Friday, November 30, 2007

In addition

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Nhhhh--- Nhnn-- Hnn---- Nh---"

(saying "HELP")

Extent of damage

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Another one, which I orderd for Murakami-san of my office(a cold-natured, weakly girl), also got his face badly squashed! (lol)

This is the angle when viewed edge-on.

Are you really all right? Your nose is buried in your face, huh?

How long have you been in this state, boy?

(Why don't you just quickly get him out of the bag (lol) > me)

Tragedy of mail

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I ordered a Kuma-san shaped hot-water bottle that I learned from a fan's mail via the internet as I thought he was cute, but . . .

When he arrived I found his face was very much squashed(lol)

Are you all right?

You've got a crooked nose, huh?


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'Whew~, it's getting chilly~. Isn't it about time for Kuma to hibernate? Don't you need to prepare for it?'

"Heh   Me   dun   do   such uncool things   like hibernating   Me is   urban Kuma"

'Yeah I can understand that, as you're at home most of the time.'

"Me   feel   a lil bit   sleepy   but   me got   lots of things to do   in winter   like   watching samurai dramas   and   teasing Hikaru-chan"

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Super strong yen and the weak dollar!

108 yen to a dollar!

Dollar on the edge of a cliff(lolol)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Glasses and keyboard

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Go for getting on the list of top5 female celebrities that look good in glasses!

Meganekko beeeeeeeeeeeam!

Alright, sorry I know I've gone too far.

That aside, there is something I'd like to show you.

It's my keyboard that I've been using for more than 5 years!

It's been traveling to a lot of cities with me, like, to NY and Tokyo of course, and to LA, Miami, Prague(Czech), London, and such.

It's approx. 80 cm wide, which is a little longer as a keyboard for programming, but I think I need this length since I write songs as if I were playing the piano with both hands, most of the time. This length is exactly equivalent to 4 octaves' keys. I could use much smaller one if it were supposed to be used only for programming, though.

I do think it's big when I carry it around putting in the case. I often slam it into the door when I pass through there. (lol)

Still it's tens of thousands times easier to carry it than carry a real piano! (lol)

I wonder if the musicians in the past could've imagined the future like this.

I think I'm enjoying my music career very much because I was born in this day and age. I think it's kind of a waste only to sing, or write songs with the piano and let the producer or band make its sounds. I think I wouldn't be able to express my identity at the full if it were born in the past.

It's a tremendous power that you can create any sound you'd like to. It's so exciting! 'Cause you can be the God in that world. Sound is something more primitive and physical than language.

It wouldn't be like the macho, powerful sensation that some boys could feel when they grab their electric guitar for the first time, play it and let detonation sound come out of huge amps, but more like the dominator's, behind-the-scenes fixer's sensation.

I know I'm talking about the world that's not realistic! (lol)

I wonder what it'll be like after 40 years~. Probably there wouldn't be such a devastating change like that from analog to digital . . . but I gotta admit I have high hopes actually. I hope some interesting tools, which could make me wanna create sounds even I'm 64, would be invented!

Come to think of it, I've got a bunch of questions asking me why I wanna turn 28 faster.

Some people say "I can sort of relate to that," and I think human beings mentally take shape from around over 30. It seems like men's real character thing, especially, emerge from around their mid 30s. Like, their best season of life starts around that time.

I think women mature much earlier, but I don't like being in mid 20s as it feels kinda like half-hearted! Neither "too young," nor "too matured" - that's the image I have of it. So that's just why I said I wanna turn my late 20s faster.

The ages I adore for some reason are: 28, 32, 35, 42!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Probably chocolate in a previous life

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Kuma Chang's nose looks just like a chocolate truffle!
(Kuma Chang's nose is bigger, though)

And he's got fried-shrimp arms.

Got croquette ears too.

Put simply, Kuma Chang is so cute that I could eat him up (*-_-*)

Kuma Chang (- o -) *pant pant*

Rainbow waterfall

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Guess what this is.

It's cables in the studio!

They are this colorful. Dozens of them are all hanging on a coatrack-like thing. They look like a rainbow waterfall!

I took this picture just as I was talking about rainbow in the studio.
It was hard to make them look good as they were in a dim place, but actually they were brightly-colored.

Not to change the subject, but today Komori-kun, the assistant guy, had nosebleeds all of a sudden while at work in the studio. Like a gush.

