Tuesday, October 30, 2007


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*smiles* *smiles*

"Fake   expiry   date?"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Kind look

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I paid a visit the other day! To Sugamo! For the first time in my life!

I've seen that place many times on TV but it was the first time I set foot in there, so I was being like a tourist. Wow! So this is that famous place . . . !

As it's called Grandpa & Grandma's Harajuku, the popular shopping mall with lots of shops and stands was extremely crowded. You could hardly go forward. It was exactly like Takeshita Street on weekends!

It was so crowded but no shops were playing music, so it was very quiet, which was impressive for me.
Conversely it made me realize how much music you listen to in the middle of common shopping districts.

I forgot on which day I visit there, 4th or 14th of this month, but anyways a festival was going on. Heard that festivals are to be held on every day with the number 4. It's super energetic. Japanese old people rock.

I also visited the place where Togenuki Jizo was placed! I forgot what you call that, large pot with smokes flowing out of it . . . The smoke that will bring you some health benefit when you take it . . . Lots of people were around me, and I got closer to it as I thought I'd like to touch the grateful smoke. Then I found the smoke was so eye-smarting. It hurt so bad. (._.*)
"Gaahhh! It hurts! My eyes! My eyes!" (I'm kinda exaggerating it a bit) I shouted in that manner, then an old man nearby stared at me. This wasn't how it was supposed to be . . .

After snapping out of it I explored the stands. They were selling many kinds of souvenirs and this is the one I fell in love at first sight and rushed to buy! The mini Togenuki Jizo sama!

Just look at his kind expression. I feel so comforted!

*smiles* (*^-^) *smiles*

As each one of them are hand-made, they have slightly different facial expressions one by one, so I closely examined them and chose some Ojizo sama with kindest facial expressions. Those ones with red strings, yellow strings and yellow-green strings. They're priced at 500 yen per piece, if I remember right.

I attached the yellow one to my ke-tai.

Smiles are the important things . . . people tell me I often look sad, and I think I've gotta have more smiles on my face.

*smiles* (*^-^) *smiles*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reclining Nude Kuma

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This is art . . .

Friday, October 26, 2007


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(^-^)/ Bonjour

These are all the mangas I've got in my bookshelf!
I also have "Piano no Mori(Piano Forest)" although it's not in this photo.

Not all the collection of my mangas are at my hand since some are at my home in NY, others are like sleeping in the warehouse, packed in the carton boxes.

Most of them could be at my home in NY as I haven't got any new mangas lately . . .

This might be a sort of lavishness, but those mangas which I wanna buy and own also in Japan, are Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, City Hunter, Cat's Eye, Please Save My Earth, YuYu Hakusho, Slam Dunk, and such.

Occasionally there is this moment in time when you really wanna read them. Especially "Ranma 1/2" and "Please Save My Earth."

I'm so addicted to those characters like Shion, as I love those Piccolo type of characters so much.

And I wanna see the boobs of Female Ranma! I have a feeling I don't like the character of Male Ranma. I'm no match for those shy type of guys. Cuz I'm such a pushy person! (lol) I think I can make friends with Female Ranma though. Could this be strange, that your feeling about one same person turns 180 degrees around depending on if he/she is male or female . . .

That's a wrap for now, otherwise I'll keep talking about mangas for ever!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doga . . .

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Also, this could be breaking the rule a little(lol), but honestly, this woman, in this picture, is my most favorite part among all Degas' works. Sorry for being this maniac.

This is the drawing of that famous painter Mane(Manet) and his wife, and at first Degas was planning to send this to Manet as a gift, but it seems like Manet got angry and tore up the drawing. That's why that woman's face is cut off.

I love the way of her face's being cut off. I even almost wished if only the drawing were in that state from the beginning. I wonder why. I love that position of cut off ! ! ! I mean, I love that state of her face's being visible, or invisible. That looks awesome, huh!

Seems like both Degas and Manet were such moody type of people. I think it really just cannot be helped if those people who live by arts, had a furious temper, or odd character. I'm not saying artist can get away with blue murder though.

First of all, it could be that they happened to be artists 'cause they were such type of people who were unable to get along in society.

I say lately Japan tends to be quite harsh on the talent people, which makes me think, it would make those super talented, interesting people pretty hard to come up . . . (._.*)

Doga ! ! !

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!Supplement! !Supplement!

"Edgar Degas" in the message in this morning, it means "Doga"! When I was talking to someone the other day I thought "Oh, so he's called as 'Doga' in Japan," but I've completely forgotten about it.

