Monday, February 26, 2001


Forget that, what I meant was Nama-housou-no(live-broadcasted) M-Ste(Music Station)! (Well I got this pun from one of my fans(lol) - Thanks!) I myself just got and watched the videotape of it a little while ago. I was everywhere in the show and that made me feel somewhat sorry and embarrassed . . . but anywayz it was a big fun to be there! The very last scene where the staff guy jumped the gun and appeared too early carrying a footing board, that made me laugh out very loud alone, cuz I was singing super-seriously and putting on airs at that time! (lol) These sorts of things are part of what makes the live performance so special~.

I've got various impressions, and the most common of them goes like: "you've kinda grown up" . . . Are you sure?! You mean, me?? Hmm. But come to think of it, it would be somewhat of a problem if people saw me after a long time and said "You really haven't changed a bit, have you?" - at my age. (lol) Well, does this mean that I'm indeed growing up little by little?? I really appreciate your words☆

Also I've seen a lot of questions asking what aiko-san and I were chatting happily about. Actually, at rehearsal we both had been worrying about our throats and kinda telling each other "We better not talk too much," but when on the air, we again sat down next to each other and yielded to temptation . . . my God, this is what's called Women's Nature!! aiko-san, I'm sorry for making you laugh~!! Oh boy, after I learned that "Can You Keep A Secret?" topped the single chart, I said "Yessshh, I'll have sushi for dinner tonight!" which made her laugh out loud. (lol) Also, we were talking about Tanpopo's hats not falling off despite their heavy dances . . . You say you first wondered what two female singer-songwriters were talking about on their first meeting but found it just boring? (lol) Well, be that as it may, she was so cute and sweet - aiko-san, I mean. And guys! I was lucky enough to sit next to Ishikawa-chan♪ I'm afraid men may get jealous of me! Wonder when I can be on M-ste next time☆ I wanna see Tamori-san again!

And I really wanna say thank you to all those who were waiting for me at Spain-zaka yesterday in that cold rain!!! Seems like some people had a hard time coming all the way there, so if only I could stay there longer with you guys! Well, but it was very good that I came back to Tokyo for work this time.

Tomorrow - actually today! - yes, er, I'll make kinda flash appearance in a drama --- ! I've recorded it a little while ago, but I have no idea at all how it's been edited or what I look like! Gotta check it, if I can finish my work and go home by nine tonight . . . aww I just can't get it out of my head! Well it's not that great appearance as a matter of fact. Please don't expect too much of it! You might enjoy it though. Oh no it's me who's making you expect something(lol)

All right, wish you all good night for tonight!

Saturday, February 24, 2001

3 consecutive LIVEs!!!

I fell asleep in front of my PC last night while reading lots of incoming emails from you!
Thanx for watching~!
You know, about the request thing, actually I did it, though at first I thought oops cuz I had no time to declare to do it beforehand! And you know, I did something that only one person requested, not those popular things like "Poke your tongue out at the camera, Please!," in the PREVIEW of the show!! (that's a commercial-like thing right before the real part!) Get it??

Oh my God, I gotta go or I'm gonna be late for the live radio show at Spain-zaka!!!
See you later!

Thursday, February 22, 2001

☆A day off between lives☆

Hey guys! What's up?? Guys swamped with work or entrance exams, are you getting enough rest?? I'm here, surviving too!

You know, Last night was the first time I've been live on the radio in quite a while. It's the FM radio show called Radio Unlimited hosted by mega-hyper Yamada Hisashi san everyday. Honestly, at first I thought it would be hard when I heard I was to go on the air at past 10 at night, cuz yesterday I was doing photo shoots for mags, interviews and things like that from noon and then supposed to go to the radio station without a break, but the fact was that the croquettes and soboro-gohan in the bento prepared were super yummy; I was able to talk to listeners on the phone; I got a Chuichi mug sent/made by a fan of mine; I appreciated the tension of the live show; I met Yama-chan and Mori-chan(the staff guy) for the first time in a long time - so after all I had a great time! One and a half hours just flew by. I was excited and screamed till my voice got hoarse cuz I didn't wanna give in to Yama-chan's mega-hyperness. . . . why did I, just a singer, need to increase my fighting spirit against such a thing! (lol)

