Monday, May 31, 2010

Wh, what happened!!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The other day, late at night. On my way home after I drank with my friend I was walking at a quick pase in the middle of heavy storm and rain,

I found this!

I couldn't help but stop, to take my ke-tai out to take a shot (aww my iPhone was almost wet) even though the rain and storm were heavy enough to soak my lower body!

Cause you know! You may often find those broken, bent abandoned umbrellas on a windy day but you'd rarely see the one like this!

What happened! What happened to you huh?! My imagination (or delusion) is growing!

I'd asked to take a picture of me in the rain holding this grap part as if I were holding a whole umbrella, if I were with someone that day . . . that would've made a surrealistic shot. (*looks away*)

I walked a long distance on this day not caring about my clothes getting wet as I were in my favorite rain boots! It seems Tokyo is entering the rainy season.(*´ー`*)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bumped into Tamo-san

Today I strolled in a soba restaurant and . . .

. . . found Tamori-san there - - - ! ! !

Oh boy ! What a coincidence !

Oh wow what should I do, I've seen him, I mean I've worked with him quite a few times in TV stations but this is the very first time I see Tamori-san in a daily life scene! It seems like he's enjoying chatting with his staff . . .

Should I talk to him or not . . . what should I do . . .

Oh! I say these miso-cooked welks taste very good! Yumyum

Perhaps they would taste even better if I add some shichimi to them, let's see . . . Yes, I knew it! Mmmm! Nom nom!

Oh where was I …. yes, should I talk to him or not . . .

Aww he's paying the bill, he's leaving soon! Alright! I'll take courage and say hello to him!

Like this I was wondering what to do but actually . . .

. . . my seat was next to his.

Hey how come you listened in on his talk all the time!
Damn you!!(;`Д´)≡⊃)゚o゚(⊂≡(`Д´;) You dork!!

Eventually I got up and - "Er - er excuse me! Tamoir-san! It's been a long time, It's Utada!"

I greeted him in a breezy manner like that, which made him quite surprised like "Hmm!? Ohhhhh?! I didn't realize you were there at all --!"

I was surprised to see Tamori-san in a soba resutaurant, but I understand you could be surprised if greeted by Utada Hikaru in a soba restaurant out of the clear blue sky( ;´・_・`)

My apologies for making you surprised

But it was nice I could say hello to him!(●^口^●)

I've seen him many times in the Telephone Shocking corner of Iitomo and M-Ste and for me, who finds it hard to relax in that atmosphere in TV stations, Tamori-san is like a normal kind gentle man, and I've always liked him.

I learned this time that bumping into Tamori-san totally makes your day just like finding a rare four-leaf clover among all the three-leafers. (lol) Get it??

I don't think there are many celebs who's in a similar position as him (lol) He's a rare person~

Okay about time to go to bed, read some mangas and sleep~!