The woman that you can hardly look in the face, looks like this for example!


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I showed my workplace in the image for my message dated 23rd, and . . .

"Who is that naked woman in the photo? Is that a drawing?"

"What are those boobs doing there!? Isn't it bad for Kuma Chang?"

"Is that a porn video?"

Like this I've got a bunch (lol) of responses from you, so let me answer you today!

Those boobs are actually of a drawing from the book of Modigliani's paintings.
(It would be wicked cool though, if you set up a porn video in that manner(lol))

I love Modigliani's paintings of naked women. I love the color.

A large poster of his drawing had been on the wall of my living room when I lived on my own at an apartment for the first time in my life. It was a slightly different one from this book cover drawing though.

Another my favorite painter is Edgar Degas. Among all Degas' works, especially I love of a woman whom you can hardly look full in the face. Like the woman watching diagonally backward, or in a dim light. I like the look of the woman, showing only few parts of her face. How can I say, something like in the angle that you can see around her ear, but not hear nose, as she's not completely turning around.

Also, he might not be called as a painter, but I've always loved Quentin Blake the illustrator ever since I was a little kid. You can find his name by searching it on the web.

He drew almost all of the illustrations for the children's books by Roald Dahl, who is my favorite (or rather should I say, whom I love so much from the bottom of my heart).

His works really match Roaid Dahl's, so they are like the best combi~. I still pay visits to the official website of Roald Dahl pretty often and enjoy Quentin Blake's illustrations.

Maybe I'll show you the manga section of my bookshelves next time*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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This is the wall of the studio I visited yesterday after a long time.

Seems like the interior is to be remodeled every once in a while, and I found the cloth on the wall (something like wallpapers) was changed to a new color.

You know what, it's in orange. Wow that's beautiful. I love orange!

The thing you can see below it is a dark green sofa, which should be rare I believe. I think this was also changed to a new color . . . ? Or had it been in such a color like this.

Hmmm~, this combination of colors really makes me fascinated very much . . . I wonder why . . . Could it be because it looks autumn-ish, which is timely . . .

Then it hit me:

Oh! got it, this is of pumpkins!

Dark green skin and orange fruit . . . it's something like, I'm watching a huge stewed pumpkin!

Awww~ I wanna eat pumpkins! Pumpkins! I love pumpkins! I love this wall! Beautiful interior!

Pumpkins . . . (^0^)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Wheew, maybe that's enough for today. *turns off the equipments*

I made pretty good progress, come to think of it~. I made an entire length of my new song demo, wrapped up the song which had been undone as any good chorus part didn't strike me, until today, and also made about 60 percent of yet another new song!

It's almost like, I've been making my English album and next Japanese album at the same time, so gotta keep it going!

I'm in the state of "I'm getting a flood of those amazing moves one after another, I have a feeling I'll be stronger and stronger . . . !" (by Komugi @ Hunter x Hunter)

I don't feel sleepy at all since my brain is totally awake, but I wanna take some sleep as I'm scheduled to do recordings in the studio in the afternoon.

Maybe I could fall asleep if I lounged around with Kuma Chang I guess? ( ^w^)


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I've been working at my computer since this morning and I'm having headache now~. (thanks to it I got very far with work)

It hurts   It hurts   It hurts so bad! Especially around my temples. Aww-.

Let's take some break! I thought so, put out the candle and now I'm writing this message facing my another computer.

Totally makes no sense! (lol)

Alright I'll rest my eyes for a while. I sure will.

Beautiful thing: cold color version

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"Me mean it   Me picked it up   Me picked it up   It's mine   Me don't give this to you"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Beautiful thing: warm color version

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"Look at this   Hikaru-chan   This looks beautiful   isn't it"

'Woow, it's beautiful, twinkling with various colors~. I mean, it's the Arashi's concert goods isn't it? I was thinking I haven't seen it lately, so it was you who hid it wasn't it?'

"No   This is   mine"

'Oh, okay . . . How did you get it'

". . .   Me   picked it   up"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why at this time 5

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Looks like this when you zoom out.

Man this guy looks so out of place . . .

I attached it on a very weird position, but it did seal the hole, so I think it's OK.

Mission accomplished!

Why at this time 4

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Now let's wait until it gets cold . . . !


*takes the cloth off*


. . . . . This looks tacky - - - - - - ! ! ! (lol)

More tacky than I thought!

The cute applique rocks! (lol)

It did stuck right~!

