Thursday, February 28, 2008


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I'll be on Waratte Iitomo tomorrow~!

Gotta hit the sack soon tonight cuz gotta get up early (; .V.)

*pant pant*

By the way

This is what happened two days ago

It wasn't until I went out

that I noticed I put my pants on backwards :slumps down:

I noticed it when I entered the restroom of the studio

Huh? I see the tag in front . . .

Oh my God!

I'd put my underwear on backwards ! ! > me

So, you think about putting it on correctly then, right?

But as I was in tights, I mean leggings, I needed to take off leggings once and put it again to put the pants on correctly . . .

. . . . . . . .

. . . . .

Can't be bothered ( -_-)

So I spent the whole day leaving my pants as it is.

I felt no strangeness at all.

It's like,

It's OK, I'm like, not gonna have a date with somebody( -_-)

Have you ever had any experiences like this? (. _ .)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Let me tell you about my life

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This is the floor of a large recording room in the studio

I love rolling around here

I just said rolling, which means not lounging, but literally rolling

I heard you gotta lie on the floor with your back straight, then roll sideways like a stick, which is a fire extinction method if your cloth caught fire

It's an emergency response training in case my cloth caught fire someday

I don't know why but I've been doing it often from childhood

'Cause you'll never know when your cloth could catch fire!

I'm pretty sure I'd get panics and paralyzed, that's why I'm doing regular training of this rolling fire extinction method

The difficulties are that your cloth gets dirty a little, and that it's painful to roll on this hard floor

Plus you look strange on all accounts

This is the way I am, and I'm counting on you as always

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Part *3*

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Hmm, was this taken on the same day?!

This time I'm on the light.

That's the uniform I haven't seen for a while~!

There was this special way of wearing uniforms, that was to put on a big shirt with its tail hanging out, along with a little long (ca. 10cm long over the knee) skirt, which looked a lil sloppy.

No loose socks, we wore either dark-blue knee socks or short crashed-looking socks!

The shoes were the ones like Dr. Martens-ish leather shoes that you gotta use strings to tie.

We looked a little different, visible especially in such a place like Shibuya, so we were often spoken by some photographers on the street but always ran away pretending we couldn't speak Japanese.

Part 2

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Here comes my full-length purikura-!

Could be the one taken on my way home back from school, as I'm in a uniform.

Could be taken in a gēsen in Shibuya I guess!

The girl on the right is me. I'm giving the best smile thought I'm seized from behind(lol)

My hair was like in a bob at that time.

The girl together with me is Kuroe-chan, who was always with me on the way back from Yōga to Shibuya. We often dropped in at a gēsen and took purikuras and such.

So sweet memories ~old purikuras~

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I was watching some good old photos after pulling out the cardboard box that contained lots of my past photos

Then I found my old notebook, full of good old memories-!

It's the one I was using when I was in 9th grade or so.

It's got a bunch of purikuras in it~! Jeez that's a lot~!

On top of that they're in super good preservation since they're put in the protective plastic sheets! They hardly look faded!

I believe I was 14 when I took this one. At that time I was in a Catholic girls' school (international school) in Yōga*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The front

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This is the front side, by the way.

I drew Kuma Chang in a cat costume in memory of "Cat Day," and dizzy Kuma Chang in kotatsu.

I checked the message panel corner (After M-Ste) in M-Ste website.

I totally don't belong there

( ; _ ; )

Just who am I

( ; _ ; )

Other artists' panels with the comments like "I enjoyed the show very much*" + autograph are common, while only mine's got both sides, full of the drawings of Kuma, pillow, strange messages and such . . .

Oh my

I myself have no idea where I am going*

The back

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This is the message panel we always draw for M-Ste

This time I was killing time by doodling this and that also on the back as I had so much time on my hands in our spare time, which was unusual

<from a fan>
Both front and back side are posted on M-Ste site!

( ; _ ; )

Never thought they'd upload the back side

( ; _ ; )

It ended up being a lil bit geeky, weird one, after I doodled and doodled this and that and wrote some strange words over and over again, without thinking

I thought it would be OK as only the staff people would see it*

And they did upload it, before the day was over!


Above picture is the one I took as a memory, since I thought they'd never use it*

Well it doesn't matter much . . . I mean, would it be all right for them to post such a thing like this?

It's just a kid's doodle, seriously.

Dear M-Ste.

I made mistakes when I wrote the letter "暇" (lol)

Twice . . . (sob)

By the way, as I said at the end of the show, I tried to set a new record of leaving there.

