Friday, March 21, 2003

Just one more thing - as there seems to be no bounds to this

Today I kept running for 2 hours in the gym watching TV news, probably it's because I remembered the movie "Forrest Gump."

I do think dictators shouldn't be neglected, but . . .

. . . you know, I just cannot help but imagine what if I were an Iraqi woman - gathering my tiny imagination.
"You're not a woman who's been living in Iraq! You never understand!" - that kind of throwing-out can be a first step to indifference, can't it?
Nothing is more scary than thought without imagination and those who don't use their imagination would get to have less compassion and interest to others, I think.

So here let me imagine for a little while - I'm well aware I might sound shameless.
The hard life might be improved if this war goes well and the government changes - I understand that, but what if my son were bombed by US troops right in front of my eyes, on the way to the shelter with my family . . . what would it be . . . whom would I hate . . . or would I hate nobody and just feel sad . . . hmm . . .

I won't talk to that person anymore 'cause he/she supports the war; I won't buy that musician's CD anymore 'cause he/she doesn't support the war; Let's change "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" 'cause France doesn't support the war - things like that somehow sound empty to me.

I'm writing here like this, wishing everybody would think about this matter more and this could be a chance for just one more person to think of the war . . .

I haven't been doing any antiwar movement, and I'm watching news hoping all will go well, once it has begun.
I just pray there will not be many victims.

Earth, hang in there!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

It has finally begun.

There exists no "Just War".

But I cannot easily say "There is no sense in this war" when I think of the people who are out there in the battlefield, believing in their country.

Still I cannot believe that there are the people who consider what "war" is really like and support it from the bottom of their hearts.

There IS the people, who really believe this war is necessary and justified(besides those people exist in America more than I imagined. . . ).

I cannot believe that.

I don't think I like the people who support it, or have no interest in it.
Those who support it or have no interest in it, they're equally guilty.

I'm sorry I came up here after a long time, with a message like this.
I'm so sorry about this.