Monday, October 25, 2010

My current feelings

"Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol.2" is to be released on 24th November! It includes my singles released over the past 6 months, as well as the acoustic mix version of Beautiful World used in "Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance," plus my brand-new 5 songs! I put my energy into them after EMI and I decided the release this summer. I wanna take it to all of you as soon as possible.

Now, out of the clear blue sky I heard something called "Utada the best" was to be released from Universal, the company I worked for in English in the name of Utada. And you know what, they set exactly the same release date. It's a "me-too" sales plan that hitches a ride on the release of Utada Hikaru's "Single Collection Vol.2."

The release of "Utada the best" is totally unrelated to my will. No new materials in it, it's just a "commodity" with no hearts in it. It is me who is to be bashed, backbitten like "she's already a has-been" and such if it didn't sell well, but honestly I feel bad about making you my fans use your money for it. I wanna say you don't have to buy that "best" if you already have other works in the name of Utada.

Record companies are "companies" intended to gain profits even though they deal with "music." I understand that point very well, and I am a type of person who listens to them should their business in tough situation. I could support the release of these "best" type of material if it could be made as something worthwhile for all fans, the record company and me through mutual discussion.

The release of "Utada the best" by Universal this time is, in my view, a very sad decision.

They could put off the date, or think up the way of release to make my fans happy by making the contents better and such . . . I desperately encouraged them but it brought us nowhere so far.

The release is solely decided by their management level, so I have no hard feelngs toward the staff people of Universal. My comments might be troubling the people in charge of promoting. I am sorry for that.

I thank you my fans for reading this complicated story!

The mark of Utada Hikaru-approved "〜Single collection Vol.2" is "the picture of universe"!

From Hikaru