I always surprise people, making them say "God you're so quick!" even if I'm not that in a hurry.

Well then!

Now that it's come to this!

I thought I would like to try my wings ! !

To see how early I can leave there after the show, if I hurry up consciously ! !

As soon as the show was over and commercials started, a bright voice of the staff echoed on the large floor of the studio - "Okay that's a wrap!"

At the exact moment

I was about to step down from the set, after cutting across in front of NEWS (bowing and saying "Excuse me, oh, excuse me")

Heading for the exit to the aisle leading to the dressing rooms . . . !

The audience people buzzed and laughed, seeing me who was trotting off the floor with a serious face earlier than anyone else

My staff(5 or 6) and I, were trotting along the aisle of Tele-Asa in a hurry

(My staff struggled to catch up with me)

As soon as I returned the dress room I took off my shoes and clothes in a fluid, flowing movement

Put on my ordinary clothes

That was probably quicker than the speed of Sailor Moon's transformation sequence

Took my coat

Grabbed my bag

I was like a wind, heading for the elevator looking the male staff who was waiting for me in the aisle surprised and stepped away, far behind

Got the famous M-Ste boxed tissues in the lobby and jumped in the car before I finished saying "Thank you very much!"

And I'm telling you

The time was


That was the moment I hit a record high ! ! !

Thank you thank you very much !

( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

Of course I came out top

I sent an email of joy to my friend, then got this response: "You know, you were on the 1-hour show . . . "

Exactly . . .

But I think I could break 8:55 level if I made more adjustment to do my change of clothes more smoothly . . . !

That was the day that made me feel like that

Thank you very much ! ! !

PS. :slumps down: I, I'm so tired . . .

Friday, February 22, 2008

Michael-! Pohhh-!

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The fancy headphones of Audio-Technica I used in the PV of HEART STATION.





Look at this!

Now they look like totally different and wonderful!

From today, I'll call you the Michael headphones!

This is nice! This is very nice!

. . . What am I doing this late at night.

Tomorrow I'll be in M-Ste~. I'll hit the sack now~.

I'll do my best, hope I won't be so uptight!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nail thing got a great response! (lol)

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I've got a lot of replies from the women in their 20s . . . telling me "I use only nail-clippers too!" !!


That's what I thought !

I thought there would be less people who go to nailarium and such !

It costs money too.

Good, so I'm normal (lol)

But it seems like, there are a lot of people who keep their nails short and always cut them by nail-clippers, since they've got weak nails.

Apparently, using nail file gives less burden to nails than nail-clippers (; .V.)

But I don't like that feeling much. That feeling that you feel when you buff your nails.

It neither hurt nor tickle you, but how can I say . . . er . . . it feels yucky, huh?! (; .V.)

That yucky feeling is hard to explain . . .

It would be bearable if someone did it to me, but I can't do it myself.

If only I had no nails, just like Kuma Chang (^-^;)

But I gotta do something, since I do have them.

I got a bunch of requests, to upload the image if I really had "Michael Jackson" nails.

Yes, of course I'll do that ! !

I'll make all the member of Jackson 5 with my five fingers!

I guess the guy on my little finger would be in big trouble though (lol)

By the way, I heard "Chuichi"(a cat), my parents had in the past, always pulled out his own nails when they got long.

He knew it hurt for human being, but endured pain himself and pulled out his nails. That's what I heard from my dad.

Isn't that great, huh?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day I became a woman

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Hey hey hey!

Just look at this!

My nails!

They look beautiful, huh! They're trimmed, buffed and polished huh!

I, went to the place called nailarium, for the first time in my life ! !

First time in 25 years! I made my nailarium debut!

I've always thought that the nailarium is the place where only those dazzling, girly people visit. Always thought that I'd be alien to such a place.

So now you're asking me, what made me to go there all all of a sudden, at the age of 25.


The state of my nails, weak by nature, are almost reaching a limit, because of the daily shootings for magazines or TV . . . !

Gotta put various colors on them, then take them off (T o T)

Once the dark blue color soaked through between nails and skin, and the tips of my nails turned blue (T o T)

Also, once one of my nails got split from the side for some reason, and torn off when it got stuck with something (T o T)

Oh my God (T o T)

Then my makeup staff san told me that if you put on a "gel" thing you could protect your nails, as well as look them nice, so it's worth a try.

If you talk about cosmetic things, you just can't forget Fukada Kyoko! (-a friend of mine)

So I was referred to a shop by Kyoko, and visited there with my chin up!

