Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wow (lol)

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Here it comes(lol)

Looks somehow similar to something(lol)

Just look at that yellow one-piece, that face angle, and that meaningless posing of left arm!

This is the wonder of coincidence(lol)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Today's Top

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"Yaaaay   Look   Look   Hikaru-chan   Me is at the top   in today's blood type fortune telling championship"

'Huh??? You should have no relation with blood type fortune telling thing, How come you could . . . '


A bear-! He really is at the top-!

"Me hope   something good is gonna happen   Hehe"

'Yeah I hope something good will happen to you too. I'll take a little nap for now . . . mumble mumble . . . pillow-san . . . '

I'm sorry Fumakilla

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One day in the last week, I stepped out onto the veranda after a long time, and watched dawn for a while there.

The color of the sky changed slowly, the shadows on the clouds showed various expressions, which amused me so much.

The residential areas with the feel of sleeping people, the buildings at some distance, all of them are at their most vulnerable, without knowing they are being stared at by me this hard. Hehehe. Thinking things like that I enjoyed the refreshing mood for a while, saw the moment of sunrise at last, then thought "All right, had enough" and went back in the room.

Whew, it felt so good~! It was so beautiful~!


Itc, itchy ! ! !

Awwww! It's so itchy, itchy, itchy!

Gosh my arm was bitten 2 times by mosquitoes! So itchy~!

Yes, it's summer, the season of mosquitoes.

The parts bitten by mosquitoes have got bruised so bad, what's this? Does this happen to everyone? Or am I allergic to mosquitoes?

I understand if you scratch the bitten part it turns red, but in my case it gets bruised even if I do nothing.

"Huh, what's wrong with it?"

"Oh, you mean this? I got a mosquito bite"

"Eh??? Then you get such a thing??"

I often have this kind of talk.

You say I better get a bug spray?

Humph ! ! ! Wonder who buys things like that, the products from the company with that awful name . . . ! !

It's too awful, I disagree violently.

Why they used the name like Kumakilla . . . ! ! !

. . . I was seriously turning my back like that, striking alone against the bug repellent products.

I watched the commercial more carefully and found the company name was "Fumakilla," simply changed sides, and now I'm planning to buy mosquito sticks and bug spray tomorrow at the drugstore.

I discover and learn something new everyday.

Anyway, the website of Fumakilla, I wonder why it has Chinese language version and Indonesian language version. Maybe they are selling things a lot in China and Indonesia, I guess.

Seems like there are a lot of mosquitoes in Indonesia . . .

*News Updated*

A new information is up on Hikki's WEBSITE.
Check out the NEWS section.

Also my newest artist photo taken some days ago is up on Profile section.
Check it out, I look brisk there.

Went to bet at odd hour, woke up at odd hour, now I feel kinda drowsy(-_-)
Can't believe that brisk-looking person in the photo and me are the same person.
I'm so unhyper right now.

Well, at least it was nice I woke up when the live broadcast of *Wimbledon* began.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tora-san at my home 2

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Huh? What did you say?

"Being a plate is a tough thing"?

Yeah I can imagine why, people throw hot stuff, cold stuff or soupy stuff over you without notice, also you're occasionally being rasped or picked with a knife, thrown into the water, scrubbed. You say the detergent is hurting your eyes? Sorry for that, yeah I can see your eyes are red.

Huh? You say "Don't arrange Somen on me"?

Ah, sorry for that, can't help it 'cause I don't have enough deep bowls at home right now. I'll be careful not to break y

Gahhh--- ! ! ! I'm talking to a plate, I'm so creepy--- ! ! ! (ToT)

I say I shouldn't take any step further than stuffed animals ! ! ! > me

Tora-san at my home

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This is a plate I recently bought!

I found it at the bookstore on the basement floor of Shibuya Bunkamura, then bought it instantly.

You may wonder why dishes are sold in the bookstore, but actually it's an art-specialized type of bookstore, dealing with things like Okamoto Tarō san goods, or merchandise that relates to the exhibitions in Bunkamura. Seems like Misawa Atsuhiko san's exhibition called "ANIMALS" had been held until recently, that's why this plate was still on sale!

What a cu~~~te Tora-san! Just how adorable are his look-like-jointless limbs~!

There was also a Wani-san plate available in the same series, so I bought it together.

Lately I am beginning to realize there's this pattern that the number of strange plates and mugs with no sense of unity is gradually increasing in the cabinet at my home.

Those tablewares at your home might fairly reflect your taste, I should say!

. . . I don't have any stylish dishes at all . . . (._.*)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm home

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'Kuma Chang, I'm home~!'

"Awww   Hikaru-chan   Where have u been where have u been"

'I did some shootings for the first time in ages. I put on a lot of clothes~.'