At first Goetz, the mixing engineer (German guy) looked anxious, but as I kept rolling around on the floor laughing like "(^o^) Bwahahah!!! Hahahahahah! Nosebleed! He's got a nosebleed!", in the end Goetz started laughing too like "God how come you're laughing like crazy . . . (lol)" (Sorry, Komori-kun)

He says he has nosebleeds like 4 times per week. Isn't that a problem? But there do exist people with such a constitution. Didn't know that~.

While Komori-kun was away to stop the bleeding I wrote "Nosebleed" on the documents on his table, thinly in pencil, but he caught me immediately. Hmmm . . . how did he know . . . (No one else would do but me)

Well I myself had nosebleeds the other day though. Nosebleeding is pretty funny for me~.

And you know what, Komori-kun had an another nosebleed later that day.

Twice in a day (lol) While at work (lol)

It's said having nosebleeds is a sign of youth, but I'd say Komori-kun is too youthful (lol)

Speaking of youth. I turn 25 in two months! I shouldn't be hanging around wearing Kuma suit! (lol)

I don't like being in the middle of 20's. I wanna turn 28 faster!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Just forgot to tell you this, I found a lot of people wearing a mask or coughing when I went to see the play yesterday, so be careful not to catch a cold!

See you again soon~

Labor Thanksgiving Day

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The date has already been changed, but today was a public holiday, Labor Thanksgiving Day! So Kuma Chang didn't "come to work"(lol), just spent the day watching TV, lounging and dozing off.

Well, yes, um, about that "Coming to work" movie. Sorry for surprising you all of a sudden.

I've been having Kuma Chang suit made for a long while, and finally it's been wrapped up last month.

At first I ordered this totally off the top of my head just for enjoyment, but the result turned out to be such a superb masterpiece thanks to lots of commitments given, which was enough to make me think this excitement should be shared with all you guys or it'll be a waste of treasure! So that's why I made a short movie!!!

I'm really grateful to all the people who gave helping hands to me to realize such a silly project (;_; ) I give my thanks to all their labors (;_; )
(I paid the shooting staff and people concerned for their labors)

(I spent my own money for making the suit)

(The bill surprised me)

Well you know, guys, you've sent me too much questions like "Could it be Hikaru-san who was in that suit?"

Who on the earth do you think would be happy to do things like that for fun of it, half-dead for luck of air, bathed in sweat, but me! I got very poor visibility, which reduced to almost zero level halfway due to my own sweat(steam) covered the eyes part, and it was hard to breathe, hard to balance, unable to walk fast, I thought I was gonna die for sure . . .

(I respect those people who wear those stuffed character suit in the places like amusement parks. I mean it. I think I will cry next time I visit those places like Disney Land and see the stuffed animal suits (lol))

I'm soooo happy to have a bunch of impression emails from you guys! It was worth it indeed!

And on top of that, I'm even more blessed as well as horrified 'cause a lot of people asked me for the sequel(lol) It's probably because the movie's wrapped up in a way that sets expectations of you guys.

So, here let me tell you, that I will continue to think up more projects, and create fun short movies with Kuma Chang suit! (;_; )

Please keep me encouraged ! ! ! (;_; )

(Er, can somebody tell me what is my primary job? (;-_-))

Friday, November 23, 2007


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I learned "辛党(kara-tou, hot foods lover)" means those people who love drinking.

I'd assumed it would mean spicy-food lovers.

Well, either way I'm a kara-tou person.

Spicy foods taste best in winter! Really taste good! They make my body thaw and warm-. Once again I realize that stimulation is an important thing-.

So, here are the amazing lineups of spicy foods. The Bōkun(Tyrant) series.

I just tried this habanero soup for the first time, and it tasted tomato-ish and yummy! It's not that spicy.

On the reverse side of the can it says "if you eat both the snack and soup at the same time that can make 'W Bōkun'(doubled tyrant)," so I did it accordingly. (I'm such a docile consumer)

Speaking of tyrant. I just went to see a play called "Caligula" in Shibuya on the way back from work. I went to see it as I heard from an actor friend of mine that the play was good.

It was very good, indeed~.

The word "tyrant" was hopping around as a dialogue over and over again, so this message came out here inspired by "tyrant." Habanero the tyrant.

Alright, OK, I know this is one of my random ramblings.

Now I feel like reading the original book by Camus, after seeing the play! I wonder if there's any good one in English.

One more thing, my duet song with Ne-Yo san in America is now on sale, by the online distribution.
Thanks. That's a wrap!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Coming to work"

(a movie, available for limited time till 19:02 pm Dec 20 is uploaded. please check her official site)

The Kuma Chang movie project, which we've spent a lot of time working on.