That one hour was so exciting, with a full of unknown tools and words.

Like, "What does 'top coat' mean . . . ?"

I told them I've never used nail file myself, which made me surprised very much(lol)

"Oh my God! Do you really use nail-clippers? You're almost like an old man!(lol)" That's what they said. According them, it's only males who do use nail-clippers.

Is that true?

For sure?

I've always used nail-clippers only for the past 25 years. Does that mean something is wrong with me as a female?


I've never thought about doing my nails, as I've always been playing piano or guitar. I've always thought, like, "The shorter, the better!" (-_-;)

It's too scary for me to keep the nails very long . . . but, I have to admit this "gel" thing is quite epoch-making! You can just keep your nails short, and it protects your nails, and you can paint or clean up your nails just as usual, and you can leave it as it is for about a month!

What a great Messiah, for lazy me who's got such weak nails!

(Excuse me, is it a common knowledge for girls to use "gel" thing . . . ? I guess so, probably)

Never thought such a nice thing exists*

"Er, would it be possible, to make a portrait of Michael Jackson nail art . . . ? Recently I've found this Michael Jackson sticker, and the illustration of it looks so cool . . ."

That's what I asked them, and their reply was "YES"!

Next time I'll bring the sticker with me and ask them to draw portrait of Michael on my thumbs and such ! ! Pohhhhh!

By the way, the smell of gel-ish thing, which was used to reinforce the split part of my nail in the course of work, reminded me of something . . . What was it . . .

Oh yes! The dentist! It's the smell of dentist!


You know, that was the same thing with the one the dentists use when they make a temp implant or bridge chipped teeth !!

No wonder it smelled so familiar to me, who has had my teeth fixed up when they got chipped or torn.

At first I was tense as it was my first visit of nailarium, but that "dentist smell" made me fully relaxed(^0^)

Thank you very much, dentist-san . . .

Before I knew it!

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The release date of "HEART STATION/Stay Gold" is already here!

I heard HEART STATION many times when I went to Center Gai(Center Street) in Shibuya the other day, after a long time!
This kind of thing always makes me happy( ^w^)
And for some reason, I thought "I gotta do my best for the promotional works~"

These are the headphones I used in my PV!

They're square-shaped! Pretty rare, huh~! And the color is white!

It looks good, huh!

I got these at Apple Store on the day before the PV shooting day. An Audio-Technica product. The company logo is erased for the shooting.

I fell in love with them at first sight as this color and shape looked so cute.

But I haven't used them as headphones yet (lol)

I bought them based on looks only.

Maybe I'll use them soon . . .

Monday, February 18, 2008

2nd-generation celebs

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Here's Hikaru, who's been wondering which one to drink, milk or chūhai.

Helloooo guys.

It feels so good to take a shower, washing away all those makeup, hair dressing and such that I got put on at work ! !

And just let me say that nothing tastes better than milk or alcohol after taking a shower!

That's the best thing! (I'm still wondering which to drink)

Well, let me talk about The Police reunited live concert, though it's been a couple of days already.

The concert was opened by the band of Sting's son.

What a trembling opening act to be! (from the perspective of opening act)

I wouldn't be able to be the opening act for my mom . . . it's too scary . . .
((((  ;*m*))) *trembles*

It's just normal that an opening act is inferior to the feature act, but I would get depressed every night, having a feeling that I'm too bad as a singer (lol)

Many thought popped into my head while Sting's son was playing, like "Oh~he does look a little like his dad~", "Wow! His voice and singing sound like his dad!" or "I guess he likes his dad very much~."

Maybe those people who knows Fuji Keiko would think the same way, when they see me on stage!

Would be fun if we did a worldwide tour together as a parent and child(*^o^*)

However. That night. What impressed me most, among all those opening act and The Police thing was . . .

The fact that Sting's son talked and talked in Japanese (lol)

At first I thought that maybe he memorized some phrases for the performance in Japan, but he talked and talked and talked. He talked a lot in Japanese. His pronunciation was of a foreigner, though(lol)

"Igirisu ji---n! Amerika ji---n! Nihon ji---n! Sekai no kyoutsuu go wa Ongaku de-su!(English! American! Japanese! Music is the common language of the world!)", or

"Yakusoku de---su! Konoato! Geeto Nijuugoban, De, Sain to akushu shima-su! Kitekudasa-i! Yakusoku de-su! (I promise you! After this, I'll hold a shake-hands & autograph session, at Gate 25! Be sure to come! I promise you!)"

