Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'09 Kuma Chang's summer memories

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Summer is over now~

So here let me write some on summer memories

During the time I was given some rest after I cancelled my works due to a severe peritonsillitis - it wasn't that I didn't work at tall, but actually in July I headed over to Honolulu, Hawaii, to take part in a radio event I had promised to be in but asked to postpone.

Of course I took Kuma Chang there with me ! !

You know what,

It was

The very first time

Kuma Chang visited Hawai ! ! !

What a bourgeois kuma he is !

Look at this

Don't you think he does have what it takes to be there ?

Well if I had to say one thing . . .

It's the balcony for a hotel room so it looks kinda, like a cage (lol) which may remind you of a kuma in a zoo cage . . . (´・ω・`)

No no wait ! ! Kuma Chang is a free kuma ! !

What you can see in the back, is the mountaion know with the nickname of "Diamond Head."

Here I showed you the cool collaboration between Diamond Head and Kuma Chang !

Saturday, September 26, 2009


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Yesterday for the first time!! I had blood taken from my fingertip!!

This is FUN really - - - - !!

It was done at the clinic I went to to have a health checkup, to determine the active oxygen content of me If I remember it right. Blood was taken from my thumb, for some reason!

Just look at this tiny square shaped bandaid you put after injection or blood drawing, which looks so ill-fitted there (lol)

Obviously it's not designed for the use to put on fingertips (lol)

They pricked my thumb with a pen-like thing that has a needle, then they wrung blood out of me and scooped it up little by little with a dropper-like thing. It went that way.

Whew~that was a very fun experience for me, a huge lover of blood drawing
ヾ(*´∀`*)ノyay yayヾ(*´∀`*)ノyay yay

Before that I also had a normal blood draw . . . it was such a fun.

After all was over I explained this staff girl who accompanied me to the clinic what they did, she was like "Eeeeeeeek!" (lol)

"It-It's like, your eyes are glaring Hikaru-san" that's what she said (lol)

Maybe my face looked like this..。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

I wonder why I love blood drawing this much . . . I heard I've always enjoyed injections as well since I was a baby . . .

Perhaps it is because

I am a pervert?

Don't say that

Or perhaps because? adrenaline kicks in? when I see blood and such.

I might be an adrenaline-addicted.

Every time I go to the amusement park with friend and hop on scary rides they say "You're laughing hard all the time during the ride and even after that your eyes are glaring which is scary, your pupils become so dilated"(-⊆-;)

It's not that I like to go to the hospital but I'm happy to go to the hospital as I wanna have my blood drawn . . . to be exact I wanna go there just to have my blood drawn even if there's nothing to examine . . . am I borked?

Aww sorry for you all who don't like this sort of talk!

This elder lady nurse who drew my blood yesterday, she said "We're in the generation of your mother, Fuji Keiko san~ *smiles*" and asked me if she's doing all right, what's been up to her, which made a nice chat during the blood drawining.

Every time I have a chance to talk to old mens and ladies for the first time, the talk 100% comes to my mother. Wow. I'm so proud of her.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thank you for lots of ideas

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Looks like yesterday they were watching my form from morning till night! But seems like they weren't there today, perhaps because today is not a holiday any more. There are various types of jobs out there, really.

Never mind! Just hold your head up! - I try to think that way but you find it hard to stroll out somewhere if you're completely in a siege, they're even watching the backdoor(´‐ω‐`)

Not only do they take my photos but also they tail me, which makes my fear grow, instead of making me feel good(´‐ω‐`)

Well that's their work anyway. They might be doing it on their own will, or against it.

So - thank you for sending your replies to my request to send any fun ideas or solution to this over to me (thank you for spending your time on my jokes in other words) (lol)

Here let me show a couple of ideas I really liked.

Okay first of all . . .

・How about calling for their moms and ask them to persuade those guys through a megaphone?

. . .

( ´,_ゝ`)=3 *chuckles*

Believe me this has a delayed effect on you!

Oh wait a minute wait a minute, it's me who's locking myself in the house (lol)

Another one is . . .

・That should be so cool should you explode a camera by gazing it, like Piccolo did

"It should be, indeed" were the words that came to my mind at first but imagining my gaze exploding a camera has come to make me laugh for some reason.

(This just might be that I'm not that good at Dragon Ball, especially at Piccolo(lol))

Next one says maybe I could go out in a Kuroko cosplay or Chonmage wig . . .

Well I'll keep your comments for future refere

I won't, never! (´Д`;)

I wrap this up on my own, though I'm the very one who asked you to response

Well I think it's OK

Good night~ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been watched

Today I enjoyed lunch with my close friend who has known me for 15! years, for the first time in a long while!

I heard there's these three media guys parking their small black station wagon outside my house, to watch me (´‐ω‐`)I heard they're with camera, focusing it on the entrance.

I was thinking of going for a walk as it's cool and nice outside but I'd better not

So you three guys there, if you're reading this you can go back now! I won't go out today.

Hmm but wait a minute, I could do something fun by making use of this situation . . . like:

Me shows up proudly (and slowly(lol)) at the entrance, in a Kuma Chang suit!

Man1: "Wh . . . what the . . . ?!"

Man2: "Dammit! Shoot it, shoot it anywayz!"

Man3: *Click!!* *Click click click click!*

Somethig like that. Oh but my Kuma Chang suit is stored in the costume depot. Ouch . . . !

Does anyone have any good ideas~!