I did my best.

Anyway, please watch this ! ! !

Monday, November 19, 2007

Congrats to . . . being ranked!!

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G g guess what ! !

I've come in 10th place!

at the ranking of "the female celebrities who look good in glasses"!

Yaaay Yaaay ( ^-^ )

Actually I seldom wear glasses in public (lol) I wonder it that's all right (lol)

'Cause you know . . . I've shown my pictures wearing glasses just when I upload them here every once in a while!

Which means, the people who saw my picture here on this site voted for me . . . !

What an honor~ I appreciate that~

I was quite surprised to learn this, which made me very happy~ ( ^-^ )

Maybe I'll take more picture wearing glasses~

So, this time I'm not wearing glasses (lol)

I tried to take a picture right in the place where I took the photo of "Pencil" I uploaded here exactly 2 months ago (a corner of the studio, my fave place) striking the same pose, but I did a slightly different pose as I thought it'd be boring to do the exact same pose.

I put a pencil behind my ear! You know, you can hardly see someone who's actually doing this, in the real world~. I mean, I really wanna do this, but I'm quite poor at doing this as the pencil easily falls down since it's pretty hard to get it stable. So I adore those who can do this properly. Well, not that much, though.

By the way, I uploaded that photo 2 months ago, but as I previously mentioned in a message, it was about this time of 2 years ago that I took that photo. Right in the middle of ULTRA BLUE's recording.

22 years old and 24 years old

Have I changed?

Uki-uki watching

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"Hehe   On weekday noons   Nothing could be better   than watching Waratte Iitomo   Don't you think so   Hikaru-chan"

'Oh, I've made some appearances on this corner a couple of times before!'

"You kidding   Are you serious"

'I'm serious.'

"Woot that's great   Hikaru-chan   You are an entertainer   For sure"

'He he he he he he!'

"Please make the "introducing his/her friend" call to me next time you appear on the show"

Sunday, November 18, 2007


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I finally completed the Mysterious Dungeon of Furai no Shiren EZ~!

I brought a Fuuma Blade +99 and Fuuma Shield +99 with me(lol)

On top of that, I also brought a bunch of Power seeds and took them. It seems like, this is called "doping" among the gamers.

I'm gonna complete the More Mysterious Dungeon too, for sure~.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Winner of the yummiest food of the month

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This rules.

This is yummy. So yummy.
Awww! Just thinking about this makes me almost drool! This really tastes good!

This is such a revolutionary, amazing product for me who loves Thai foods. This happens to be a product of Nisshin, so I can introduce this to you with no hesitation(lol)

This is the most "Go Kakarotto . . . You are the number one! (by Vegeta)" cup noodle I've ever eaten!

I've been seeing this in those stores like Seven-Eleven since one or two months ago, and I bought this one and a red one in the same series as a trial, but this green one is superb. I often see only this green one sold out, probably because it's got much more popularity!

Lately I stock up on this from time to time, to keep enough stocks all the time. Hehehe.

My friend says "Yummy! But hot!" but this hotness is quite moderate for me, a hot foods lover*

Aww~ I'm hungry . . .

Thursday, November 15, 2007

To be continued

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Please read from 1*


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)



(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Alright! Now it doesn't look like a diaper   Good for you, Kuma san'


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Weeep Sniff

It's not a diaper   It's not a diaper

'Oh, so it's not, I'm sorry   Then I'll write your name on it, so that people won't take it as a diaper'


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Wow, thank you Kuma san   I wonder why Kuma san is in diapers?'


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Here it is!

Super Kuman's special tools: part one

KUMA patch!

KUMA patch is disinfectant; has a strong adherence so that it won't be easily unstuck because of wet works; has a lot of small breathing holes in order to prevent damage and rash on your skin. Furthermore, you can easily protect the wound with it anytime anywhere, since it is each one piece is in hermetically-sealed package. (quasi drug)


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Oh Kuma san is here . . . '


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Super Kuman is here!


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Weep it hurts'

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bordeaux Burgundy Russet Clotted blood

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The studio work went very smoothly today, and I was already home in the evening thanks to it!

The main vocal recording took just an hour and a half or so. (-this is very fast)

I'm to do the recordings of background chorus and harmony tomorrow, though.

Alright. Autumn is already here(or is winter already here?), so I changed the color of my nails to an autumn-winter-ish color! I love this sort of colors! What's more autumn-winter-ish than this color, huh? I believe this color is called bordeaux.

