Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bumped into Tamo-san

Today I strolled in a soba restaurant and . . .

. . . found Tamori-san there - - - ! ! !

Oh boy ! What a coincidence !

Oh wow what should I do, I've seen him, I mean I've worked with him quite a few times in TV stations but this is the very first time I see Tamori-san in a daily life scene! It seems like he's enjoying chatting with his staff . . .

Should I talk to him or not . . . what should I do . . .

Oh! I say these miso-cooked welks taste very good! Yumyum

Perhaps they would taste even better if I add some shichimi to them, let's see . . . Yes, I knew it! Mmmm! Nom nom!

Oh where was I …. yes, should I talk to him or not . . .

Aww he's paying the bill, he's leaving soon! Alright! I'll take courage and say hello to him!

Like this I was wondering what to do but actually . . .

. . . my seat was next to his.

Hey how come you listened in on his talk all the time!
Damn you!!(;`Д´)≡⊃)゚o゚(⊂≡(`Д´;) You dork!!

Eventually I got up and - "Er - er excuse me! Tamoir-san! It's been a long time, It's Utada!"

I greeted him in a breezy manner like that, which made him quite surprised like "Hmm!? Ohhhhh?! I didn't realize you were there at all --!"

I was surprised to see Tamori-san in a soba resutaurant, but I understand you could be surprised if greeted by Utada Hikaru in a soba restaurant out of the clear blue sky( ;´・_・`)

My apologies for making you surprised

But it was nice I could say hello to him!(●^口^●)

I've seen him many times in the Telephone Shocking corner of Iitomo and M-Ste and for me, who finds it hard to relax in that atmosphere in TV stations, Tamori-san is like a normal kind gentle man, and I've always liked him.

I learned this time that bumping into Tamori-san totally makes your day just like finding a rare four-leaf clover among all the three-leafers. (lol) Get it??

I don't think there are many celebs who's in a similar position as him (lol) He's a rare person~

Okay about time to go to bed, read some mangas and sleep~!