Like that, his Japanese was excellent.

I can't help thinking he learned Japanese somewhere.

His pronunciation was like that of "a foreigner" role on a comedy show, which was cute, funny, enough to make me laugh out loud during all that time.

He's got blond long hair, translucent blue eyes just like his dad's, and said such things during he was playing rock music . . . and top of that he's a son of Sting, you know? I couldn't help but laugh.

He was very kawaii katta de-su!

Thank you very much de-su!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


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I got this yummy-looking heart cake today~.

At the interview by The Television(magazine).

Say this is the kind of dessert that makes girls happy and say "Cute~!"*

(I just thought "Wow it's a very classy designed cake" though)

The color is nice as well, somehow reminds me of blood color*

(I'll squash it and eat it up!)

Speaking of The Television! You just can't forget about the lemon! The lemon on the front!

My stylist-san and I were excited about it and chose this cloth that had some yellow color for the interview, but I was shoooooooocked when I arrived in the shooting studio.

It's The Television Weekly that you hold a lemon on the front cover, and the Monthly one, which I was going to do today, got no lemons . . .


o(- . - o) Pon Pon!

I was fully prepared to hold a lemon!

"I'll put the lemon in my mouth wildly!"

I was planning this and that!

All the staff including me got very much disappointed.

I went on the photo shoot in a little low-down mood.

It's just my fault that I got it wrong, got excited and got depressed on my own. Sorry for that(lol)

By the way, the Valentine Day thing.

The whole day passed while I was drinking with my friend*

Yesterday I had a hangover, as well as stomach trouble*

Hapy Valentine

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Police reunited

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Awww~~~I thought I wouldn't care if I died~!

I went to see the live concert of The Police. In Tokyo Dome.

Never imagined to have a chance to see The Police live.

My bad I wasn't born earlier! That's what I've always thought.

Reunited . . . what a wonderful, euphonious word, reunited. Seriously. I'm so glad you guys have reunited! > The Police

I felt like I was in a dream!

So cool! so many hit songs!

I love Sting (just unbelievably cool) (cooler than any other movie actors) as you know, but I'm telling you that I like Stuart Copeland, the drummer, when they are "The Police." I like him as a drummer, of course, but also his uncoolness, cuteness and thinness really looks cute for me. When he is playing drums hard, he looks like a big child.

I was able to see them from the seat located not far away from the stage - just how lucky I am. God might punish me. My apologies. Seriously, I don't care if I die right away. That's about it.

I got a T-shirt, and I find it quite large.

I'll use it as a pajama.

It fits Kuma Chang perfectly! (Well it can't make it through his head though)

I'm so impressed, that I may resume drawing Super Kuman manga.

The Twilight Hikaru

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I love twilight time so much.

By the way, as you can see, lately I've been having super short hair.

My hair gets long so quickly, and that's a problem for me ! !

My hair gets long really quickly. I mean it.

Just what a "dirty" mind I have ! (lol)

When you have short hair, it is quite remarkable, the quickness of getting long I mean.

My hair, that gets longer and longer silently. Hmmm. And me, who keeps cutting it.

Why do human beings have such a huge amount of hair only on the head?


(NOTE by Nuuk)

"Just what a 'dirty' mind I have ! (lol)" . . . In Japan it is often said that those people whose hair gets long quickly, have a dirty (horny) mind.

Got a choco

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Yesterday, I went to TBS for the recording of Utaban, and I got a chocolate there!

Got a choco!

Tasted good!

Got a choco that tasted good!

Thanks a lot~.

The show recording was done quite smoothly. I mean, it was such a fun time that I felt the recording was over in a minute.

Usually when you do TV show recordings you often experience stuffy air or hotness that comes from strong lighting, but yesterday the studio where I recorded my singing was cold, which made me surprised.

During the time between the run-through and actual recording, it always takes a certain time to adjust here and there as Utaban's always got such a gorgeous, fancy set and lighting, and my hands turned cold like an ice, you know. I lost feeling in my toes and I thought I almost had chilblains(; .V.)

Personally, however, I feel better in coldness than hotness, so I think I it's not that bad (lol)

Sweating bothers me so much(._.*)

In the recording of a music TV show that I did when I was sick and taking various kinds of medicine, I got sweaty like crazy (something like cold sweats), which made me so embarrassed(._.*)

I definitely prefer winter to summer.

