Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day I became a woman

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hey hey hey!

Just look at this!

My nails!

They look beautiful, huh! They're trimmed, buffed and polished huh!

I, went to the place called nailarium, for the first time in my life ! !

First time in 25 years! I made my nailarium debut!

I've always thought that the nailarium is the place where only those dazzling, girly people visit. Always thought that I'd be alien to such a place.

So now you're asking me, what made me to go there all all of a sudden, at the age of 25.


The state of my nails, weak by nature, are almost reaching a limit, because of the daily shootings for magazines or TV . . . !

Gotta put various colors on them, then take them off (T o T)

Once the dark blue color soaked through between nails and skin, and the tips of my nails turned blue (T o T)

Also, once one of my nails got split from the side for some reason, and torn off when it got stuck with something (T o T)

Oh my God (T o T)

Then my makeup staff san told me that if you put on a "gel" thing you could protect your nails, as well as look them nice, so it's worth a try.

If you talk about cosmetic things, you just can't forget Fukada Kyoko! (-a friend of mine)

So I was referred to a shop by Kyoko, and visited there with my chin up!

That one hour was so exciting, with a full of unknown tools and words.

Like, "What does 'top coat' mean . . . ?"

I told them I've never used nail file myself, which made me surprised very much(lol)

"Oh my God! Do you really use nail-clippers? You're almost like an old man!(lol)" That's what they said. According them, it's only males who do use nail-clippers.

Is that true?

For sure?

I've always used nail-clippers only for the past 25 years. Does that mean something is wrong with me as a female?


I've never thought about doing my nails, as I've always been playing piano or guitar. I've always thought, like, "The shorter, the better!" (-_-;)

It's too scary for me to keep the nails very long . . . but, I have to admit this "gel" thing is quite epoch-making! You can just keep your nails short, and it protects your nails, and you can paint or clean up your nails just as usual, and you can leave it as it is for about a month!

What a great Messiah, for lazy me who's got such weak nails!

(Excuse me, is it a common knowledge for girls to use "gel" thing . . . ? I guess so, probably)

Never thought such a nice thing exists*

"Er, would it be possible, to make a portrait of Michael Jackson nail art . . . ? Recently I've found this Michael Jackson sticker, and the illustration of it looks so cool . . ."

That's what I asked them, and their reply was "YES"!

Next time I'll bring the sticker with me and ask them to draw portrait of Michael on my thumbs and such ! ! Pohhhhh!

By the way, the smell of gel-ish thing, which was used to reinforce the split part of my nail in the course of work, reminded me of something . . . What was it . . .

Oh yes! The dentist! It's the smell of dentist!


You know, that was the same thing with the one the dentists use when they make a temp implant or bridge chipped teeth !!

No wonder it smelled so familiar to me, who has had my teeth fixed up when they got chipped or torn.

At first I was tense as it was my first visit of nailarium, but that "dentist smell" made me fully relaxed(^0^)

Thank you very much, dentist-san . . .