"You kidding   Me sure you visited some nice places   nice places   without telling me"

'No kidding~! I was working.'

"You kidding   You kidding me   Me sure you met   other kuma   weeps"

'Never! I was doing my work! No kumas were there!'

"You mean it"

'I mean it, I swear!'

"Me happy to hear that   Welcome home   Hikaru-chan   Me was watchin' TV all day long"

Can't go on any longer

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This is hopeless . . .

I give up.

I said "Ye(llow)!" only

I said "YE LLO W" slowly, with spacings

I said "Yellow!" fast.

I said it with an old-man like voice.

I stepped away from the MIC; angled it a little bit

I tried various things but now I give up. I'm not a masochistic type of person!

Nobody has ever told me "AGAIN" this many times but Miyake-san while I'm recording songs. As for the song-recording cases it just makes sense to me, but things seem almost unreasonable to me this time!

I give up, Dr. Kawashima. I go home now.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Seems like everyone's having troubles with "Yellow"


I checked my email and found loads of "the knack to have the DS recognize your voice" information!

(^-^)=3 Thanx thanx

Seems like the information is becomin' snarled as I've got some direct opposite type of advices, so I'll try again after work today and verify the information.

Just you DS wait and see, shivering . . . !

Saturday, June 23, 2007


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"Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!," a huge-hit well-known software!

"Come to think of it Nintendo-san gave it to me, if I remember right . . . " It flashed across my mind, so I dug around and found it.

So here I am, going to play "Brain Train" for the first time, with a hu~ge delay behind the times. *thrilled*

First of all let's play the one called "Quick Play." Female, Age 24, susceptible to the sound of the word "Quick."

Ah! So here it is, the one you answer questions with your voice!

What I should do is to answer the color name. Okay, let's go! *pant pant*






*bingo* (Hehe, this is a piece of cake!)





"Huh? Yellow!"


"Yellow ! ! !"


"Y E L L O W ! ! !"


"Yellow! Yellow! Yellow!"

< It seems your voice and the software are not compatible . . . >

:slumps down:

. . . My voice or pronunciation might be strange. Let's do it again!

The second try!

It's going well again! Hm, Oh, Yellow came again, but I feel like I can make it this time!



Gah . . . !

"Yellow! (in a high key)"


"Yellow (mimicking Medama Oyaji)"


"Yellow (in a whisper)"


"YE~LL~OW~ (with a taste of "I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow")


"Yellow (in a low key)"


"Kirin-desu (making the key as low as possible)"

< It seems your voice and the software are not compatible . . . >

*patience ran out*

(|||=o=) *SQUEAKS*

Just stop playing around with me!

Hrmph! All right then I'll just quit playing such a game and train my brain by reading out books, instead!

(T o T) Weeeeep

I guess, some of you would have had such an experience like this.

Someone please let me know the knack to have the DS recognize my voice (TmT)

By the way, "Ace Attorney" never recognized my "Objection!" when I played it, but when my friend next to me shouted some dirty words it recognized those as "Objection," which got me down.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A present

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A friend of mine gave this slick opener to me!

(So this means I haven't bought one up till now LOL)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Had a haircut cause it's hot

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I had a haircut!

I was thinking of making sidelong bangs I had before, but told "Why don't you just make a normal type bangs?", so had a cut as I was told, snip-snap. snip-snap.

Don't you think I look like a child? Is it OK?

Well I suppose it's OK, especially because it's, you know, summer.

'Kuma Chang Kuma Chang! Why don't we take a ceremonial photo together as I've changed my hairstyle for the first time in ages!'

"No   Me don't   Me don't   People find me is big   if me take a photo with Hikaru-chan   Me don't   Me don't"

'Everyone already knows it! And you know, your bigness is your virtue. Hey come on, look at the camera!'

"Awww   Stop it   *wriggles* *wriggles*"


Dream (afterwards)

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(You'll see a rainbow after you shed tears)

'Oh, so it's time for Mito Kōmon.'

"Me   got it   Hikaru-chan   Lottery is   nothin' but   a dream   made by   human beings"


"Dream   prepared by someone   people call it   Entertainment"

Ku, Kuma Chang has attained enlightenment . . . ?!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This is it

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The part that looks transparent as the "Chemise" length is shorter - it looks like this!

Don't you think, that this looks kinda more erotic than to wear a mini skirt? Isn't this what's called eros? Isn't this exactly walking the high road?

So, I put on the one-piece again for a moment just to take this picture. I can't take a full-length picture of me 'cause I'm too shy to do that.

Well, so this is the pattern of the one-piece! I didn't want to stick myself out too much, so I stayed away from the in-season light colored ones and chose this little somber, out-of-date type one-piece.

It's a square-cut type, with a sort of puff-sleeves, high-waisted, and a ribbon is attached on the turned-back part and you tie the ribbon behind your waist. Wearing this I wore the black enamel high heels with wedge sole(that came with a thin string around ankles).