(Well I'm not that motivated anymore, though)

Monday, September 21, 2009


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'It's always fun to watch Jidaigeki isn't it, Kumakichi-don'

"Indeed   Indeed   Omitsu   *cackle cackle cackle cackle*"


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We are so into "Mito Kōmon"

That's about it

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One more

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"Aww   Take more shots   Hikaru-chan"

The wait is over

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'Kuma cha-ng! We've got lots of requests from Kuma Chang's fans for your self portrait! So let me take a photo of you the divine for the first time in a long while . . . *click*'

"Aww   me feel embarrassing   me don't know   what face me should make   cos it's been a long time   since me last did it   Stop it please   Hikaru-chan"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Failed photo 2

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(つд⊂)*rubs her eyes*

Can you see that

Not Techung-san

Not myself

But Michael on my T-shirt is playing the lead ! !

Which I never expect - this turned out to be such a phantasmic photo . . . !

That's just about it

(´ω`) Alright good night~

Failed photo 1

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

By the way an article about my boyfriend is on the magazine out today. He's just a normal person so please don't take it too seriously(;´▽`A``

Just my two cents

I've always said "Ah~ Yes~" for quite a long time when I'm asked "So do you have a boyfriend?" by American magazines or radio interviews so it could've happened anytime, but it made me a bit that it happened now . . . ? Perhaps they were running out of material to write. A lot is happening in the public though (;・`ω・´)

Well! (←my dad's fav phrase)

I uploaded an image for my yesterday's message for the first time in a long while

And this one turned out just miserable, cause I took a photo of myself after a really, really long time!

First I had a hard time to decide how to take a photo of what, had many failures, then ended up taking that "Alright this will be fine" one (which wasn't that fine, actually (lol))

Above one is one of failed photos.

Get it? I made a cross-eyed face for some reason, to make it fun - but it's not fully shown up in the photo_| ̄|○

Poor my challenging cross-eyed face . . ._| ̄|○

After this I'll upload one more failed photo

Give me a second

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fell in love x 2

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Yesterday I went to Suntory Hall to see the live of this person called Techung, who is doing Tibetan traditional music!

I was totally blown away~. He was so, way way cool! (´ロ`)

Not only his music and performance, but also - how can I say, his character, mood and appearance - all of them were way cool, which surprised me. It's been quite a long time since I last saw such a cool person like him. Well its more like "groovy," rather than just cool.

And he's got this great voice.

I saw something really good. Good I went to see it~.

Changing the subject, speaking of a cool person, today! I had this impressive experience in the city.

I went shopping by bycicle. Something went wrong with the chain and it came off in a weird way, so It wouldn't turn back to normal.

I moved to the side of the road and struggled with the chain beside a homeless man who was selling "Big Issue" magazine, but . . .

"(´;ω;`)Weeeeep! I don't get it~! Mommy~!"


A hand

Was held out to my bicycle

"?!" I looked up at it and found this fine young man, wearing spiffy suit and black-rimmed glasses.

*Clang clang clang*


R, Repaired! My bicycle is repaired! Awww!

"Th-thank you very much ! !" - saying that and bowing were all I could do, then the spiffy suit young man smiled and walked away brightly . . . !



My angel ! ! ! ! (´ロ`)

"M, may I ask you name . . . ?!" It was such a situation where you would feel like asking his name like that, I've never seen such a scene other than in Jidaigeki! (lol)

You know, as I often say this here and there I haven't been able to ride a bicycle. But I've been training it for the past few months (lo) and now I'm able to ride it, but people in Tokyo are very cold, I mean they just give a chilly look at me when I fall down. Like, no one would help you even if you're struck down by a heart attack. I don't know if it's my place to say this as I'm totally a city-bred, but -

People in Tokyo are cold(´・ω・`)

That's what I've been thinking of lately. All the more because I visited countryside from time to time.

So among those people the young man I ran into today seemed really like an angel.

I fell in love with him, for a second!

I thought of many things like "His hands might get dirty." But I was very pleased~.

Thanks to him I returned home safe and sound(つДT)

Thank you very much(つДT)

I had a good day today.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Celebs I saw in towns lately

( ・(ェ)・)ノBonjour

It happens a lot that I gape like "Huh? I haven't been to such a place . . . " thouth sometimes there pops up information or rumors saying something like "I saw Utada hikaru there" "I saw Utada Hikaru here" on the net or fan mails, so I tend to doubt myself even if I happen to see celebs, like "Hmm . . . maybe that could be someone else?" (I just seldom see them)
( . . . It could be because I seldom go out (lol))

But I did see them last month, I mean two of them in a row !

First of all!

Monsieur Kamayatsu san!

"Oh wow! That's him, definitely!! I have no doubt!" - I did have no doubt!

Matter of fact, long long ago, when I performed live for the first time he was watching? me sitting at the corner of rehearsal studio, I mean Monsieur Kamayatsu san was. So nice of him to come over to see the rehearsal of a little girl, who had never performed live before.

This time I wasn't in such a situation that I could say something to him casually, so I just walked past him without saying hello.

Well but I saw him on the street I often walk down, so I'll say hello to him for sure, next time I see him there.

And within the same week I saw, you know,

The leader of Dacho-club!

Higo san!


Monsieur mura mura!


This is my report of sighting of celebs, who both relate to Monsieur!

See you around~

Thursday, September 03, 2009



It's on finally - ! !

゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚*dances with joy*

Now I can do my work !

But I just realized the sound source I need isn't to arrive until night.

Well it's OK, at least I've done the setup !

Speaking of neglecting I've neglected this space for quite a long time I'm sorry
(・ε・` )

I'll upload messages again sometimes (you know otherwise it's a waste of server cost! !)

See you around~

After a long while . . .

I tried to do the setup of some equipments for some works, but . . .

Ultra Lite chan (an audio interface) just keeps silent

Yeah that's right, I've ignored it for alms a year

I can't turn it on . . . Pehaps Ultra Lite chan might be pouting . . . I'm sorry for having neglected you for a long time ~
(*´;ェ;`*)Aww please move