Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is 'miracle'?

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The airplane ditched on the Hudson River in NY is now in the news everywhere.

US stations are taking up this incident on the news with "Hudson Miracle." Maybe all the stations around the world are, I guess?

It's very good there were no casualties.

But I kinda have no idea where the point that gets people excited this much.

They say the number 1549 has become very popular across the US for lottery (LOTO? It's something like takarakuji and you can choose the numbers) just because the flight number was 1549. Also many kinds of systems were flooded and borked because the number of people who tried to register this and that with the number 1549 drastically increased.

It's so miracle, just how lucky the passengers of #1549 were! - I keep hearing people saying like this, but their way of looking at the incident is so different from my viewpoint/philosophy I'd say . . .

I heard the accident cause was 5 birds (geese) sucked into the engines at one time. A very good, skilled pilot was operating the airplane. An unbelievable ditching was successful. No casualties recorded. I just don't think all those things are "miracle" . . . I don't think the passengers were lucky. I don't think the flight #1549 sucked birds, 5 of them, into its engines at one time, either.

I'm not trying to be wry, you know (lol) I'm always feeling how lucky I am, how blessed I am, in my life - in my daily life.

But I felt something was wrong when I was watching TV. It might be because the pilot that made the ditching a success suddenly became a big-name hero. He's been living his life in the same way for decades. Strange, isn't it.

Every nation always wants a hero . . . and I find it very America-ish that people like the heroic story not on the world stage, but domestic. The victory of this domestic sport team, that pilot - than this gold medal of Olympics, or Novel Prizes. Things like that.

Domestic athletes attract a lot of attention in Japan as well, but it happens often here that athletes who's made their marks on the world stage (overseas) rapidly come under the spotlight, right? I seldom hear that kind of thing in the US. Probably it's because everyone thinks "America is the best" ?

I wonder how long America could maintain that position. I mean, the economy has already slowed down. I hope it won't go the same way as the Roman Empire. It's still my country, after all. (lol) Looks like Japan is facing problems too.

I . . . don't understand the feeling of being excited for #1549 ditch or cliff dog that much. So can I be neither American nor Japanese.

Well, I think it's OK.

Maybe "miracle" and "things that are not miracle" are beyond my recognition!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Still Hacking At It

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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My birthday is just around the corner, come to think of it!

I was born on January 19, which falls under Cusp, the period of time when Capricorn is moving out and Aquarius is moving in, apparently . . .

I was just doing some research that had nothing to do with constellation, and something led me to this site on Indian astrology.

There I found something interesting!

You know what, in Sanskrit,

Capricorn is called "makara," and

Aquarius is called "kumbha"

That's what they say.

Wait a minute, it's almost like

. . . "makura" and "kuma" ! ! (lol)

To be honest, I've always adored elephant's nose and feet. I have lots of strange furnitures, like lamps and chairs, all elephant-shaped. (lol) I so so so love Kuma Chang's feet because they look like zou(elephant)-san's feet. I mean, their shapes are.

Do you know the imaginary creature with elephant's nose and feet, that appears a lot in old Indian pictures? They say that's the one called "makara." Aha (lol)




By the way the image above is the picture drawn by the stylus on the screen of my Nintendo DS, when I was on the tour in like 2006. That hair look is the one I had from around when I was on the tour through HEART STATION release.

One more thing: it's pretty hard to remember all the people you know, even if they are the ones who are close to you or whom you see a lot at work, isn't it? Shouting "Oh! today is the day!" on the very day, or "Oh no, I forgot about that!" after their birthday is over . . . it happens a lot to me. If only they told me several days earlier - that's what I always think.

It seems a certain number of them just don't talk about it because they are too shy to be celebrated. Hey don't be such a stranger to me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My fave people ver.2009.1

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This is very tough like the last 2 songs before the encore, if I compare this to the live stage performance (>my current state of making music)

I remember I wrote my favorite male artists/celebs in Message From Hikki quite long ago. How many years ago was that? At that time I think I made the list including people in the past, but this time I limit it to living people only! And all are in Japan!

This is the top 5 for over 4 years now.

Tsutomu Sekine

Heizō Takenaka

Peter Barakan

Egashira 2:50

Itsuji Itao

Just imagine the scene that these 5 guys are standing on the basketball court

.。゚+.(´▽`)。+.゚+・゜ (me imagining the scene)

This is my choice of the Japanese team's starting lineup!

And - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the woman whom I wanna make friends with.

I wanna employ her as the team manager if I were the team owner.

Among American celebs I've been a long-term big fan of Conan O'Brien. I won't die until I make an appearance on his show (<3)

Aww- I'm so tired~

I think I'll write an English message after I wrap up my Utada album

Good morning & good night
(:D)┼─┤*me flops*

Thursday, January 08, 2009

First time experience

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Look at this!

I just made miso shiru for the first time in my life!

That tasted good! Woot!

I never run taste tests. So this went straight into the bowl with no taste tests, without exception!

That's scary isn't it (lol)

But so far I've never failed in cooking nor made something that had an unexpected taste. I can count how many times I've ever cooked all on one hand though

I don't know why . . . but I have this mysterious confidence that I can 'recognize' the taste by other sense organs (senses of smell, touch, hearing and sight) without running taste tests. (This seriously sounds scary, doesn't it (lol))

It's very natural for me not to run taste tests.

So - I wish you a Happy New Year. Best wishes to you all!

From 'manly' Utada

Sunday, January 04, 2009


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Hikaru-chan   You have something   on your face

Happy New Year!

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Cheers   Bonjour