Maybe I could move to Hokkaidō(^0^)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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Well well well.

It's been chilly isn't it!

In Tokyo I've often thought "Huh? It's not that cold . . . " when I go outside, even if people say it's cold and chilly, and I found that the coldness of winter in New York is about the same as in Hokkaidō.

My image of winter in Hokkaidō was like "freezing!!" earlier, but if that is the case I think I wanna visit Hokkaidō in winter!

The image above. Which I took a while ago, I forgot when, but maybe in December.

I found these two guys at work, drawing pictures on the wall, when I was shopping in Shibuya.

They kept drawing pictures outside in the cold. There are various kinds of work out there.

I wanna climb a ladder and draw a big picture on the wall~. I wonder how it would feel like, if I covered walls and ceilings with my drawings for years, just like those European castles or cathedrals.

To make an album you need about 1 year and so, but I'm interested in doing such a long-trem project that takes like 3 years, 4 years or 10 years!

Someday I'll quit my current job, but I'm not sure that I can live days without work, so I wish I could buy a big house somewhere in the countryside, and spend the rest of my life there drawing pictures on the walls and ceilings inside the house~!

Hm, so you ask me why I'm talking about such a topic?

I don't imagine anything unnecessary while I'm making music, but some mixed thoughts pop up in my head when I'm doing some TV or promotional works, and that bothers me greatly.

Like, "If only I had done this at that time~."

Or like, "I thought it's just easy to sit down together with all the performers and have chats in HEY!HEY!HEY! but I find it's not that easy actually, cuz we tend to look out for each other and act humble~" (lol)

Or "Will this single sell well~?" (lol)

I cannot help but think that human being's life is full of mixed thoughts and unnecessary things.

Like, if the aim of our life were to leave offspring, our entire life would be such an exaggerated, or rather, extensive thing.

If the aim were not only to leave offspring, (as there are a lot of women and men who are not able to have a child, and there are also those people who choose not to have a child) what does our life stand for? For work? What is work . . . to do good for someone . . . to enjoy . . . to get rid of the mixed thoughts . . .

I wanna live, like a plant (lol)

That's what I'm thinking these days.

Let's just say, that I consider everyday as a training, and will do my best for work (*-_-*)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Karakuri ningyō

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I was just watching the HISTORY channel and I saw something I couldn't ignore . . .

The program was about the fact that human beings have been creating "mechanical" things from an unbelievably long time ago.

Following their introduction into inventions by China, this tea-serving doll came on stage!

"Wow, that's a Japanese thing!"

But the narrator mentioned nothing about Japan, while the tea-serving doll was walking in front of the board stating "China(bla bla bla)." You'd definitely think it's an invention by China if you were just watching it normally.

The doll was carrying the tea cup that was obviously of Chinese design . . .

It seems like Western people keep confusing China, Japan and Korea, lumping three countries all together

( T _ T ) Dohhhhh !

On top of that they were yelling

"tea girl tea girl"

over and over again, but

This hairstyle obviously shows the doll is "a boy" . . .

I feel a little bit pathetic, although it was just a very short scene on a TV program I was watching in a daze at dawn. This time I quickly noticed the error as it was concerned with my country, and this happening made me think that maybe I should not fully believe in the information from history programs and such.

I sorta trust the HISTORY channel though . . .

Well, speaking of history, something that is considered true right now is nothing but a perception, which could be reversed at any time . . .

This really got me thinking a lot.

Come to think of it I have to say that Gakken's Ooedo Karakuri Ningyō is quite well made(lol)
Maybe I'll get one myself(lol)

(I may delete or change the image above right away if there are any problems, as I made it by taking a picture of an other site's image)

Friday, February 08, 2008

One more

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'Great, you look great Kuma Chang! Jut put your chin down a lil bit!'

!click! !click!

'Wow you look cute! Very cute! Your expression looks amazing!'

!click click!

"Me havn't reduced   new-year holiday weight gain   Hikaru-chan   dun take   my pictures   too much"

I cried!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hasegawa Heizō~! You are, you are so . . . !

( ; _ ; ) *sheds tears*

Oh boy~. So you were such a guy~.

Just controlling crimes didn't secure public order, so he launched a center to rehabilitate those people who turned to crime for living. Mm hm.

He showed understanding of, so-called, the people at the bottom level of society, and gave them a second chance. Mm hm.

That would be applicable to our day as well.

Employment issues, Working Poor conditions, Homelessness issues . . . those are the problems Japan has been facing now.

