Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dreams beyond dreams

Recently I had an interesting nightmare!

This is a little complicated, but in my dream, I wake up after having an awful nightmare and think "Jeez I don't wanna sleep any more if I keep gettin' scared like this!", then go to sleep at night again, have the same nightmare and wake up - my life goes on like this for days. All the things are happening in my dreams.

(By the way it was the most scary nightmare I've ever had, which really made me think I don't wanna sleep again!)

So, it's the nightmare, that you have nightmares over and over again. (What an awful nightmare . . . (lol))

Sometimes you have a dream in your dream, right?

Even if you're in your dream in your dream, you believe you're awake as usual, and if you wake up you think "Oh so that was a dream", then you wake up, and you believe everything was just a dream and you're finally awake for real. What a Kafka-ish experience (lol)

The dream I had last night was not scary at all. I meet Ishihara Satomi san, the actress, on business, and I learn that she's a triplet and they're the look-alike three sisters named Hitomi, Futami and Satomi. That's the story.

How come Futami came up . . . (lol)