I never thought it was this simple~. I wonder if it comes unstuck after you wear and wash it over and over again . . .

Come to think of it, it's amazing that it stuck on such an awkward position like this. It may be hard to tell just with this photo, but it's on a very awkward position.

Why at this time 3

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Never tried these applique things, not sure if it goes well *thump thump*

Alright, let's see,

1) Iron the part where the applique will be placed lightly to warm it

Done, okay.

2) Place the applique on the right position

Oki doki

3) Place a cloth(made of cotton) on the applique

A cloth?? Uh . . . Okay this cloth will do . . .

Now all I've gotta do is iron it from up for 20 seconds!

Let's hope it'll go well *thump thump*

Why at this time 2

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This is where you come in!

Why at this time 1

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A tragedy hit my brand-new pajama!

The stitches at the shoulder split open and left a 3 to 4 cm hole in that part.

Or the hole could be already there from the beginning . . .

Gah I want my money back---! I won't claim it actually, instead I wanna take more decent action, in a calm manner.


Friday, October 19, 2007


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I went to sleep earlier and got up this early, so I'm gonna write music with a new candle lit.

You know something about the candle wick?

The candle burns slowly and lasts a long time if you cut the wick head a little bit before you set it up.

This candle smells wonderful and I love it, so I always do that.

A lot of words are written on it and I have no idea what's the name part, but seems like it's the "Mandarin&Cassis" type by something like Pure Soy Candle or Casa.

Whew~ It smells so good~

*takes a deep breath* *lets it out slowly* *takes a deep breath* *lets it out slowly*


What the heck is MandarinandCassis Completely have no idea but it smells good~

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Over The Rainbow

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I learned that DoCoMo ones don't have a pictogram of rainbow. Well, you won't have much trouble without it I guess (lol)

Seems like a lot of countries have the story of the pot full of gold coins at the end of the rainbow!

I heard the actual rainbow looks round from up, so "the end of the rainbow" doesn't exist, but still I kinda like it very much as an idea. I guess the people in the past would've imagined various things, thinking what there would be at the end of the rainbow.

By the way, in Japanese schools I heard you learn seven colors of the rainbow as "赤橙黄緑青藍紫" "Seki Tou Ou Ryoku Sei Ran Shi."

A mysterious spell (lol)

According to the mail I received from the person who's studying the difference of education between Japan and America, it seems like America is walking a little ahead of Japan in the field of science and physics.

Which I never thought!

It's well known that Japan is going ahead of America in the field of like maths, though.

Oh, and you know, I also remembered this when reading emails: in my fave manga called "Inachū takkyū-bu," a guy named Maeda says "When seven bald guys happen to be one same place, each of them emits one color from their head and the law requires them not to move for a while. That makes the rainbow." (lol)

This is why I really love Inachū (lol)

My LOVE to Inachū !


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Are you serious!

I heard from Softbank users that their ke-tai's also got the "secondary rainbow" pictogram!

Not only AU but also Softbank aligned the rainbow color in the opposite order . . . !

(Wonder if DoCoMo ones have a rainbow pictogram?)

Why! How come!

Could it be some kind of conspiracy?

Well enough about that, what made me so surprised was that there were a bunch of people telling me "I didn't know there exists the order of rainbow colors"!

Maybe most of the people have forgotten it though they learned it at school, I guess?
So does that mean those guys have also forgotten the reason why the sunset looks red? Haven't they wondered and checked about it? (Put simply, when the sun recedes from view, its red color that has a long wavelength reaches more to your eyes, and its blue-ish colors that have a shorter wavelength diffuses, which means the colors on the outside of rainbows can reach further, is that about it?)

You've gotta remember the name "Roy G. Biv" when you learn things about rainbows in English-speaking countries.

It's a fictional name, though.


This way, the name comes from the initial letters of rainbow colors in order.

Wow, this really takes me back, I mean until this very moment I'd completely forgotten about Roy G. Biv (lol)

Wonder if there's something like this in Japan?

I mean . . .

Could it be that the story, that if you go to the end of the rainbow you'll find a pot full of gold coins, doesn't exist in Japan ? ? ?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things I'm hooked on

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I downloaded a ke-tai appli game for the first time in my life, and now I'm so much into it.

The appli is called "Furai no Shiren EZ" !

It's an AU appli, and I wonder if this game is available on the other company's ke-tai.

I play Furai no Shiren also on my secondhand Su-fami, and it seems like the appli version's got slightly different, simpler contents, which still keeps its good taste and gets me hooked on it.