By the way, the color of garnet, my birthstone, looks the same. I think very few people know this stone, since it's very little-known . . .

It seems like this color matches my skin color quite well, so it feels very right. Especially when my hair color is black.

When I was in junior high in Tokyo I always put on a large sweater with this color over my school uniform. I always had a run-in with the headmaster, since it infringed on the school rules . . .

Cuz you know, the color of the designated sweater, was so unbelievably tacky red. I mean, the red sweater itself was not to blame! Still I have to remind you, that the uniform skirt was green-checkered. It was a really unthinkable coordinate, that would make you look like a christmas tree.

On top of that the designated socks was in some strange blue . . . ! !

Did it mean to make a cinema projector . . . ! ?
( ; _ ; )

I'm always saying I'm not a type of person who cares about fashions, appearances and such, but in that case my sense of color had to refuse that . . . It's not a matter of fashion and such . . . ! It's a matter of annoyance, or outrageousness . . .

So eventually, I always put on black knee-high socks, which was also infringing on the school rules.

I always had arguments with the headmaster, but all in all I had had my own way for 2 years - throughout my days in that school . . .

It is not good to infringe on school rules. I agree with it. But ! ! It was that uniform to blame! I mean it. I wanna show it to you if I could. It was such a terrible coloration. Just remembering it can make me feel sick to my stomach.

It was a Catholic girl's school located in Yōga. It was a nice school, full of nice girls. (It was a nice school indeed, though I mentioned it just like a supplement)

I always cut my nails very short, as I always did at that time.

I'm sorry, Headmaster.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Writing lyrics at the moment

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'll take a quick break.

I try to create a rival for Super Kuman.

What do you think of this?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Like this

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

. . . . .

*bites her cheeks*

Gyahahahahahah! Ahihihihihih!

OMG, this is funnier than I expected (lol)

It's like, this face expression goes with it quite well.

Gee. I doodled on the sole ULTRA BLUE CD I own like this.

But I think it's OK.


Nosebleeds rock~ (lol)

Crime and Punishment

Whew~. I had a nosebleed for the first time in ages, which made me surprised~.

Actually I often bleed just a lil bit from the nose when I blow my nose, but I physically dripped blood from the nose for the first time probably, since I was a child I guess?

Come to think of it, you often had nosebleeds when you're a little child, didn't you! I remember I always had those sort of people in the class who often had nosebleeds for some reason, and had to like down~. Ah that takes me back~.

You know the other day, I tried to open a perfume tester bottle in a shop and spilled the content by mistake. I thought the bottle would be of a spray type and open it, but actually it was of an openmouthed type, not of a spray type!

The perfume spilled all over the floor, flowing in streams, over my hands also, though other goods didn't get covered with it fortunately. The shop clerk people rushed to clean up the floor and give me a hand towel. I was very sorry about all that happened.

I'm so sorry ( ; _ ; ) I'm really sorry. Also I'd like to say sorry to them for my being so loud. Like "OOOOOhhhhh---!!! Gaaaahhh---!"

I screamed like that, because of the perfume smell all over the area.

On top of that, the perfume smell on my left hand remained there all day long, which smelled really bad to me.

I really don't like perfumes.

So you ask me why I picked up the tester thing?

It's because I was like looking for a birthday gift for Micchie. In a bookstore. (I eventually ended up giving him a book)

The store had a section of perfumes for male, so I just thought of smelling some . . . however that my casual manner led to a disaster.

Most of the hand towels you're given in airplanes have a perfume smell, which is enough to keep me away from the towels as I don't want my hands to get smell from it, and this time my left hand got covered with the perfume in liquid-state . . . It smelled so so so bad.

Maybe I received some kind of divine punishment, because I spilled a perfume in that store on that day . . . ! That must be it . . . ! That explains my nosebleed!

So the membrane of my left nostril must have received divine punishment . . . ! While it was actually my hand (stupid) and brain (silly) were to blame! The membrane of my left nostril, what a poor thing.

Hang on . . . ! The membrane of my left nostril-san . . . ! (-I just wanted to say this)

Alright, guys
See ya soon~

Sunday, November 11, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


"Hikaru-chan   Your nose bleeding   So uncool isn't it"

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's kinda like

My nose just started bleeding*

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Never thought I'd see him here

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'd like to thank you all who tried to figure out what was the interesting point about the first photo (the one for "Hand made" post) of my messages yesterday! I always love to have your responses.