I say I recommend this type of somber yet feminine one-piece to all of you who are not a flashy dresser and tend to be troubled over what to wear for the wedding ceremony or reception* (I think you have no idea though, as the full-length is not in the picture*)

Also I wore a brooch of some strange white elephant, by the way. As I tried to wear it after I put on the one-piece, I couldn't make it easily and once it pierced my breast*

"Hehe . . . "

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Given write-ups in the media   means   you are still popular   Hikaru-chan"

Ku, Kuma Chang, you are so adult~!

By the way "Shimiizu."
It's formally called Chemise, derived from the French word Chemise ! ! ! Thanks for the heads up!

For your information, it seems like both "Chemise" and "Shimiizu" are fairly in a dead language. These days people call it as "Slip." Wow . . .

But what makes me disappointed most is that it has nothing to do with "Shimizu"-san . . .

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

That half-a__ed dude

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Something that means totally nothing to me grabbed the headline, but anywayz I'm pretty determined to keep pulling gags as I want.

I don't care what those who never get jokes will think of me.
PonPon! o(- . - o)

This thing in the picture, this is something like an underwear which came bundled with the one-piece I bought the other day. This kind of thing comes along when the one-piece is made from a transparent fabric, you know > ladies

I'm not familiar with this kind of thing very much as I don't buy stuff like one-piece usually. I didn't try on this underwear either at the store as I couldn't be bothered. On the reception day I picked this up to wear, and . . .

Huh? This feels kinda smooth. This texture . . . this transparency . . . Oh, this could be . . . ! ! !

This could be "Shimiizu," in which I was clothed for some reason when I was a kid, couldn't it . . . ? !

"Shimiizu," which has been keeping a bizarre position in my childhood memory because of its strange name and smooth texture.

"Shimiizu," which flashes across my mind every once in a while, I don't know why though.

"Shimiizu," which I thought I would neither see nor wear again.

And this dude came back in my hands again, for some reason . . ? !

That way I got excited, and felt I desperately wanted to tell someone my feelings. I thought of taking a picture quickly as well as writing a message, but I struggled quite hard to attach the brooch to the one-piece, which took me quite a while. After that it was already time to go to the reception.

I wonder if girls usually know "Shimiizu" ? ?

It's some strange thing between clothes and underwear(like underpants) . . .

And I noticed something this time, for the first time . . . Could "Shimiizu" have something to do with "Shimizu"-san ?

( '  .  ' ) . . .

Come on, I'm serious! 'Cause it's not an English word . . . or could it be from other foreign languages? It sounds kinda weak and strange, doesn't it.

I thought it was something that only elder women and kids would wear, but I learned the adolescent girls also wear it under the one-piece and such.

I thought it would be a little-known thing. Shimiizu.

By the way, here I give the impression of wearing Shimiizu after a long time.

The simiizu inside is shorter than the one-piece. So when you sit down, only the longer part of the one-piece looks slightly transparent. It's 10 cm or more above the knee.

That transparent part looks erotic, and I thought that's pretty nice.

That's all.

Monday, June 18, 2007

So they say I swear LOL

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This article is so funny!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the header reads "'Shou-san didn't let me sing at the reception' - Utada Hikaru swears in her blog"


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Alright I didn't write this sooner, but I went to Shou-chan's wedding reception the day before yesterday~!

Shou-chan looked a little different from usual, which was a cute thing, and his bride was beyond cuteness! (I don't write her name here but her name is cute as well*)

The reception was full of content, with a taste of quite Shou-chan-ish nice entertainment, common touching moments also, and gorgeous performances.

Tokumitsu-san the host was quite cynical and interesting as expected, and I listened to Naotarō's live singing after a long time, which was so good~(^-^)

After that GLAY performed 2 songs. So gorgeous isn't it!

Well, huh? . . . Was it only me who wasn't asked to do anything . . . ?

Hey come on! So you think it'd bring bad luck if I, who just divorced the other day, sang at the reception?! Huh? Shou-chan! (TmT)

Well it's okay for me though.

Heh ( ._.) *spits*

By the way two kids were sitting at the same table with me, and we hit it off very well together. When I started drawing pictures and words on the jellylike sauce which came with the appetizer dish with a spoon, it caught their interest greatly and all 3 of us started creation in all seriousness.

First I drew the word "KUMA," then tried to draw Kuma Chang next to it but failed so gave it up. Aoi-chan beside me drew her own name neatly. I sorta felt like I was beaten.

Does she know "Boku wa Kuma" by any chance . . . I thought so and really, really wanted to ask her, but ended up not asking because it'd be such a pity if she replied she didn't know, and I just got too many butterflies in my stomach.