I'm gettin' used to its operation by ke-tai as well!

But you know what, if you hit "OFF" key instead of "3" key just below it by mistake that leads you to finish the game, when you're going deeper and deeper with some super-enhanced weapon in your hand thinking "I may be able to complete the game . . . ! " . . . such a moment like that really makes you almost weep. You know, you have the pretty rare chance to get Ryuujin no Tate (Legendary Dragon Shield) . . . (T o T)

By the way, I changed my ke-tai to an AU one about a year and half ago, and there's this one thing that's been bothering me since then.

It's about the rainbow, of the pictograms.

The colors are in the opposite order.

Rainbows have "red," which has a longest wavelength, on the most outside position, and "violet" on the most inside, you know.

But as for the rainbow of AU pictograms, the colors are in the opposite order. It's got violet on the outside and red on the inside.

Is this just a mistake?

Or could it be that the designer person is a super rainbow maniac and intentionally drew not a normal rainbow but "secondary rainbow" . . . ? !

Do you know secondary rainbows? The "secondary rainbow" always comes with the rainbow, but seems like it's visible to the naked eye only under the very good condition. It's the slightly larger rainbow that's seen outside the normal rainbow, and its colors are in the opposite order.

So that means, the AU pictogram one is the secondary rainbow . . . !

Maybe It would be just a mistake . . . (lol) I guess, but I wonder why they made such a mistake like this.

Or could it be possible that the rainbow maniac does exist . . . ?

Or could it be that they just wanted to put some differences between their pictograms and other company's . . . ? ? ?

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a piece of cake ! ! !

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(me making my utmost efforts to talk tough)

Now I can control it on my own!

(actually I haven't done anything that deserves the word "control" yet)

The sound came through after I tried a couple of configurations and changed the way of connection! No idea what made it happen. I hope I'll be skilled enough in the meantime to get complete control over it. Seems like there's a lot of things this guy can do.

Ultra Lite tan. Nice to meet you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


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nMA - - - - - - ! ! ! !


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(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I can't figure out how to use Ultra Lite tan, my new audio interface(T o T)

It's already been recognized but shows no input/output responses, probably because something is wrong with the settings I've done . . .

It doesn't make any sound(T o T)

You get really frustrated if you have troubles like this when you feel rushes of imagination in your head! Awww!

The manual is so bulky

That I don't wanna read it

Say, I have a feeling that what I'm stuck could be something stupid and quite entry-level, not such a big deal that needs someone's explanation.

Maybe I'll call someone tomorrow . . .

Gahhh!! It's so frustrating!

Don't tease me, Ultra Lite tano(- . - o)

Friday, October 12, 2007


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Komori-kun, in the studio, was kind enough to re-cover the earmuff part of my ripped and torn headphones!

Wooot! Looks like it's new ones!

Now I can work with this guy again~! (*^o^*)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Measure for portrait rights

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I'm so slacking off (lol)

Look it's scotch tape (lol)

Portrait rights

Yes that's right

Johnny's Jimusho puts very severe restrictions on the handling of the portraits and stuff on the net

Would it be better to delete it??

I got careless as it was just an uchiwa

*trembles* ((((  ;*m*))) *trembles*

I wanted to show it to you as it's so tiny and cute, but maybe I'll draw an illustration and upload it instead . . .

I wonder if it's okay to upload a drawn portrait?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Small happiness

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Hmm let's see, where's my uchiwa, my uchiwa . . . where did I leave the new one . . .

Ah, there it is


Hmm, it's like I don't get much breeze from it

Oh I just found this is the uchiwa of Arashi's concert merchandise

I mean, let me say

This is so tiny
(I got more things I wanna point out in it, actually)

It's so small in area to give you enough breeze! (lol) You'll get much less rewards than your exercise volume! (lol)

Last Sunday I went to see Arashi's live performance in Tokyo Dome, got a bag that contained some of their goods, and one of them was this small uchiwa*

This is the uchiwa with the photoprint of Sakurai-kun who invited me to their show . . . !

I got a little surprised at first when it came out of the bag, but soon got excited like "OMG! So this is the famous one I keep hearing about . . . !"!! This is the one you always remember when you talk about Johnny's live performances!

