Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A poor shopper

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Phew~. It was a hot day in Tokyo.

I was invited to the wedding reception of my friend, so I was excited and went Yay, woot, I could see a lot of people there for the first time in ages~*, but noticed one thing yesterday.


I don't have any good one-piece that I could wear to the reception . . .


Talking of the reception - it is the place where the girls put on a classy one-piece, have their hair done, appeal themselves seeking to meet new people . . .

I occasionally wear one-piece when in America or while traveling, but I'm totally unprepared now 'cause I thought I wouldn't have a chance to wear it in Tokyo!

So, that's why I went to Laforet in Harajuku today. Just to seek a one-piece.

But you know, as I went there in a guy-style jeans and T-shirts, apparently I was quite noticeable in a suspicious way looking for girlish one-pieces only, so almost every shop clerk asked me "So you wear one-piece also?" "Are you looking for a one-piece?"

"Yes" I replied, then "So is that for the wedding and such?"

. . . I'm such a plain, easy-to-guess type of customer. (TmT)

I couldn't decide what to get, totally at a loss, 'cause I seldom go shopping for one-piece as a ordinary cloth. I wanted neither too cheesy one, nor too slick one, nor too girly, but just a little girly, pretty one . . .

*puff* *puff* GAAHHHHHH---- ! ! ! ! (brain exploded)

*pant pant*

The shop clerk people usually get surprised as I always buy clothes without fitting them, but today I tried on them for sure as I didn't wanna fail!

But you know, I'm a person who's used to the costume quick-change or fitting at short times thanks to my job, so seems like I did a trial fitting in a crazily short period of time and almost all the shop clerk people told me "Oh, er, we are quite surprised because you've done it so quick!" Haha, Hahahaha. I know I don't need to hurry, but I just feel myself compelled to do quick-change . . .

Well, and I just couldn't tell when I'd need one-piece next time, so I thought it'd be good to take this opportunity to buy some extra ones in one go and did my shopping in several stores, but as I suddenly started to use my credit card, which I didn't use too often, the credit card company asked me to do "telephone authentication," so I tried to pay by cash to avoid bother, and found I didn't have cash at all, so the staff person who was with me made payment on my behalf . . . I went all miserable like that(T o T)

Shopping makes me exhausted . . . :slumps down:

Well but then again, I've got a nice one-piece after all . . . Mission accomplished . . . Yes.

Once again I admire the stylist-san(._.*)