If she replied "Yes I know it!" then I wanted to tell her "Oh, that's me, I'm the one singing it!!" What a coward I am(._.*)

Aww, I really wanted to ask her. Or I could ask Inocchi to do so for me . . . *regrets*

It wasn't until I returned home, that I noticed I didn't take any pictures of the reception at all since I don't take pictures regularly . . . I could have uploaded some here if I'd taken something! (But it's a pain for me to take pictures in such an occasion like that)

Still I took ceremonial photos with a number of people (whom I didn't know), so perhaps some photos of me in my private one-piece might be seen somewhere in the meantime*

That's not a big deal for me.

What made me frustrated most was, the moment I thought of taking a picture of the dish with the written "KUMA," the hotel staff person came and ask me " . . . Would it be all right if I clear this dish away?", so I was taken off guard and replied "Oh, yes, no problem" . . . !

"She's getting too old for this . . . " I'm pretty sure he'd think that way:slumps down:

Sunday, June 17, 2007

This might be a local topic

I just turned on the TV for some reason and found some show about molecular anthropology was on, which made me bring back memories and watch the show to the end.

I studied it a little in the class of molecular biology at the university~. Those words like "haplogroup" really bring back my memories . . .

It's been 6 years since then, so I thought the technology to analyze DNA would've made great progress and lots of new things been found, which actually made me find molecular anthropology more interesting than before all on a sudden.

That's all there is to what fun studying something is, probably.

Shinoda-san, the researcher person appeared on the show - his way of speaking was quite easy to understand, easy to listen to.

Now that the ancestors of modern human beings might be traced back to much later time (about 100 thousand years ago) than previously considered, I'd like him to examine it more in detail . . . !

As I wondered which channel on earth was airing such a show like that in Sunday morning, I displayed the channel number and guess what, it was yet again 9-chan ! ! !
It was that Tokyo MXTV, the channel airing Ver-Bara, Cat's Eye, Maison Ikkoku, those good old animations all the time!

I kinda like Tokyo MXTV very much . . . !

Friday, June 15, 2007

For the first time in 14 years . . .

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The boy, who was 1 year ahead of me in the elementary & junior high, has become a great dancer before I knew it!

w('o')w Woow

Look at this. He's flying. He's dancing in the air.

I wonder what the percentage of his body fat is.

His name is Hattori Yukichi kun!
(Many of you'd have seen him in TOP RUNNER I guess?)

I learned about the stage he was to direct, choreograph and star, so I went straight to it with a friend of mine who graduated from the same school as me. I just returned home.

His appearance was not changed at all - his face, back and such looked just the same as they were, but his inside was changed so much, which made me surprised!

He looked great in a lot of ways, matured into a pretty nice guy. When in our 1st year at junior high . . . I remember he was such an annoying kid(lol) He was such a naughty kid, spoke fast and loud ( . . . Huh? Am I talking about myself?) . . . I wonder just how many times he hit my head from behind when I sat right in front of him in Japanese language class . . .

Yukichi kun is the guy who hit my head most in my life. I always thought "Damn it~!" but was too afraid of him to fight back as I was his younger and junior.

So that way, he made a big impression to me.

I thought he wouldn't remember me at all since he soon changed his school, but when I visited him in the dressing room after today's stage, he told me he vaguely remembered me. Really?

"Yeah, I was such a naughty kid at that time~!" He himself admitted it, so just let it go at this*

So it was for the first time in 14 years~. It felt strange. Kinda creepy. The situation felt so, I mean. I felt time was space. Close yet so far away. But it exists right out there!

This stage titled RHAPSODY IN BLUE, is being held at Bunkamura in Shibuya this weekend. (*advertises*)

It was very fun. It was the type of stage that people who weren't familiar with dance could enjoy. If you like music you may get into it soon.

The stage direction was quite youthful, in a good meaning! It was full of young energy, or rather, motivation. The most impressive thing was the movement of Yukichi kun though. Other performers were good too, but he was outstanding. His appearance immediately changed the stage atmosphere.

I better do my best too ('3')

By the way, the thing in the photo is an application form for his fan club I was given at the theater, not that I am a member of his fan club ! ! (lol)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

For the first time in 7 years . . .

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. . . I dyed my hair!

It's been really a long time since I last did it, so I feel a little embarrassed. But I like this freshness.

I'm bored of my pitch-black bob, and that's why I slightly dyed my hair brown.

Long black hair looks great, but when you wear your hair in a bob you'll get bored in the meantime~.

I paid a visit to the hairdresser this afternoon, and you know what, it was also the first time in 3 years apparently. I doubt if I'm really female. Nowadays even pet dogs would visit the hairdresser more often I guess . . .

It's because lately I've always been having a haircut at the SOHO-type office of my hairstylist san~.