I had a day that made me enjoy bathing after returning home *very much* - that's exactly the proof that I had such a productive day,
isn't~it~( ̄▽ ̄)
Huh, do I sound like an old man? Just imagination, really! By the way I wonder why the phrase "Ii Yu Dana♪(Nice Hot Bath)" always pops out of my mouth when I soak in the bathtub. Well, that's, exactly the proof that I am a Japanese,
isn't~it~( ̄▽ ̄)
Ho ho ho. Huh, do you think that I sound like an old man? What if Utada's hair is a little thinning next time when you see her on tv?? (lol)

And you know, this morning I got up, checked my email and found that the impressions from the people who listened to the radio show arrived, suddenly and promptly. It really moved me, like "*touched* . . . what a real-time rewarding work this is!!" Just that alone was enough for me to feel refreshed - the power of words is just amazing. And tomorrow I'll be LIVE again! This time on TV! Yes, you can't think of Friday without thinking of . . . M-ste! Woot I'm so excited♪

Please drop me a line if you have any interesting requests like "Please do this!"! I'll check my email again tomorrow before I leave in the morning. I may really do it as I'm easily carried away person~? ☆

All right then see ya tomorrow~ (o^∇^o)ノ

Saturday, February 17, 2001

Three void weeks ~the hopeless case finally returns to society~

Sorry sorry, were you waiting long? - this sort of apology for like 15 minutes delay is just not enough!! It seems I've got quite a few number of anxious inquiries - I'm so so sorry for staying away from writing for so long! Whew~, it's really been a long time. Isn't this my longest absence from posting messages ever?? I'll try my best to continue setting a new record again also this year-! Aw no, I shouldn't laugh this off (lol) I'm really sorry for making you worry. Please forgive me . . .

What I had been doing for the past three weeks leaving my HP unupdated was . . . during the first two weeks after the album was wrapped up, I had been such a hopeless case! Just been idle doing nothing, almost too lazy to get socially-prohibited as modern people living in this 21st century. I stepped out of my house only once or so, just to go to the dump.(lol) I was like "Oh dear, Hikki became a real Hi(k)ki." (I heard the people who keep to their rooms are also called "Hi(k)ki," right?) I had a lot of things to tell you, like about my just-wrapped-up album, but a massive feeling of accomplishment in completion and my nerves strained to the limit turned me someone that's like Matsumoto-san as Aho-aho-man. My underwear is not that dirty like his, though! (lol) I returned back to Tokyo about a week ago, and been into a lot of radio, magazine or TV related works as a reaction. This is exactly what's called "socially-rehabilitated"! I'm gonna make a clean start, with my brand-new album! So, although it's through the media, you can see me a lot of times for a while!

And if you ask me about the classes, don't worry☆ I'm gonna take off this term. You can leave the university for a certain period of time keeping your name on the school register if you go through the proper procedure, which is a good thing. Like, my classmates are planning to intern in a law office by taking some off. Watching everyone around thinking seriously about taking a job made me think I gotta work hard! But then again I'm the one who had been idle doing nothing for a while(lol) Anywayz! I'm a full-fledged member of society now☆hehe. Well but of course I'll get a diploma! In my classes there are certain number of old women and men that you could ask "Er well .... how old are your grandchildren?" and I find it very nice. OK you could ask me if I'm starting to plan for aging! (lol) Well the amount of study in the university is not comparable to that of senior high, so concentrating on study and music one after another will be my new solution to strike a balance! I feel a little bit worried, to realize I'm choosing my way of life on my own, as it feels like the stable ground has disappeared from below, but meanwhile I'm very excited as I'm getting aware of my consciousness as an adult. Well I'm still green like this but look at me, please, I'm growing up day by day!

ヾ(*´Q`*)ノ*moans sensually* ←I didn't mean this kind of "adultness" by the way (lol)