I enjoyed to read your mails, reviewing them in such manners like "Ha ha ha! You've been reading too much! (lol)"

I got a certain number of these messages, that is: "I bet you mean, the equipment located on the bottom-right, front side of the image, looks like a Kuma's face!"

"Huh? What does it mean . . . ?" I thought, and looked at the bottom-right corner of the image . . .

(; 'o')

(;._.) *rubs at her eyes*

There he is - - - !

A Kuma is there - - - ! !

For real - - - !

So! Today I I took a picture of it in the studio, from a different angle this time!

Kuma is there, for sure . . . I never thought I'd see a Kuma here . . .

I can't believe I, who spend about half a day by thinking about Kuma, didn't notice this guy earlier . . . ! !

He's even got his own ear-like parts. A mecha-Kuma!

So he's always been watching me . . . ! And he always will!

Hehe . . . So cute . . . (-sick, seriously)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Handmade 3

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

By comparison, a different type of monitor screen looks like this.

It's got sealing tape only, with no pencils (lol)

Cool! Wild!

It's been such a long time since I last wrote a message that has nothing to do with Kuma . . . (lol)

Handmade 2

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

*earth sounds*

Got it?

A pencil with sealing tape is there, so that the monitor screen won't slip and drop the table!

This really makes my heart melt. This, indescribable human warms, right in the middle of the place surrounded all those high-tech expensive machines and such . . . !

A pencil (lol)

A sealing tape (lol)

All wisdom of human beings is concentrated right here! (lol)

Aww~ My neck hurts~


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I have a crick in my neck! It hurts so bad!

It hurts worst when I face to the right, so I've gotta not face to the right today. I'll turn to the right bodily even under the situation that I usually turn only my face! Like, when someone on the right talks to me. I'll wheel my whole body! (That could look so creepy)

By the way. I've always wanted to show this to you - the scene in the studio, which I think cool.

This is the picture of the scene.

Those people - engineer and assistant engineer people need to have their own computer on hand ever since we've started using Pro Tools.

This is the computer placed at where the engineer person is working. A big monitor screen, keyboard and mouse are placed on the small table with wheels attached, so that it can be moved easily. It looks like this from the rear.

So now you ask what's the cool thing about this?

He he he . . . actually I noticed this a while ago myself.

Take a closer look . . .

I'll upload a zoomed-in photo of the "cool" part here in the meantime . . . he he . . .

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


It's not a diaper

It's not a diaper

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Intensely recharging

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Aww   Dun cuddle up to me too much   or me's fan get jealous of you   Hikaru-chan"

'Heh, you know me better than that! By the way Kuma Chang, the Super Kuman manga's been well received, unexpectedly(lol)'

"Okay great   Why is he   wearing   a diaper"

'That's not a diaper, but some swimwear like thing that heroes often put on!'

"So that means   he is okay and ready   whenever he is asked   to go swimming"

' . . . Well, that's right I'd say.'

"Hehe   he is smart   isn't he"


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Awww~ What a beautiful bear!

The most beautiful bear on earth!

Kuma Chang, come closer, closer!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)



(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


"Aw, what's this! I turned into a Kuma now! I can't grab anything 'cause my hands are like fried shrimps . . . !"


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


!!! FLASH !!!


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


He unleashes his finishing blow!

KUMA beam!


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"What the, who the hell are you?!"

"Help me Super Kuman"


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)


Super Kuman is here


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Oh no! Somebody help me!"

"Hand over your money! Or I'll kill her!"

Friday, November 02, 2007

Finishing blows part 3

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

KUMA beeeeeeeam

Finishing blows part 2

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

KUMA Kiiiick

Finishing blows part 1

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

KUMA puuunch

Super Kuman

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I opened a wrong part of the sharpener and got covered with pencil shavings when I tried to use the sharpener to draw this picture.

Oh... Oh My God.

It's not often that you get covered with pencil shavings, so taking this opportunity, I imagined the feeling of hiyayakko covered with katsuobushi shavings, remaining as it is for a while.

Whew . . Mental concentration time . . . I'm a hiyayakko . . . White and beautiful . . . Hehehe . . . Oh, Jeez, what are you gonna do, what's this, what's these dust like things, aww, stop it, don't dust me with things like this, this kinda smells! Awww . . . *sniff* . . . Mommy . . .

Hmm. Being a hiyayakko, seems to be not bad.

You know, I've been burned out since two days ago, as my imagination has been burning so strong enough to make me create too much things lately. ( -_-) Yes, I'm so worn out. I've been totally exhausted since I came back from work the day before yesterday.

I'll recharge my batteries this weekend!