Sometimes it's a nice thing, to leave your head to others in the midst of the brightness of the hairdresser, spark of life, scent of drugs or sound of the dryer.

For me the perfect color is golden brown of Kuma Chang, but I'd look like a fading person if I, whose pigment is light, dyed my hair that light color(._.*)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dream (continued from the last entry)

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Let's see, hmm . . .

Well I knew it, that he could never win the 1st prize . . . but I'll check all the other winning numbers for him, also.

"How is it   How is it   Hikaru-chan"

'Wait just another second or two . . . Come to think of it, you also got the Year-end lottery tickets last year, right. 'Cause you asked me to buy them as the Christmas gift. That time you were completely defeated, but seems like you are a persistent Kuma, aren't you~'

"Me   is the kuma   who never look back   to the past"

'I see, all right . . . Oh, Oh my ! ! The last digit matches one of the winning numbers, Kuma Chang ! ! !'

"Eh   Eh   What does it mean   300 million yen?"

'Well, you know, it's actually 300 yen . . . "


' . . . It's 300 YEN.'

" . . . 300 YEN . . . ?"

'Hey, don't take it to heart. You bought just 3 tickets and one of them matched the last digit, which is a great thing! You got a better result than the Year-end Jumbo!'

" . . . "

'(Two Kanji letters, 人(human) and 夢(dream), make the letter 儚(transient) together . . . Seems like Kuma's dream is transient too . . . )'

" . . . "

'Why don't we buy the tickets again next time? Kuma Chang!'

" . . . "


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

*fumbles around*

"Hikaru-chan   Hikaru-chan   Pls check the announcement of this"

'Oh my, so you have the Dream Jumbo lottery tickets! When did you get them . . . !'

"Hehe   Me is sure me got the 1st prize and the numbers before&after it. That's 300 million yen. Hurry up."

'All right all right, wait a second. How many tickets you have? Three, okay.'

3 lottery tickets, which cost 300 yen each . . . Could it be that Kuma Chang spent one thousand yen he won in LOTO6 last year . . .

Oh, I just found the website of Dream Jumbo lottery. Let's check the winning numbers page . . .

To be continued

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A poor shopper

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Phew~. It was a hot day in Tokyo.

I was invited to the wedding reception of my friend, so I was excited and went Yay, woot, I could see a lot of people there for the first time in ages~*, but noticed one thing yesterday.


I don't have any good one-piece that I could wear to the reception . . .


Talking of the reception - it is the place where the girls put on a classy one-piece, have their hair done, appeal themselves seeking to meet new people . . .

I occasionally wear one-piece when in America or while traveling, but I'm totally unprepared now 'cause I thought I wouldn't have a chance to wear it in Tokyo!

So, that's why I went to Laforet in Harajuku today. Just to seek a one-piece.

But you know, as I went there in a guy-style jeans and T-shirts, apparently I was quite noticeable in a suspicious way looking for girlish one-pieces only, so almost every shop clerk asked me "So you wear one-piece also?" "Are you looking for a one-piece?"

"Yes" I replied, then "So is that for the wedding and such?"

. . . I'm such a plain, easy-to-guess type of customer. (TmT)

I couldn't decide what to get, totally at a loss, 'cause I seldom go shopping for one-piece as a ordinary cloth. I wanted neither too cheesy one, nor too slick one, nor too girly, but just a little girly, pretty one . . .

*puff* *puff* GAAHHHHHH---- ! ! ! ! (brain exploded)

*pant pant*

The shop clerk people usually get surprised as I always buy clothes without fitting them, but today I tried on them for sure as I didn't wanna fail!

But you know, I'm a person who's used to the costume quick-change or fitting at short times thanks to my job, so seems like I did a trial fitting in a crazily short period of time and almost all the shop clerk people told me "Oh, er, we are quite surprised because you've done it so quick!" Haha, Hahahaha. I know I don't need to hurry, but I just feel myself compelled to do quick-change . . .

Well, and I just couldn't tell when I'd need one-piece next time, so I thought it'd be good to take this opportunity to buy some extra ones in one go and did my shopping in several stores, but as I suddenly started to use my credit card, which I didn't use too often, the credit card company asked me to do "telephone authentication," so I tried to pay by cash to avoid bother, and found I didn't have cash at all, so the staff person who was with me made payment on my behalf . . . I went all miserable like that(T o T)

Shopping makes me exhausted . . . :slumps down:

Well but then again, I've got a nice one-piece after all . . . Mission accomplished . . . Yes.

Once again I admire the stylist-san(._.*)

Every Kuma is different

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This is what I learned from a person by email, and it seems like bears' threat behavior is a repeat of charging, thumping on the ground and stepping back again. Like brown bears do.

Maybe Kuma Chang doesn't know about that. Or rather, I don't think he can do that. He's just saying Ponpon at the moment.

