Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Wings of my nose had a close call!

Whew! I successfully rescured the wings of my nose from the crisis of stripping off! Wow it scared me a lot. But I heard I should just wet it with water a little bit when it gets too dried out, is that right?

Gah, I started to write a message and ended up giving all my efforts to this crappy thing . . . (doh, nothing could be worse! (lol)) Today I'm gonna relax all day, so I'll write again later! *See ya*

My dear Hermann

Lately I've been so into Hermann☆Hesse(this somehow looks like Tsunoda☆Hiro san, huh)~! Oops, seems like my nose is now completely dried out, it's been a long time since I last tried this "smart" nose pack thing and I totally forgot I was putting this on my nose! Oh my this is not good! It would hurt me when peeling off! I'll be back to write the rest after I peel this off, so stay tuned!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Tsunoda☆Hiro" ... a Japanese musician. His artist name uniquely contains a starmark between the surname(Tsunoda) and first name(Hiro).

Friday, March 16, 2001

It's just hair, but it's not just hair

Time flies faster and faster as the years go by . . . after a long while I'm updating the message with these "sounds like you're in your late 20s" words! Hi, what's up - !

So far I always had an image that the release of my album "Distance" was so far off somehow, but now I noticed that there are just 10 days left for the release! It's time to start counting down the days! My current state of mind is something like, "It's coming . . . at last!" I'd like you all to listen to it ASAP! *I hope you'll like it*

Well, I'm gonna talk about my recent hairstyle. (It's probably rare that I talk about things like this, isn't it??) I've got a fairly large number of questions asking me, "Do you always choose your hairstyle on your own?" and "How can I explain that hairstyle Hikaru-chan has been wearing lately while appearing music shows on TV at the beauty salon?", which make me so happy! I always explain the fixed image of my hairstyle to the hairdresser guy specifically by using words and pictures after I get my ideas into shape, and have my hair cut talking with each other. Oh, I'm just the same as you all! (lol) This time my image is just of Pinoko, the lovely partner of Black Jack, given birth by Mr. Tezuka! I tried to add great volume to the top of my hair so that it would look like a heart shape. This time I met this hair make-up guy who once was a real manga-geek, and I was lucky enough to have his/her immediate understanding when I explained it to him/her. I really like this hairstyle!

But you know, so far my recent hairstyle was just seen on TV and no helpful photos to explain it are yet available, so I got some sob stories from those who just ordered his/her hair cut "like Utada Hikaru..." I do understand the shock they felt, cause I once made a big bust when having my hair cut short and that left me hopeless for a while! I thought it was the end of the world! Hair is women's life, you know. I'm gonna appear in various magazines soon(check out the NEWS section for the details!), so that will make it easier to explain my hairstyle! Besides that, in some photo shoots of magazines I tried eccentric hairstyles which made the hair make-up guy enthusiastic when I proposed some surprising ideas, so please *check them out* as well!

Friday, March 02, 2001

Utada to debut as an actress??

. . . No, that's just an extra role-! (lol) I finally made my debut in such a cool thing called teleplay - did you see me, running away from the camera at lightning speed?? I'm so happy cause it seems my acting theme, "the blunt waitress," could be understood by you all!!! Well actually I just thought anybody would act like that when they were coming near the man and woman in an awkward atmosphere! Excuse me☆ You know, I was just so happy I could put the real waitress uniform on; and for the rest of time I was just concerned about bothering the staff - actors/actresses, director and camera crew - as little as possible. Well, this time I found that taping teleplays or something was a real hard work! "Lucky I'm a singer" was the first thing that came to my mind after I got their OK and my work was over. I went straight to the location place of "HERO" right after the recording of "HEY! HEY! HEY!", so somehow I found it very strange to see those two programs aired in the same order as I recorded them, exactly on the same channel!

But you know what, I made a blooper in the very first take of that very short scene! I was like "(」゚ロ゚)」 Oops! I've done it now!!!!" and made everyone laugh on stepping into the set. Heh. Don't tell me you're gonna air that on the bloopers show or something, please HERO-san!! I'm looking forward, nah, worrying about it. Well. What if Utada starts to pursue her career as an actress . . . I highly doubt that happens! (lol)

Utaban was aired too, you know, that one. Ha ha ha. Well. That was fun as well. (lol)

Once again I find the type of my job very strange!