved you ever since I was a little child! (-I'm like telling baked garlics my feelings) Will you go out with me ??

So, like that I was all excited about baked garlics and ate dozens of them, and seems like I ate them a little too much 'cause I had quite heavy stomach feeling yesterday all day long. Burp. Seems like I got dumped by baked garlics. (._.*)

I had this heavy stomach feeling all the time until this morning, which made me feel sick (x_x*) Burp.

On another note.

I always take notes and points in my notebook all through the processes of songwriting and arranging, and sometimes I find some mysterious messages which make me think "What's this? How come I wrote things like this . . . " when I look back on the past and take a look at the notebook from time to time.

The image above is one such example!

二月(nigatsu, February)     (発音)(hatsuon, pronunciation)

2がツー(nigatsuu, two '2's)

      アホはアホ(aho ha aho, idiot is idiot)

(._.; ) . . . . Excuse me?

What did I mean to tell (lol)

Well it would be just something stupid or whatever . . . but anywayz, it's fun to see those records that are left freely on the notebooks, unlike the memorandums left in the computer~*(*^o^*)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Result of measurement

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( '(-)' )



It was exactly . . .

1 meter ! ! !


Kuma Chang's head is the same size as that Marilyn Monroe's breasts!

He's a born star, after all! (^0^)

What a sexy head size ..'+.(^0^).+.'+.'


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

About the straw hat that was on Kuma Chang's head before . . . I got a bunch of emails telling me that they were surprised to know its size by seeing the picture of me wearing it!

They said it was bigger than they thought . . . I mean, the hat was(Kuma Chang's head was).

How huge is Kuma Chang's head?


Here comes the midnight measuring ----! Woooot! Bang bang! Boom boom boom!

Excuse me, Kuma Chang . . .

"What are u doing   Hikaru-chan   Me cant watch TV"

'Kuma Chang, what's the use of watching the shopping channel.'

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


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Oh my God~. August is already here~.

This straw hat, which Kuma Chang wore (or rather, put on his head) before. This actually is a cute straw hat of this cute brand called MILKFED. I also wore the gingham flower pin that came with the hat!

I have no plan to travel until the end of this summer, and seems like I won't do any summerly things, which means this straw hat won't have a chance to be active, so I wore it at home cuz I'm always on vacation in my mind!

Hmmm~. (even if I say so, I'm in a great summer mood)

I heard that straw hats work pretty well when you're in the sun!

At home . . . well . . . maybe I'll place it on Kuma Chang's head.

Chinteketon Tsuntonton

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This is the picture Kuma Chang and I are enjoying azuma asobi.

(*the background music(this message's title) reflects my own image of it)

And here is Utada Hikaru, who likes Asura and been thinking of buying lots of masks at a toy store, putting three masks so that I look like the asura stature, and playing the asura.

Everybody would get excited if we played this at work or such.

(Or it might be just me)