Monday, March 31, 2008

A view with mikans

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I got this view after I crammed all the remaining mikans into the fridge (; .V.)

I heard they could be crushed and go bad if they were piled up, so I carefully put all of them in lines avoiding them to be piled up, and that's why they look like this*

The fridge looks dark!

The fridge looks dark because of those mikans! (lol)

And the color is so orange . . .

It would make me surprised a lil bit every time I open the fridge door

There are no rooms left for other stuff (lol)

I mean, there are just too many to eat by one person! Just who the heck took such a huge amount of mikans to the house of a girl living alone!

That's me:slumps down:

What should I do, seriously

Shall I take some to my staff

By the way, tomorrow I'll be in the live special show of HEYHEYHEY~

It's a 3-hour show, you know ? ?

What does it mean?

Am I going to be in the show throughout 3 hours ? ?

Isn't everyone gonna feel like going to the restroom or blowing their nose?

I've already started getting nervous(._.*)

Hope it'll be over soon(._.*)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

And I rode one

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I got in line in front of this kuma bronze statue, to take this picture (lol)

I waited in line, with others like families and such.

Once an old man and kid who didn't sense the atmosphere at all came and approached the kuma statue ignoring the queue, and they were told "Er, we're in line, wait for your turn!"

. . . by my friend.

So it's like, they learned something about the world. (sorry kid)

I'm so happy that I rode on the kuma and took a picture.

I even saw a good number of cherry trees in Ueno!

I feel full.

Ueno is a fun place to visit~( ^w^)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kuma is better than flowers

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Well, look at this.


Today I went to the zoo in Ueno.

I headed for the zoo, wading through people against the stream, in Ueno Park extremely crowded with people enjoying the blossoms.

As soon as I entered the zoo this kuma sign jumped to my eyes ! ! !

OH YES ! ! !

I got super excited ! ! !


I took the same pose as the kuma cub san.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's a lot

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Yesterday in the workplace I was told "It seems like, Hikaru-san hasn't been updating the site lately(lol)" . . . !

Indeed . . . indeed I haven't . . . !

So that's why I decided to write something today. Alrighty!

First of all, please look at this image.
Last week I've got a cardboard boxful of mikans, for the first time in my life!

I've heard tell of it . . . !

I've seen it often in manga and such either . . . !

So, this is the cardboard boxful of mikans . . . !

What is this feeling, similar to the sense of nostalgia, like a warm wind that strokes my heart gently!

This thought made me aware, that the feeling is my longing for those things, put simply like "my home," and "my grandpa and grandma in the countryside."

Is, is this something that's called homesickness ?!

I believe these kind of things are usually sent from your relatives in the countryside or your mom, right? (That's my image)

I have neither of those kind of people myself, so never seen a cardboard boxful of mikans before, other than in stores.

There's this well-known situation where husband and wife start quarrel and the wife says "OK now I go to my parent's home then!" but I don't have such a place I can go back to.

I've got homesick, though I don't have "home." What is this. It's a sort of virtual thing! A virtual homesickness!

That's a feeling of nostalgia just as a concept, which is not based on reality!


So, you ask me who have sent it to me?

Well, actually I just brought these mikans used in a shooting back to my home:slumps down:

I'm leaving them at the front as it sorta gives me a homey atmosphere when I return home and see them at the front of my home, which I find nice.

G, gotta put them into the fridge soon or I'll be stuck with cleaning a bunch of bad mikans . . . (; .V.)

Or I might receive complaints from my neighbors because of the strange foul smell (; .V.)

By the way these mikans were used as a prop for my PV shooting, and it seems like I had a very sour-tasting look on my face when I took a bite, so everyone told me "Oh did it taste sour?! You kinda looked like it tasted sour! (lol) Did it taste sour?!" . . . but then again, it tasted very good!

I mean, it does taste great! I eat them every morning!

Yummy mikans(^0^)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I don't need it

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It seems like a friend of mine got my new album at Tower-Reco on the release date.

I'm very happy to hear that!


"It's like, they gave the poster to everyone who bought the album."

Oh, okay . . .

"I don't need it so I'll give it to you, Hikaru."

So that's why it's brought here to my home(T o T)

Hey hey hey wait a minute!

I don't need it either ! ! !