But this is hard for me to tell himself . . . (._.*)

He's been training that hard . . . Well every Kuma is different, the way of threat is different but the common thing is that they all have something precious and they want to protect it, that's about it . . .

"Ponpon! Can't you see this family emblem   Hmph   Hmph"

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Can't you see this family emblem" . . . signature phrase in "Mito Kōmon".

Monday, June 11, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'What have you been doing? Kuma Chang. Seems like you've been doing it there for a while . . . '

"Me is   training   making threats   Hikaru-chan   Hmph   Hmph   Ponpon!"

'Th, threats? Oh so you are training. It's really Kuma-ish thing, Kuma Chang. So you're training with Pillow-san?'

"Yup   Hmph   Hmph"

'Try not to get yourself too tired by training too much.'

"Me got it   Ponpon!"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I beg your forgiveness . . . !

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Changtoinette is to blame!

Oh, please forgive Hikaru . . . !

I'm such persistent one, aint I? lol

Those people who learned I'm a Ver-Bara lover let me know lots of things like "You know there's such a goods like this!", but the Ver-Bara goods I've been begging for is not sold on the places like the official site . . .

The goods is . . . the Ver-Bara trash can ! ! !

Yes, it does exist! I mean it!

I saw it with my own naked eyes ! !

In the small dressing room I was shown into when I appeared on Waratte Iitomo as a guest for the first time . . . it was there ! ! ! The trash can with Ver-Bara illustration was found there!

I have no idea why that fancy Ver-Bara trash can was in that small dressing room of Fuji-TV, but anywayz it was there.

It looked totally out of place, which almost made me feel like crying (T o T)

I got thrilled and thought I'd like to bring it to more sunny place . . . or rather, I just wanted it at my home ! ! ! So I considered how to steal it.

The elevator was located right outside the dressing room. There couldn't be any better condition as an escape route, but a lot of Fuji-TV staff people were around there.

The trash can was not the size that you could hide in your bag or clothes . . .

Sheesh . . . ! So this is too reckless . . . ! !

I wanted it so badly but controlled myself with all my might.

Then, was that around early this year? When I appeared again on Iitomo I was shown into the same dressing room. I thought I'd throw some litter and found, guess what, a quite normal ordinary trash can there . . . !

Where did that glorious Ver-Bara trash can go . . . ? What happened to the trash can . . . ! Don't tell me someone stole it! No fair it's not fair, I barely controlled myself at that time, you know!

So, after all I still wanna that trash can . . . someday I'll definitely find it and have possession of it . . . ! (*-_-*) *pouts*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the speech bubbles read "Ikeda-sensei!!" "Please . . . please except everyone from blame . . . !"

Saturday, June 09, 2007

You mean it?

Is it true that Ver-Kuma made the news on the internet ? ? (lol)

Will I get yelled at if I draw more . . . (._.*)

I don't want to be disliked by Ikeda-sensei (._.*)

Friday, June 08, 2007

I love ballpoint pen

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'm so glad to learn Ver-Kuma is well received ! !

This could be the first time I drew pictures to look like a manga, surprisingly(Well, I drew a bunch of Little Mermaid pictures though)

I got loads of emails telling me "I'm surprised to learn you're such a good drawer!" I may not look it, but when I was in senior high I took a very hard art course which only the people who were to apply for art colleges would take*
(-oo-) *snorts*

There's this course called "AP" which you can get credit for American university degrees when you're still in senior high(you're to take university-level classes and the credit to be given to you is determined by your final exam score), and the art class was the hardest one in the several AP courses I took! I had to do quite a few assignments.

I often wondered why I was in such a hard course even though I wasn't planning to apply for art colleges, but the !skills! I acquired in those days are now helping me to draw the pictures of Kuma Chang and Ver-Kuma . . . Maybe it was fated . . . Wonder if everything was predetermined ?! . . . Oh my God . . . !(I'm not sure what I'm saying)

I still produce some drawings from time to time, but I say sketching by ballpoint pen can be done anywhere, freely, which makes me feel happy and fresh. It's harder than sketching by pencil but you don't need sprays and such.

I've always dreamed of doing oil painting even more.

But I can't do it at home because of the smell . . . I wonder where those amateur people who don't have their own atelier are doing oil painting? Is it on the roof or in the garden . . . ?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The too-beautiful two

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Oh . . . Jesus!

They are dancing, shining as if they were the drops of light . . . !

Oscar-sama and Kumae Changtoinette-sama . . . ! ! !

Such beautiful people . . . !

"Such a nice song . . ."

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I've just uploaded the penciled picture but it looks too faint to see, so I've had second thoughts and rushed to draw it by pen!

This looks better I say.

Now I feel like coloring it . . . I don't do that, though.

