Friday, April 23, 2010

I . . . I'm alive !

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Even though I've finished my own homemade dishes . . .

I'm alllliiiive !

Which means, my cooking is successful! (what a low hurdle I've set for myself(lol))

I mean, it was just . . . good. So surprising.

At first I was very cautious . . .

*nom nom nom*

Ooooooh! (゚ロ゚)Very good! I'm sooo surprised~!

I've got so hyped up!

Hmmmmm Yum Yum(*´∀`*)

(↑Put the intonation on 'Y' please)

It was good anywayz~, I didn't have to get disenamored with myself~! (what a low hurdle, really(lol)) Perhaps the recipe I referred to this time was pretty good!

Restaurant Utada: tonight's affordable set menu is . . .

- Sake steamed spring cabbage, spring onion and pork
- Soymilk soup with new potato and broccoli
- Served with a cup of our proud sprouted rice

Looks so healthy doesn't it?

I searched Cookpad recipes based on the materials available at my home, to pick up and arrange some.

- Put coarsely-cut spring cabbage in the pan, then put wedge-cut new onion onto it, then put pork on the top
- Drop sake onto them, close the lid, simmer them on low to middle heat for 20 minutes until the liquid is gone
- The original recipe says you add some petit tomatoes at the end to make the dish colorful, but instead them I used paprika as I didn't have petit tomatoes
- Finally add grated new onion on the dish! Pour seasoning soy sauce if desired!

It appeared that the recipe recommended to enjoy the sweetness of spring cabbage so I didn't use my favorite ume, vinegar, ginger and such. it also said using grated daikon was not good as it tastes hot.

Jesus Christ! I never thought grated new onion would taste this good! Also it went together with paprika.

Now moving on to the soup . . .

- Stew new potato and broccoli until they become smooth
- Process them in a food processor and put them into the pot
- pour soymilk and water in it, add a bit of butter and consome to it, add salt and pepper too. As for my case I add just a bit of garlic seasoning and powdered cheese (used for pasta) just as a hidden flavour

I tasted vegetables, it was so good! Good and easy to cook~

I had enough. I'm satisfied!

"Huh? I thought I opened the site of Utada Hikaru's messages but I guess I set foot on someone else's blog . . . ?"

Is any of you thinking of things like this? Well but I'd say you would hardly find websites with such strong blue background. (lol)

Have I ever posted such a serious cooking entry with no gags like this here . . . I don't think so! Well I did post some petty ones like "I made miso soup for the first time!" though.

You know, last summer I forgot to turn on the fan when I was baking a fish alone, which brought two male security staffs of the apartment to my room to check the fire alarm system. I was so embarrassed . . . he he . . .
Never thought this would actually happen . . .

did you hear that?( ゚д゚)miss(゚д゚ )yeah that sounds awful

So that was a heart-quickening challenge for me today,

But that turned out to be a huge huge success for me!! Woot!

I really enjoyed the meal(●^口^●)