It's the poster of myself ! ! ! (lol)

What do I do with this thing.

Shall I like, doodle on it.

Or I could just return it to my record company.

But they wouldn't need it either I guess, huh? 'Cause they've got a bunch of them.

Maybe I'll use it as a pot stand.

Friday, March 21, 2008


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I've got nothing to say, nothing to write about, nothing at all:slumps down:

I might be burned out by the promotional works.

I talked about my album, about 10th anniversary thing, about things I'm hooked on lately, I talked about those things over and over again, countless times:slumps down:

I don't wanna talk about myself any more:slumps down:

So, that's why I was watching TV just now.

I was so excited to watch figure skating!

(Though my face was emotionless and I was just sitting quietly) (I was so excited in my mind)

Wheew~that match was fun~



*slacking off*

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pitfall of the day

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I did the recording of a TV program in the recording studio I always use!

It felt kinda strange, but was fun, in an at-home atmosphere, with a lot of audience at close range!

It was over before I knew it, but anyways thank you guys for coming ! !

By the way, there was this pitfall in the room I used for the makeup . . .

My heels got stuck in this, which made me so surprised.


Huh? What?

Just how come there can be a hole here on the floor ! ! !

Something like that.

Aww, I was so surprised, seriously.

Never thought there would be such a trap here of all the places . . . !

Anywayz I got off work without any troubles, I mean, actually I've been suffering from some bronchitis like thing, a mixture of cold and pollen allergy since last week, so I was very much worrying if I could sing properly today, but I manages to wrap up the actual recording !

Everyone watch out for pollen allergy, well actually it's hard to watch out for it, but let's get over it!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lost property of the day

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The back cover of my ke-tai came off . . .

Came off and gone somewhere ! ! !

I'm in the mood of

( T _ T ) Dohhhhh

for the first time in ages, mom*

I totally have no idea when it came off, where I dropped it.

I searched my house but in vain, so most likely I dropped it outside!

Good bye, my ke-tai's back cover san . . .

We had been friend for a short period of time after I changed my ke-tai to the new one, but I'll never forget your being strong and kind enough to protect my ke-tai's batteries

No matter how far away we are apart

No matter how long time passes by

I'll never forget

Every time I look at the exposed batteries of my ke-tai I'll recall those days spent with you

Though you are not here anymore

Good bye, my friend

. . . Can I buy only the back cover? (. _ .)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to eat kinkan

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Are you serious?!

So you say it should be eaten with its peel?!

That's what I didn't expect . . . maybe I automatically imagined the same sort of way to eat like mikan, as it looked like mikan.

For your information, the one on the right is the mikan with too-firm-to-peel skin ( T _ T )

Don't you think mikan's quality often varies greatly?

Oh, but the ones I bought today look tender and tasty*

I bought a 15-pieces set by 500yen, from the guy selling fruit and vegetables and such on the back of his truck, and he gave me an extra mikan!

I'm lucky*

Thank you poppa(*^o^*)

Impulse buy of the day

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Look at this!

Isn't it cute?

It's "kinkan."

I found it at a supermarket store, and its petit-mikan-ish presence blew me away and drove me to buy it on impulse.

'Cause it looks just like a small mikan!

I just couldn't ignore it as a mikan lover!

It's so tiny, cute~! (-girls' weakness)

So I bought it, but, completely have no idea about how to use, or rather, how to eat.

How can I eat this?

Or, is it supposed to be used as a seasoning, not to be eaten? Like yuzu.


Still have no idea but it's cute.

My one and only regret is that the images like above might not be telling you enough how tiny kinkan is, because of my small hands.

I'm so susceptible to the combination of orange and yellow green~.

By the way, currently my nails are with yellow green color on, and the top of the nails are flickering with yellow green color like French nails.

About a sack of mikans I bought the other day - I can't peel them by hand 'cause they have a firm skin
( ; _ ; )

I wanna eat them, but I can't eat them. It's like some kind of strange torture.

Why don't you just cut and eat them > me

Sunday, March 09, 2008


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(; 'o')

I broke my saibashi

Friday, March 07, 2008

Clara stood up!

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He's standing - - - !

So cute - - - !

The Kuma Chang suit !

