Tuesday, December 11, 2001

All Is Full Of Bjork!!

WOOOHOOO! I went to see Bjork in concert last Friday at Tokyo International Forum!! Whew it felt so so so good being there that we, me and my friends, couldn't help but get excited, shout aloud with the almost-crying face which made us look like a strange group. We were something like "the people just before being arrested." I think the best way to express what that show was like is, "I think it was the first time I felt that comfortable, except at home"! Probably the border between me and air was blurring. Or better I should say, It's like the border between me and Bjork was gone. I believe it happened to others in there as well. The air in the hall was so full of Bjork that it turned everything into her sole emotion. It felt really comfortable, just like when I was an unborn fetus before being conscious of my self(I don't remember it though!(lol)). It was like "letting myself vanish," rather than "forgetting myself." If only everyone in the world could experience that feeling! I was so lucky enough to be there!!!

It's been a long time since I went to see a live concert last and the one I just saw was so amazing that it really made me eager to do a live show!!! I wanna be able to give such a feeling like that to the people too. Ah when will I be able to do it I wonder . . . Anywayz! First of all! I've got to get! this album completed . . .

Oh yes and guess what!!!? Can you believe it, I I I SHOOK HANDS WITH BJORK!!! WITH MY RIGHT HAND!!(Gee, I don't know any good smileys to express this feeling ---!)

Sunday, December 02, 2001

My heart's pounding: shooting commercial of the big company . . . and tidbits from me! Here we go~!

Here it comes, here it comes - ! Utada in the commercial again after a long time~~~!
O(≧▽≦)O Yahoooooo! I think I've been pretty active lately!!(or maybe usually I'm too inactive(lol)) How long has it been since I was in those SONY commercials?? And this time I did it for mobile phones - way cool!

I'd say I seldom have the opportunity to get to see the finished version of the work concerned with or related to me even though I am the person concerned, and again this time I don't know why but I haven't seen the completed version of the commercial yet, while the staff around me had already seen it long ago when it was finished. (Is it because they believe someone among them would have already shown it to me . . . ?) Today I left the TV on all day thinking "come to think of it, the commercial is to be aired from today!(finally I can see it all!)" and . . . I saw it many times, more than enough!! Good job, DoCoMo-san☆ Was it aired that often only in Tokyo? Is it true that we can download the full-length version of it at Docomo's site? Oh no someone please let me know further details on it . . . (T_T )

By the way, as you know I rarely work for commercials and the reason why I worked for it this time was because I use my mobile phone very often in my everyday life as well as the case of SONY(batteries and Mini Discs). I was tensed up throughout the shooting process as I wasn't used to the commercial shootings. It feels different from shooting my own PV. But I did enjoy this commercial shooting very much since I could fully get into the role of "a girl to meet her friend(the script says so, but he's definitely not her friend but sweetheart, I'd say!(lol))," rather than that of "Utada Hikaru," as you can see from the photos uploaded on the Gallery section! (hey this girl laughs quite often, doesn't she?(lol)) For me it was much more difficult to do the photos for the ads, cuz the people of DoCoMo directed me to strike the poses in detail while usually I don't get directed much. I even posed like "am I Ms. Norika Fuziwara???" or "huh?? we don't hold the mobile phone like that!(lol)"! But there is a series of photos taken after I was told ok to move freely as usual at the end of the shoot, and I'm happy with it since it seems to be used for the ads after all! I heard the posters are to be displayed in many places including stations, so I'll go to Tameike-Sanno subway station to take some souvenir photos next time I go to EMI office♪ And then I'll upload them here!

You know what, I saw some long-time-no-see faces among those who worked with me from early in the morning till night during two days' shooting!! This time the styling was done by Shimazu-san who also did all the styling for "movin' on without you" & "FIRST LOVE," and hair styling by Kamo-san of "(Wait & See) Risk." All of us were so into mangas at the dressing room that we hardly talked to each other though. I read through all the volumes of "Kiseijuu(=Parasitic Beasts)" again weeping uncontrollably, worrying my makeup might be smudged!! (Uh, well, um, I was also writing some lyrics for a new ballad . . . )

I still feel very strange watching me on TV when I find myself on it ~! (Am I ok with this?? Almost 3 years have passed since I debuted . . . )

P.S. About the movie title I wrote again and again in my previous message . . . it should have been "The Hunt for Red October." Yeah that's right! Many people pointed it out to me! (thank you guys . . . ) Absolutely! I wrote the wrong title over and over again! (´Д`) Shucks. I'm sorry☆ Ah, I wrote "Ryuuguu Sho(the Chamber of the Sea God)" intentionally though, because the moment I started to write "Ryuuguu Jou(the Palace of the Sea God)" the vision of the studio I always went to came upon me and I thought like . . . that's far from the richness of "the Palace"! I have meals of catering services or pastries from the vending machine in that studio for dinner every night! That place is more like . . . a "chamber" than a "palace"! . . . that's why I wrote it like that.
Ooh gotta go to bed now or I'll be late for Ryuuguu Sho~!