Monday, May 05, 2003

Uh, that's wrong too . . .

Ugh . . .

So "Genki! Hatsuratsu!" for "Oronamin C"??
"Kiki! Ippatsu!" for "Kurohige" and??
"Fight Ippatsu" is - for "Lipovitan D"!!!

People who read my last post told me -

Hikki, you're like doped up

face mark


(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Kurohige(Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu)" ... a Japanese toy made by TOMY since 1979.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Let me start off with no preliminaries!

Yesterday I was watching "Let's go! Anpanman" absentmindedly and thought "Wow, the author of this must have a fantastic brain."

Considering its synopsis deeply(lol) I found it incredibly funky!!!

I'm in the generation of grown-up-watching-Anpanman.
I usually watched it on TV after returned home in the evening, with no doubt to the synopsis like "An Anpan to fly over the sky and fight against the germ with other popular pastry breads" though I was old enough to think realistically that Santa Claus didn't exist. You know, he can even replace his entire head!
That makes me think of America's "Batman" or " Superman" as a bauble(laugh).
Seems like it's really reasonable and educational that a perishable pastry bread fights against the germ which makes breads stale . . .

. . . hey why am I talking about Anpanman this much, coming up here after a long while.
What I actually wanted to tell you is that . . . in the story aired yesterday he delivered his punch line "Genki Hyaku-bai! (=I've got 100 times more power!) Anpanman!" after he replaced his head to a new one as it got wet. Hearing it my brain, which was half asleep through the program, was suddenly activated by the question "Huh? Genki Hyaku-bai? Isn't that the punch line for Oronamin C Drink's CF?" (Er . . . hmm . . . you must've been really tired, Utada-kun! (lol))

Sometimes we cannot easily remember what it was actually like, when we suddenly start thinking of things like this - right? After having tried to remember that, around when the ending theme song started to play I finally ended up noticing "Ah, no, that CF is like 'Kiki! Ippatsu (=When in a tight squeeze!) Oronamin C,' I made a *wrong* guess" and then went back to the song programming I was working on.

Then I suddenly woke up at midnight and what came out of my mouth was "Errr . . . that's wrong . . . that should be 'Fight Ippatsu (=Fight for it!) Oronamin C' . . . "
Whichever it actually was made no difference to me but eventually it made me stay up until dawn~.

Well, uh, that's all of it!

Actually I have another thing I want to write about - since it will be a precious message for me I thought it would be better to warm my dull engine up first and started to write this today's one, then what was baked turned out to be this trivial message. (lol)

I'm sorry for writing such a message trifling enough to feel me the author exhausted, trying to end it up connecting the word "baked" with Anpanman's "just-baked" face!!

What I really want to write, is about my precious fan. Just give me some time, please.

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Let's go! Anpanman" ... a Japanese animation.
"Anpan" ... a Japanese baked bun filled with azuki(sweet bean) paste.
"Oronamin C" ... a Japanese carbonated nutrient drink.
(PS. "Fight Ippatsu" is the phrase for Lipovitan D Drink's CF, not for Oronamin C. Lipovitan D is also a sort of nutrient drink. She made a mistake again :D)