Saturday, September 26, 2009


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Yesterday for the first time!! I had blood taken from my fingertip!!

This is FUN really - - - - !!

It was done at the clinic I went to to have a health checkup, to determine the active oxygen content of me If I remember it right. Blood was taken from my thumb, for some reason!

Just look at this tiny square shaped bandaid you put after injection or blood drawing, which looks so ill-fitted there (lol)

Obviously it's not designed for the use to put on fingertips (lol)

They pricked my thumb with a pen-like thing that has a needle, then they wrung blood out of me and scooped it up little by little with a dropper-like thing. It went that way.

Whew~that was a very fun experience for me, a huge lover of blood drawing
ヾ(*´∀`*)ノyay yayヾ(*´∀`*)ノyay yay

Before that I also had a normal blood draw . . . it was such a fun.

After all was over I explained this staff girl who accompanied me to the clinic what they did, she was like "Eeeeeeeek!" (lol)

"It-It's like, your eyes are glaring Hikaru-san" that's what she said (lol)

Maybe my face looked like this..。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚

I wonder why I love blood drawing this much . . . I heard I've always enjoyed injections as well since I was a baby . . .

Perhaps it is because

I am a pervert?

Don't say that

Or perhaps because? adrenaline kicks in? when I see blood and such.

I might be an adrenaline-addicted.

Every time I go to the amusement park with friend and hop on scary rides they say "You're laughing hard all the time during the ride and even after that your eyes are glaring which is scary, your pupils become so dilated"(-⊆-;)

It's not that I like to go to the hospital but I'm happy to go to the hospital as I wanna have my blood drawn . . . to be exact I wanna go there just to have my blood drawn even if there's nothing to examine . . . am I borked?

Aww sorry for you all who don't like this sort of talk!

This elder lady nurse who drew my blood yesterday, she said "We're in the generation of your mother, Fuji Keiko san~ *smiles*" and asked me if she's doing all right, what's been up to her, which made a nice chat during the blood drawining.

Every time I have a chance to talk to old mens and ladies for the first time, the talk 100% comes to my mother. Wow. I'm so proud of her.