Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's a lot

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday in the workplace I was told "It seems like, Hikaru-san hasn't been updating the site lately(lol)" . . . !

Indeed . . . indeed I haven't . . . !

So that's why I decided to write something today. Alrighty!

First of all, please look at this image.
Last week I've got a cardboard boxful of mikans, for the first time in my life!

I've heard tell of it . . . !

I've seen it often in manga and such either . . . !

So, this is the cardboard boxful of mikans . . . !

What is this feeling, similar to the sense of nostalgia, like a warm wind that strokes my heart gently!

This thought made me aware, that the feeling is my longing for those things, put simply like "my home," and "my grandpa and grandma in the countryside."

Is, is this something that's called homesickness ?!

I believe these kind of things are usually sent from your relatives in the countryside or your mom, right? (That's my image)

I have neither of those kind of people myself, so never seen a cardboard boxful of mikans before, other than in stores.

There's this well-known situation where husband and wife start quarrel and the wife says "OK now I go to my parent's home then!" but I don't have such a place I can go back to.

I've got homesick, though I don't have "home." What is this. It's a sort of virtual thing! A virtual homesickness!

That's a feeling of nostalgia just as a concept, which is not based on reality!


So, you ask me who have sent it to me?

Well, actually I just brought these mikans used in a shooting back to my home:slumps down:

I'm leaving them at the front as it sorta gives me a homey atmosphere when I return home and see them at the front of my home, which I find nice.

G, gotta put them into the fridge soon or I'll be stuck with cleaning a bunch of bad mikans . . . (; .V.)

Or I might receive complaints from my neighbors because of the strange foul smell (; .V.)

By the way these mikans were used as a prop for my PV shooting, and it seems like I had a very sour-tasting look on my face when I took a bite, so everyone told me "Oh did it taste sour?! You kinda looked like it tasted sour! (lol) Did it taste sour?!" . . . but then again, it tasted very good!

I mean, it does taste great! I eat them every morning!

Yummy mikans(^0^)