Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I've been meaning to write something but time slips by so fast lu-lu-lu-lu~~(T-T) :scats for no special reason:

The world is in motion, as it seems. The death of Pope and the new Pope; anti-Japanese demonstrations in China; major earthquakes in various regions in Japan . . . it's time for us not only to check the news but to read newspapers and political/economic magazines thoroughly. Well it always is . . . but especially now!! I'm so into Newsweek lately.

I remember having thought "So is this the new millennium, with such little impact??" as we entered the 2000s, but looking back after five years we find there have been serious incidents that never happened before.
Er, it sounds like the end of the century(^ - ^ ;)
Nope it's not the kind of end-of-the world feeling, but rather like a sign of change that something huge is beginning to move or about to wake up.

In this era of worldwide information network there's just too much to take in~! Doraemo~n! Is there any easy way to be an expert of world affairs~?

Well if you insist, then, here it is!

Oh my, I'm escaping from reality. (it sounds a bit yummy, though)
I'm just gonna go to cnn.com or something.

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"News-juice" ... she is mimicking Doraemon taking out fantastic tools from his fourth dimensional pocket.