Later that day I talked to him, and learned that there was actually a bigger one, and he spent a lot of time to decide which size one to put in the bags for guests, and chose the smaller one 'cause he thought the people might find it hard to throw it away since it got a face portrait on. What an attentive man(lol) Sakurai-kun, you're such a nice guy(lol)

"Oh my! I will use it for sure~!" I promised him, so I flapped it in my "usual" style after taking a bath today . . . but it's like, it gives me a feeling of guilty to use it dressed only in my shorts (the face of someone you know flaps in front of you . . . and let me say, that Sakurai-kun's smile is so fresh!) so maybe I'll use it some time other than after taking a bath ! !

This could be useful when you wanna hurry up to get your nails dry.

I got a bunch of uchiwas at home( ^w^)

I'm happy( ^w^)

I remember I often peeled all the paper off from an uchiwa to make a broom from it when I was a little kid~.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

. . . Got a poor woman's mentality?

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This large uchiwa (japanese paper fan) is the one I got from a friend of mine, and been using for like two years now, and . . .

I've just found it now looks like this.

Oh My God (lol)

This is terrible (lol)

I've been using it by taping those torn or ripped parts up, but I should say this is kinda like . . .

About time for him to retire(._.*)

Sunday, October 07, 2007


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I just found my SONY headphones, that I've been using regularly for these couple of years, were so ragged like this(._.*)

Totally torn up(._.*)

These are excellent headphones, used in many studios. I always did my work with these ones. Which means these are excellent as the monitors. (The BOSE ones are like not for work but for just listening to music, as they tweak the sound balance)

Oh and you know, I got a bunch of emails before the official announcement, and let me tell you that the song played in the new Asience commercials is indeed my new song!

The song that goes like "Daisuki dakara ~ Zutto ~ *"!

So you can tell it's me right away by hearing my singing voice. I'm thrilled to know that.

Come to think of it this is the first time my song is used for a shampoo commercial! Oh my God! Isn't that wonderful*

I'm looking forward to the start of the CM's another version, in which you can see the face of those actress ladies~.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ori Radi and Rage

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You know, Fujimori Shingo san of Oriental Radio (the guy who looks hot in glasses) has got a characteristic voice, huh?

A little anime-ish, unique voice . . . easy to be remembered, isn't it? Especially when he uses a high-tone, stretched voice in their show.

I have a feeling that voice reminds me of something . . .

Or it might just be me . . .

This has always been in my mind.

And you know what ! ! !

I was just listening to "Guerilla Radio," a smash hit tune in 90's by Rage Against The Machine, for the first time in ages . . .

Yes ! ! This is it! This is Fujimori Shingo san's voice ! ! ! !

(*gets excited like crazy*)

Most part of the song is shouting, which's kinda between rap and song, and the most catchy part goes like:

Lights out! Guerilla Radio~*

This part of shouting "Radio~!" totally reminds me of Fujimori Shingo san ! ! !

I'm pretty sure of it! It really reminds me of him! OMGOMG! I'm getting to feel some kinda pleasure of discovery! I got so much endorphin in my brain! Got so much alpha waves too!

People who don't have this song could listen to it by using iTunes' listening service - I thought so and tried it, and you know what, the song fades out just 2 or so seconds before the Radio~! part(lol) How come they cut it here (lol)

I thought I had heard the voice before for sure, and now I learned it was this part of this song~.

Hmm~, didn't imagine it would be Rage's.

And both groups are linked to "Radio" thing, aren't they?!

Wow this is great~. So impressive~.

Gogogogogogogo (earth rumbling sounds)

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Wh, what's this . . . ? ? ?

*buzz* . . . *buzz* . . .

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's this . . . ?

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. . . ?

Dreams beyond dreams

Recently I had an interesting nightmare!

This is a little complicated, but in my dream, I wake up after having an awful nightmare and think "Jeez I don't wanna sleep any more if I keep gettin' scared like this!", then go to sleep at night again, have the same nightmare and wake up - my life goes on like this for days. All the things are happening in my dreams.

(By the way it was the most scary nightmare I've ever had, which really made me think I don't wanna sleep again!)

So, it's the nightmare, that you have nightmares over and over again. (What an awful nightmare . . . (lol))

Sometimes you have a dream in your dream, right?

Even if you're in your dream in your dream, you believe you're awake as usual, and if you wake up you think "Oh so that was a dream", then you wake up, and you believe everything was just a dream and you're finally awake for real. What a Kafka-ish experience (lol)

The dream I had last night was not scary at all. I meet Ishihara Satomi san, the actress, on business, and I learn that she's a triplet and they're the look-alike three sisters named Hitomi, Futami and Satomi. That's the story.

How come Futami came up . . . (lol)