I wonder if those fanzine maker people were copying out their fave mangas this way first, then developed into making fanzines. They seem to be in difficulties lately as selling fanzines could produce copyright issues and such, but those are also their symbol of love, you know. I have a feeling, why this is happening now(crackdown on fanzines)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the speech reads "Boku wa Kuma . . . Such a nice song . . ."


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the speech bubble reads "Eh!? Did you just say Kuma is in Versailles?!"

The Kuma of Versailles

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

His eyes are not Oscar-ish, but "the bright-eyed" Antoinette-ish.

But his cloth is that of Oscar at home.

I admit it doesn't suit Kuma.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here we go~!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Moving Oscar-!

Moving André-!

With "The Castle of Cagliostro" taste music and sound effects-!

Oh, those sweet memories-!

Yes that's right, I remembered that the story of the animated version is fairly different from the original manga version in detail, with some additions and ommisions.

So that means I can enjoy both of them.

9-Channel is just amazing. It always airs old animations. I'm so in love with 9-Chan. (I don't know the official name of it . . . )

Ding Didididing Didididing Dididididididididi(Opening theme of Mito Kōmon)

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

(Continued from the post title)
"JI~NSEI RA KU A RYA KU~MOARUSA-" (Take the good with the bad in one's life)

By the way, I find some people are telling me "I saw Hikaru-san the other day" in their emails once in a while.

Sometimes I walk outside in no disguise when I go shopping, meet my friend somewhere or when I think it's just OK to be noticed, so in those cases I see some people look back to me or have a "Oh!" look, but I don't receive emails from those people.

I think they don't write emails to me because they are just not my fan. Or more like, basically nobody notices me when I'm just walking down the street.

The store clerk people recognize me by face and voice in the case where I talk to them at close range. That's just about it.

So those emails like "I saw you the other day" really make my heart skip a beat. Make me think "Oh! How did they recognize me?!". Make me worry and wish they didn't see me drunk and doing any weird things. (lol)

I read those emails further, and find they are also telling me about "when and where."

But most of them go like "You were sitting opposite me, in the shinkansen bound for Nagoya . . . right?" or "You were on the train of %# line, bound for %# around at %%:##, alone and incognito, weren't you?", which makes me EHHHHHHHHH????

It doesn't happen that I get on the shinkansen or other trains by myself~.

And the emails end up in "I dropped you off before I decided whether to speak to you or not."

Most of the time, when people recognize me they ask me "Er . . . . I think you are Utada Hikaru san . . . Is that correct?", and I believe they spoke to me that way because they were not sure (I was thinking like "What if I replied 'No I'm not'?", though . . . )

To put it simply.

That means, there should be the cases that people sometimes get someone confused with "Utada Hikaru" and speak to the person "Er, I think you are Utada Hikaru san, is that corredct?" . . . right ? ? ?

You'd be frightened if you were asked such a thing all of a sudden. A perishing nuisance.

The person who got someone confused with me, would feel very ashamed. (lololol)

So, I take this opportunity to apologize to those people who experienced such a situation*


I shall answer you "Yes, I am" and give permission to have me sign an autograph! (*^o^*)/

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bara wa Bara wa

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I didn't think this way at all when I was a kid, but lately whenever I read Berusaiyu no Bara, Oscar looks like my mom in her younger days!

Their hairstyles and such are totally different, so for me it just looks like that, for some reason.

Maybe it's because of the balance of their face? And also their eyes, that look ephemeral yet tough-minded.

My mom was often in Prince Charming-ish costumes in her old photos, which is probably making me feel that way even more.

It's a pity I don't have a lot of her photos. (Matter of fact, I'm seeking & collecting them on the internet(lol))

Monday, June 04, 2007

Berusaiyu no Bara

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

No need to explain!

This is Beru-Bara, you see!

The perfect reprinted edition set of Berusaiyu no Bara, you see!

It was on the shelf on a level with my eyes in Mandarake. My hands automatically picked this up before my brain recognized it as "Oh, it's the perfect reprinted edition set of Beuraiyu no Bara."

I wrapped my arms around it tightly, as who should say "It's mine It's mine Aw No Me don't give this to you," and kept a tight grasp on it until I paid the cashier. 'Cause there was only one left.

After back home I opened the set, and found that besides the total 10 volumes of Beru-Bara, there were some premiums like "Beru-Bara playing cards," "Frontispiece drawing collection" and whatnot inside, which make us fans so happy. Hehe.

I looked in the premium set and guess what, found postcards with the autograph (printed one, though) of Ikeda-sensei! He, Hehehe. (My friend next to me burst into a fit of laughter on hearing me saying "Ikeda-sensei")

I've always loved Beru-Bara ever since I could remember. Maybe it could be the first manga that I hooked on for the first time in my life . . . ?!

