Monday, November 12, 2007

Crime and Punishment

Whew~. I had a nosebleed for the first time in ages, which made me surprised~.

Actually I often bleed just a lil bit from the nose when I blow my nose, but I physically dripped blood from the nose for the first time probably, since I was a child I guess?

Come to think of it, you often had nosebleeds when you're a little child, didn't you! I remember I always had those sort of people in the class who often had nosebleeds for some reason, and had to like down~. Ah that takes me back~.

You know the other day, I tried to open a perfume tester bottle in a shop and spilled the content by mistake. I thought the bottle would be of a spray type and open it, but actually it was of an openmouthed type, not of a spray type!

The perfume spilled all over the floor, flowing in streams, over my hands also, though other goods didn't get covered with it fortunately. The shop clerk people rushed to clean up the floor and give me a hand towel. I was very sorry about all that happened.

I'm so sorry ( ; _ ; ) I'm really sorry. Also I'd like to say sorry to them for my being so loud. Like "OOOOOhhhhh---!!! Gaaaahhh---!"

I screamed like that, because of the perfume smell all over the area.

On top of that, the perfume smell on my left hand remained there all day long, which smelled really bad to me.

I really don't like perfumes.

So you ask me why I picked up the tester thing?

It's because I was like looking for a birthday gift for Micchie. In a bookstore. (I eventually ended up giving him a book)

The store had a section of perfumes for male, so I just thought of smelling some . . . however that my casual manner led to a disaster.

Most of the hand towels you're given in airplanes have a perfume smell, which is enough to keep me away from the towels as I don't want my hands to get smell from it, and this time my left hand got covered with the perfume in liquid-state . . . It smelled so so so bad.

Maybe I received some kind of divine punishment, because I spilled a perfume in that store on that day . . . ! That must be it . . . ! That explains my nosebleed!

So the membrane of my left nostril must have received divine punishment . . . ! While it was actually my hand (stupid) and brain (silly) were to blame! The membrane of my left nostril, what a poor thing.

Hang on . . . ! The membrane of my left nostril-san . . . ! (-I just wanted to say this)

Alright, guys
See ya soon~