Wednesday, January 14, 2009


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

My birthday is just around the corner, come to think of it!

I was born on January 19, which falls under Cusp, the period of time when Capricorn is moving out and Aquarius is moving in, apparently . . .

I was just doing some research that had nothing to do with constellation, and something led me to this site on Indian astrology.

There I found something interesting!

You know what, in Sanskrit,

Capricorn is called "makara," and

Aquarius is called "kumbha"

That's what they say.

Wait a minute, it's almost like

. . . "makura" and "kuma" ! ! (lol)

To be honest, I've always adored elephant's nose and feet. I have lots of strange furnitures, like lamps and chairs, all elephant-shaped. (lol) I so so so love Kuma Chang's feet because they look like zou(elephant)-san's feet. I mean, their shapes are.

Do you know the imaginary creature with elephant's nose and feet, that appears a lot in old Indian pictures? They say that's the one called "makara." Aha (lol)




By the way the image above is the picture drawn by the stylus on the screen of my Nintendo DS, when I was on the tour in like 2006. That hair look is the one I had from around when I was on the tour through HEART STATION release.

One more thing: it's pretty hard to remember all the people you know, even if they are the ones who are close to you or whom you see a lot at work, isn't it? Shouting "Oh! today is the day!" on the very day, or "Oh no, I forgot about that!" after their birthday is over . . . it happens a lot to me. If only they told me several days earlier - that's what I always think.

It seems a certain number of them just don't talk about it because they are too shy to be celebrated. Hey don't be such a stranger to me.