Oh yes, I also missed a documentary by NHK, featuring Working Poor issues(part 3) which was aired in the beginning of this year, so gotta find some way to get it too! I heard it was very well made.
Did you watch it?

Well, yesterday I had an interview and photo shootings for CD-Data magazine. (I feel very much blessed that I have a home to live in and work to do)

Guess what, Kuma Chang came with me!

They said they'd like to take my photos together with Kuma Chang, so I took him to the shooting studio.

Then after a round of shooting was over and we returned to the dressing room for set change and cloth change . . .

Kuma Chang photo session started.

"Oh~ Kuma Chang is so cute~!"

"Doesn't he look perfect sitting in this chair?!"

"Oh, I'll take a picture too"

Murakami-san and I flocked around Kuma Chang to take pictures like crazy, just like those cameraboys flocking around the elementary school kid singing on the street of Akihabara.

Look at me as a high-spirited photographer over there.

(Watch your lower back > me)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I got it ! ! !

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I was given this one

when I came to work today

Oooooohhh ! ! !

This is "Sonotoki Rekishi Ga Ugoita" aired yesterday!

Thank you very much! NHK-sama Ozawa-sama!

(T o T) Weeee~~p

(T o T) I appreciate that very very much-

I'll watch this with gratitude~!

I missed it!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Agahhh---! ('o' )

Agagagagah ! !
(((( ('o' )))))

I missed "Sonotoki Rekishi Ga Ugoita(the history moved at that time)" featuring "Hasegawa Heizō" ! ! !


I was at home after work at that time !

I was looking forward watching it !

What was I doing?! . . . Sleeping, probably . . .

Gaaaaaaaaah ('o' )

By the way, I'm listening to the audio-mastered version of my album.

It sounds really good, good enough to make me amazed by the difference between mastered and non-mastered version. I surprised a bit, actually.

Well that's understandable.

That's an important work, you know.

I wonder what's the best way to describe "mastering."

That's the finishing touch work, that you line up all the album songs, align the volume level of each song, wrap up in whole, put simply.

This work makes the sounds quite improved. It's the final coordination work, that considers how to make each song sound nice and distinctive, as well as how to give uniformity to all the songs as a whole.


Well but I haven't had the feeling everything is over, until I have the sample version in my hand. I haven't relaxed yet, sorta.

By the way this silver-color package, is the one sent from the company called Sterling Sound who's always been doing mastering works for me, and I find its color is the same as my nail color I put on for a work I did yesterday.

I kinda feel happy.

That's what happened to me today.

Gaaahh ! ! I just remembered, that I missed "Sonotoki Rekishi Ga Ugoita" ! !


I feel a little happy and sad !

A bittersweet feeling . . .

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pincer attack

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Kuma Cha--ng Here's a gift for you~! A gadget used for today's shootings! A tiny mirror ball~!


Today I had an interview and did some shootings for rockin' on.

For the first time in 6 years.

That was fun.

Oh yes, and they prepared a lot of nice foods in the dressing room . . . I saw the mini-hamburger by "MAISEN" for the first time!

It was a tiny, small one as if it's a grandson of normal hamburgers, and I couldn't help but scream "Oh it's so cuuute~!", and on top of that it tasted, you know, so good. There was this one that had the usual katsu in it, and the one called something like squid thingamajigger.

I forgot the name*

Anyway, it tasted so good.

I wanted to put it on my hand and take a picture of the cuteness, but I had left both ke-tai and digital camera at home (weep)

See you again soon . . . the mini-burger of MAISEN . . .

After that, I got some work related to music (which wasn't concerned with my album though) so I went to the studio.

The place got a lot of people, so I thought it's crowded with people today~

And you know what!

The place had 3 studios in total, and I used A-studio, while Yuzu was in B-studio and Orange Range in C-studio!

All the people but me were of citrus name ! ! !

That's not the point(lol)

(well that's a point in a sense though)

So gorgeous! No wonder the place was that crowded~.

So, Utada Hikaru was caught in pincer attack by Yuzu-san and ORANGE RANGE-san.

If it had been Shiina Ringo chan who used A-studio that would have made a complete fruit garden, which would be fun~.

I thought of asking Yuzu-san to take a picture together as I bumped into them a couple of times in a lobby or lounge-like shared space, but

1 Isn't it like the diary of Shokotan?

2 I left both my ke-tai and camera at home on today of all days

Due to the two reasons above I abandoned taking a picture together with them.

That's what happened to me today.