He looks kinda dignified! (lol)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

BTW my knees look

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Like this*

My hands, elbows and forehead also got damaged*

But that was fun (*-_-*)

Lately I have the feeling that spring is coming, just around the corner!

It seems like the commercial of ASIENCE has been on the air a lot.

The image fits Stay Gold very well, which is nice . . . *

Covered in scars

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I found myself covered in scars when I woke up, after I got dead drunk

( ^-^)/ Bonjour*

My knees got a lot of scars, especially (<3)


Got the latest volume of HUNTERxHUNTER - - - !

Got the last one in a convini!

Good that I could stay away from reading it in Jump until this vol. 25 came out!

From today I'll start doing the thank-you seiken zuki 10 thousand times per day!

Uoooooo *screams*

*thud* *thud* *thud*

Kuma Chang suit can be used also as a book display unit like this

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rattling sound in the midnight

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I'm supposed to bring digital-camera photos of some of my proud items with me for the program I will record tomorrow, which I completely forgot about, so I've just stared doing photo shooting now !

I just can't forget about Kuma Chang suit though!

So I pulled him out from the storeroom and started a photo session in a well-lit place of the living room!

Tried to meet the request of the program - they said, it would be nice if I could be in the photo as much as possible . . . !

I used the self-timer function of my digi-cam for the first time, so that I could be in the photo together with the huge suit ! ! !

I made lots of rattling sounds while I was confirming this and that over and over again, reshooting, lifting or putting the head down on the floor.

Sorry for the people living downstairs
(._.*) I'm sorry

I was very careful about moving so that I could wrap things up quietly, which made me come out in a cold sweat.

I found it's not so easy to use the self-timer properly(._.*)

So, I finished the photo session without accident . . . now about this Kuma Chang suit !

I decided to keep him in the house for a couple of days as an ornament, as I pulled him out from the storeroom for the first time after a while*

Will leave him around here at least for the period of time that he won't get dusty.

The above picture is the result of my try to take a sha-mail with him.

It's hard to take a picture of Kuma Chang and me. It's even harder to take a picture together with this guy, who is 4 or 5 times larger than Kuma Chang (sob)

But I don't wanna use the self-timer thing any more, it's too much of a bother to me(T o T)

Well it's OK, I'll use this picture for upload~

Let's upload it~ let's use it~

Well~. As you can see, I just took a bath, and I'm in my pajamas.

I took the photos for the program in this state. Any problems? (. _ .)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Huh?! Part4

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(; 'o')

(;._.) *wipes her eyes*


Dave Spector san is smiling kindly - - - - ! ! !

He's like, holding a balloon - - - ! !

I have a feeling this is gonna be a rare item ! ! (lol)

I say wow to myself, how come I have various kind of stuff like this.

(Could this be a conclusion?)

Huh?! Part3

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Ooooooohhhhhhh! (lol)

What is this - - - ! !

Something appeared - - - ! ! Beneath the card !

Awww !

This is a total surprise attack to me, enough to turn my laughter into a burst ! Oh my God ! (lol)

Day planner is so scary ! ! (lol)

Huh?! Part2

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"DAVE SPECTOR" ? ! ? !

Is this Dave Spector san's business card ?!

(Note: I'm masking his address and such with my hand)

Eh---- ? !

How come - ? !

How come I have Dave Spector san's business card - ?!

Have I met him before ? ? ?

But I was too soon to be surprised.

Huh?! Part1

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The other day, when I was looking at my old day planner, full of purikuras.

I found the pages of business card holders.

Yes ! !

Making business cards and exchanging them between friends caught on with junior & senior high students in the past!

What a fond memory~!

This is @X#-chan's one~!
Wonder if she's doing all right . .

I was looking at them grinning, then


Whose card is this . . . ?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Waa waa!

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Two days before, after I finished recording of a radio show at TFM,

I met an old friend of mine! (known as Mori-chan)

That was the first time in 8 years ! !

I was told "Oh my God! You've grown up ! !"

Yet, looking at my picture as a baby I have a feeling I haven't changed that much.

It is an old picture of me, although I really look like a boy in it (lol)

And what I'd like you to draw your attention to is . . . . ! !

The behind !

The behind of me !

There you can see something kuma-like !

Could it possibly be the first kuma in my life?

Yes, obviously it is my

First Kuma