Saturday, January 24, 2004

I'm 21

I turned 21 with these words from the record company staff and band members: "Say we've been with you on your birthday almost every year, huh? (lol)"

I can't be in a happy mood myself right now by any means cause all the big things I'm working on are exactly in the middle of their hardest parts! But looking back over the past years I've come to realize it's rather rare to observe my birthday in a happy mood going like "*YAY*" as it's exactly in the middle of the end-of-term exam season since I was in elementary school. It's the season I seldom get excited about anything, basically. (lol) Oh yes speaking of exams, you guys just had Center Shiken or something like that, didn't you? Wonder if those things are all over now . . . Guys taking entrance exams, hope you all make it!!!!

Lately I've been working everyday relatively at the same pace, but I can really hardly find a chance to write a message during each whole day. *Weeps.* Well somehow I feel that's better actually, cause I guess I'll remain in this little gloomy mood for the time being. Oh, did I just say "~jaga"?! It just came out of my mouth with no intention. Wow, it may be sort of a proof of being grown up a little more. (lol)

Oh no, doh, I just can't write anything funny! Well I know actually what I write is always just some silly stuff though! (lol)

So anywayz thanks to all of you who remembered my birthday -----***

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Center Shiken" ... "the Center Test," the exam by the National Center for University Entrance Exam. Most Japanese universities require examinees to submit its score.
"~jaga" ... the ending of the words (in Japanese) just before "Oh, did I...". Generally aged people use this sort of ending but it seems she's quite fond of talking/writing in an aged people's tone sometimes.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

First post of the new year

A Happy New Year!

I passed the year with just a feeling like "Ah, here comes a new day," but now I'm sort of getting excited! Seems like so many things are gonna happen this year . . . by the way, today is 2nd of January, the Beginning-of-Work day for me. All right, may this year be the best for you too!

Happy New Year, everybody! Here in New York, we're all relieved that nothing horrible happened in the city, and that we were able to enter the new year peacefully... but a lot of places in the world are in fact at war. We'll continue praying for everyone, ourselves, and for this planet Earth!

Love, Hikaru

(NOTE by Nuuk)
The last paragraph(Italic) is quoted from the original message and not the translation.