Monday, June 10, 2002

Double good news !

Good news came one after the other on the 9th of June!

The date changed before we knew it, while we were celebrating Japan's victory . . .

Happy birthday to you, Kaji-san! (9th was your birthday, right??)
Keep on shooting plenty of goals into us music fans' hearts, aiming to be the best promoter in Japan (also the best chief editor in the free paper industry)!

Ah, tonight it felt very good to see Japan's national flags . . .

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Japan's victory" ... Japan's victory over Russia in 2002 FIFA World Cup.
"Free paper" ... free papers called "Utada mag" had been issued monthly from October 2001 through March 2002. Mr. Kaji was the chief editor of Utada mag.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Turning over a new leaf !

Wow~! my site is renewed! And let's see, my photo at the top page is changed to, sort of, a 'cute-looking' one~! All right, now let's post a new message taking advantage of the renewal! - a week has passed since I thought so. It's getting to be very hard for me to carry it out. I think I become too self-conscious thinking like "*gasp* isn't this gonna be an important post? Will it be the center of attention? Or may it be quoted by someone?? " when it comes time to write another new one, since a long time has passed and it's gonna be the one after that one - my last message. It's something like . . . a bit embarrassed feeling you get when you make a call to your close friend for the first time after either told your love to him/her or being told. (lol) (I believe anybody can understand how it feels like! That is, we hesitate whether to behave as if nothing had happened or show deep emotion - get it? I know I'll be relieved once I start talking - in my case writing - though. Actually I'm already getting excited writing this!)

So. As "my recent-state report!" is the expression which I often use at work, instead I'm gonna try to make it clear what on earth I've been doing over the last month . . . eh? Is that exactly what we call the "recent-state report"?!

As I've spent almost all the public holidays working since I debuted while I was still in my high school, now I feel as if I'm taking a summer vacation after a long long time - long enough to forget what it is like. (Do I sound like a schoolchild in Hokkaido? (lol)) But, like an unlucky kid who spends her precious holidays doing nothing due to her broken leg, I've been spending days reading, netsurfing, listening to music, watching movies, drawing pictures, sometimes going to the hospital when something is wrong, and reacting like "Oh!" when seeing the news about me on TV. Yes, I'm watching Wold Cup games too! Well, actually my song currently played on radio is called "Play Ball" which is about baseball games, and yesterday I was watching the Japanese team's game with my friends, getting so excited that I cheered yelling "Defense! De~~fense!!" and then everybody told me like "Hikaru, that's for basketball games!". (lol) All right, let's forget about itnote

To tell the truth, I didn't have much interest in football at first since I didn't get the rules like "offside" quite right. I watched tennis, basketball, volleyball and baseball only. But! recently I got to know what "offside" is, then I quickly got addicted to watching football and eventually I got to love it - I was like, "Oh, it's that simple, huh??". How simple minded. But I'd say whatever it is, the more we get to know it the more we get to love it. Maybe nobody would be so offensive if we get to know him/her well, and if there may be "very offensive guys" I say that's those who just hate someone or something around without trying to understand them at all. Well sometimes it cannot be helped, that there are likes/dislikes among us human beings - but just our getting interest in those around us and trying to understand them more can do reduce arguments, wars or wasting time in this world. I do believe it works - in the companies, among the people and also in the families.

While writing some good things like this, right now at this moment I'm playing an nine inch nails' CD, a very dark one!! Yay!! I've been into some of their songs from before, but I say now I'm deeply in LOVE with them after I came across this album. I even had a DVD with the same sound source sent to me from America. (The bass/guitar guy on the left of Trent Reznor, he's really *cute*) I've also been obsessed with fatboy slim's "Live on Brighton Beach." They're totally in a different genre plus apparently both bands' songs are hard to play live, but on the contrary their live-version CDs are way way cool and well-made - for me that's exactly what defines "Rock Music". And yes, I also love Destiny Child's remix album.

Hey. I'm not wearing a swim suit at the site's top! (lol) Too late to make my covergirl debut now! Seems like most female celebs usually stop wearing a swim suit for photo-shoots after they become popular - isn't it?! (lol) That's a *dress* I'm wearing!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
not a swim suit but dress ... hikki is talking about her photos (appeared around May-June 2002) wearing black dress with pink stripes.