Sunday, August 19, 2007

*pant pant*

I just woke up shrieking, at the moment of being bitten in the face by this big black dog that attacked me and had a lot of struggle with me!

It was just a dream~ Thank goodness~ I was so scared~ (T_T)

I'm a type of person who always has such types of dream and I believe I'm used to it, but this time I woke up shrieking for the first time in years! Also being surprised by my own scream (lol)

On top of that, I saw the closeup of Kuma Chang's face the moment I opened my eyes, which made me embarrassed and scared as well . . . (You know, Kuma Chang's really got a big head . . . )

I turned the TV on as I was not able to sleep because of my heart's pounding, and found 24Hour Television was on. They are working for a long time, please take care~ (._.*)