I first saw it as an animated series on TV when I was around 4 or 5 years old, if I remembered it right, and completed all the volumes after I grew up a little bit, then got glued to them. My heart pounded when reading the scene where Oscar's kiss was stolen by force. *shrieks with laughter*

After a dozen times of moving I got to have no idea whether I left it in Japan or America, and this time I got this Box Set and read it for the first time in 15 or 16 years. Re-reading it now I wonder why me as a kid got hooked on this manga, which has love, freedom of heart or the ways people live as the themes, and a grown-up taste as well.

And I'm pretty sure, that the opening song of the TV animation version was quite impressive for me~. I always stood in front of the TV, with a spoon or something in my hand, and sang enthusiastically the song along with the TV ! ! (I believe everyone did! lol)

But then again, the original manga is the best~! Thank God I bought it - !

Gosh I've read from cover to cover, from the vol 1 through 10 for 4 times!

Oscar, who suffers from the gap between her appearance(body) and her mind, and Antoinette who suffers from the gap between her position(responsibility) and her mind. Those who are the sport of fortune.

Awwww--- ! ! ! Oscar --- ! ! (T0T )

Sunday, June 03, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Hikaru-chan   Do me have thin eyebrows . . . "

'Ey, eyebrows ? ? (Has he got them ? ? Or is it just that his face is too furry to detect where the eyebrows are?) Hmmmm, I don't think so, Kuma Chang.'

"Hikaru-chan have   thick eyebrows   Me jealous   Me jealous"

'You know Okita-san the director has very thin eyebrows, and he told me his wife says to him "Hey, lemme write your eyebrows" when she gets drunk. He said his wife writes his eyebrows in eyebrow pencil and laughs out loud at it.'

" . . . *gives a chuckle*"

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lone message

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This doodle, that I found in the studio yesterday.

"D' Hiroshi desu (It's D Hiroshi)," written in marker pen on the side of the low table.

D-DASH? First root of D?

What did the writer mean to tell in the first part.

This is an indescribable, subtle message. Trying to be assertive yet somber and small. This is written on the part where a few people would notice . . . The person managed to write letters, on such a curve-shaped side . . . (Seemingly the person had trouble writing the first D, then got the knack and wrote the rest neatly)

Who did it for what purpose . . . Oh, it's by Hiroshi. What did Hiroshi write this for . . .

What did Hiroshi want to tell, and to whom . . . !

I never imagined such a graffiti, non-destructive enough to overturn the definition of "graffiti," could exist.

I thought it would soon be erased, since the moment I found it I indicated it to a studio assistant-kun like "What's this! Hey Komori-kun come take a look at this!" But I went the studio today and found it was still there, not being erased.

Hiroshi seems to be tougher than I thought . . .

Hang in there . . . ! - is what I'd like to say, but you can't write graffiti on someone else's properties*


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

*rubs her cheek against Kuma Chang*

Awwww What a nice fur he has!

Ops, it feels so nice enough to make me feel sleepy as well.

Lately I feel sleepy all the time~. How come? Is it because I'm gettin' old?

About time to do my teeth n' hit the sack~.

Friday, June 01, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

You are so cute little one

*does Eskimo kiss*

Woman in love

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Oh dear Kuma Chang

Why are you Kuma Chang?

How to deal with ding dong ditch

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Kiss & Cry went straight up to #1 on iTunes Store ! ! ! Yaaay!
(Haven't got the jacket ready yet~! Sorry for that)

Well now, the ding dong ditch thing. I just had it 2 or 3 times though.

I think all of them were done just around the same time of the weekday afternoon . . . That's why I'm guessing it might be by a kid on the way home from school.

I see I have 3 options . . .

1 To ignore it.

I just let it go and don't care.

2 To stake out.

Like a detective in the drama, I go get a canned coffee and sandwiches at the convenience store, sit down at the entrance of my home, and read HUNTERxHUNTER from the 1st volume. Remain there with patience.

Finally on hearing the ding dong sound, I jump up like an athlete who reacts to the "Go!" signal, and open the door ! ! With loud laugh like "HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!"! Can you beat it! I'm pretty sure if it is a small kid, he/she would be paralyzed with terror. ("Wh, What the hell is wrong with this woman . . . !")
That way I put the fear of adults in the kid.

3 To ding dong ditch too

How come(lol)

I've never done it since I was a 'good' girl~. Reading through your e-mails I found there were more people than I thought who did it when they were little, which made me surprised. Well, but then again, you may not do it, 'cause you feel creepy and bad if someone does it to you.

Good boys and girls! You don't do stuff like ding dong ditch! A scaaary kinky woman like me might be sitting at the entrance. !Clang! "HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW ! ! !" - if the doors are opened to you that way, you feel quite scary, right? (-I just would like to do this, actually . . . )