Sunday, May 06, 2001

Teggena kaccho yoka bai!(way cool!) (it's the harvest from my more-than-1-year experience of nationwide broadcasted radio personality!)

Look here, you know! I found a real cool guy!
I've been listening to his album, actually since I was in the midst of my tour last summer, and at that time I just thought the jacket design was quite simple and the guy was cool though his eyes were closed. Basically I'm a type of person who don't care much about the artists' background and I was often listening to this album when moving by air or the Shinkansen as I really liked it. So that means I've had my eye on him for past one year and seems like lately MTV has been pushing him hard, airing not only the vids but also the interviews numerous times. Then once I got to know his bio and background . . . oh I can't help but have a big crush on him!!

His name is Craig David. He's from UK and has been doing experimental music, like the mixture of 2-Step and R&B. (You guys might already know this but) Surprisingly he's only 19 years old!! What a surprise! He's still older than you girl - did you just say so? Absolutely. But you know what? He writes the songs and lyrics. My interest on him grew much bigger as soon as I knew it, as a singer/songwriter. There are still few, at our age. You see, Beyonce of Destiny's Child is doing everything, even her own production, which makes her so cool!!! She's a real cool lady. I hope the number of the artists like her and him will grow in time! After all we're in 21st century. (that has nothing to do with it, huh?)

This is one of those impressive words in the movie "Amadeus" - these days I really think "talent" is what attracts women most. I guess what makes a man or woman sexiest for me is his/her talent and intelligence, and yet as long as I see his video clips he's handsome enough, so I just might be a type of person who goes for good-looking guys(lol). Anyway, joking apart, he is the number one guy I do really hope to make a breakthrough!

That's all the power publicity from *Utada the salesman*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Teggena kaccho yoka bai" ... sort of Miyazaki dialect; Tegge stands for Sugoi and means "very," "super-." She was interested in Japanese dialects quite often when she was doing a weekly radio show called "Tres Bien! Bohemian" in the past.
"the Shinkansen" ... Japanese bullet train.

Thursday, May 03, 2001

What do I do for Mother's Day?

Thank you for waiting! Hope you have been looking forward to it as much as I have. So! Here I report it with no omission and cutting of the crucial moment - here it is! "Keiko's Nice☆Reactions!"

. . . things were supposed to go like this . . . actually I had expected her humorous reaction very much, like how surprised she must have been to see that poster of herself which changed the entire mood of the entrance hall. But you know, she ended up just looking at the poster quite normally in a calm and composed manner, commenting on it like "Wooow this is a real close-up shot isn't it - uh-oh, some pimples here . . . I say she looks dangerous, sort of scary(lol)." Thinking like "Hm, less reaction than I expected . . ." I was actually flustered and in my head it was like "Oh no, this is just boring!! Now what can you do for me, I promised everyone I'd report about you! How come you don't show your usual overreaction for this very moment, Keiko!!"

Come on Utada, are you gonna leave us bored like this, what a letdown - Hey guys, just wait a minute before you leave me here. I won't let you go home disappointed!! This story has an amazing sequel. I doubted of her reaction, so I sounded dad out about it and he revealed me that mom had already heard from dad about what I wrote here last time. No wonder she was least surprised! Dad, you told her everything and messed up my plan!! (am I like the staff of 'Dokkiri Camera'?(lol)) Got a chip on your shoulder?? I'm gonna sue you for obstruction of business! - I was about to complain to dad like this, but to tell the truth this story has a very nice ending . . .

They say that when my dad told my mom I was writing here that I was her fan, she was very much surprised and so pleased to hear it that she was nearly crying.
(」 ̄ロ ̄)」 Oh,
 (」 ̄ロ ̄)」> My,
  (」 ̄ロ ̄) Oh,
(」lll ̄ロ ̄)」 Geeeeeeeeeeee! What a beautiful story! Hey, didn't I just throw cold water on her little reaction, not knowing that?? Oh gosh, please forgive me my rudeness~!

That's the end of the story. Surprising result, huh? Or is that exactly what you expected?? It became a seasonably good story after all. I feel like the family ties between my mom and I became stronger a bit. Does that mean like, I owe much to BMG, the record company who was kind enough to have sent me mom's poster??
Thanks-beam!! !!(ノ・_・)‥‥…━━━━━☆ *feeeep*
(Wow! Long time no see this smiley!!)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Dokkiri Camera" ... Japanese version of "Candid Camera."