Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've gotta get this said

I can't keep quiet about this.

In an article by Sponichi about me there's this comment of Miyake-san, the producer of EMI, which says he "represents my feeling,"

And I was like "What the?!" - totally surprised, when I saw it.

It doesn't represent my feeling very well (lol)

Put simply, his comment is like "Being famous at the age of 15 made her unable to go to McDonalds and Shibuya 109. It seems she feels she's got a lot, lost a lot." Something like that.

I was so surprises as it totally missed the point, so I called Miyake-san to ask for the details. To ask him what was wrong with his comments. To ask him to explain about it.

Miyake-san said Sponichi made a call and he responded to it. Then Sponichi tweaked what he said, plus they mixed what he had said in an interview done like 10 years ago, and voila - that his comment was created. He told me this time he didn't say something like that.

Well I can understand it, since I had the same experience, like they developed something that wasn't in line with what I intended, by tweaking the content of interview with me. but

But, this is just

Too much~!

It's too different from what I'm feeling!
(´;ω;`) *cries*

McDonalds, 109 and such . . . it's ridiculous_| ̄|○

Maybe they wrote it that way thinking gossip-lovers would snap at it if they used some well-known proper names.

Matter of fact, I go to fast-food shops, use the restroom at convenience stores, take trains just normally_| ̄|○

I really can't take it if people think I would go on a hiatus from next year due to such low-level reason! (lol)

Well apart from that, the important thing is

I don't think "I've lost a lot!"

What's "to lost"?!

You keep getting things as long as you live!

Don't you?(*´ー`*)

At least I live everyday with such a thought.

That's all for now!
“(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆ !!

Monday, August 09, 2010

First important announcement in a while

I can't believe how quickly time goes - it's already been 12 years since my debut with "Automatic," which was called "that sensational video of dancing in a low ceiling room."(lol) I was 15 at that time.

Lately when I first meet someone they say, "Oh so you're still 27~! I thought you would be around 30, since I have this image that you have a very long career~. And you looked quite grown-up when you debuted."

27 years old, it's young in a sense . . . but not that young in another sense.

When I think back I find I've always worked on music ever since I was 15. Spent my life overprotected by people around, so that "Utada Hikaru" can stick to music. People say I have plenty of life experience for my age, but as a matter of fact what I've experienced is quite lopsided.

I have had chances to do something uncommon thanks to this job. I thank you all my fans, all my staff from the bottom of my heart.

That said, there is this part of me which has stunted since around 15, when I started living my life focused on artist activities. That is the part, important as a human being.

Over the past 12 years I've challenged various things as an artist, and I think I've grown up a bit through those experiences. And I need to grow up as a person, aside from music, to evolve further.

Based on those thoughts I have made a big decision!

I am going to stop flashy "artist activities" for a while and focus on "human activities, " starting from next year.

This is not a "retirement announcement"! Nor is this "rest" or "recreation."

This period is going to be the period form me to face the real me as a person, by studying something new eagerly and humbly, seeing and learning things in this while world I don't know yet. I think that's something that should be called "human activities," different from "artist activities."

And that should lead to my growth as an artist too, as a result.

Of course I may be making music or singing as I like, during that time.

When the time comes that I realize I have grown up a little as a person, and I feel the need to let you all hear my music, that is about time I should do so.

I didn't like it just to hide without showing up in front of my fans, and to jump into "human activities" with no regrets, I'm gonna go on full-throttle to do music activities till the end of this year!

First of all, I'm gonna release Single Collection vol 2 in upcoming autumn. I've made a lot of singles after the relase of vol 1.

This time I'll put some new songs in it!

Maybe 4 songs or so, 5 hopefully . . . ! I'm right in the middle of recording, trying to make them something that can tell you my recent feelings, change of my heart. Pleae wait for a while, I'll let you know as soon as the release date is fixed.

Other than that there are more things already fixed and I'll tell you about them soon! Like, a CM I appear in and such . . . expect a lot!

I thank all the staff of EMI being receptive to my offer to take off from artist activities from next year.

I've always made them nervous or worried, still they've always believed in me, supported me. Thank you very much.

I can focus on "human activities" with an easy mind thinking they will wait for my return, believing me.

I guess each one of you has a different impression on my decision, but please believe me and wait for my return. I have no idea how long it gonna be - 2 years or 5 years, but I shall return, more matured. Give me some time.

Well before that I'm gonna release new songs in autumn, then winter and there should be some opportunities to show you recent me, as well as interact each other. So that's all for today. (Also I'm thinking of starting twitter for a limited time! That way I can reply to you directly)

Last of all, thank you for reading this long message. I hope this can help to tell you my current feeling, as much as possible.

August 9th 2010

Utada Hikaru

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Life with flowers

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Yesterday I received a beautiful bouquet at work

By holding it your hands are full of flowers, and there are various kind of flowers in it, various and fantastic enough to make you think the air you breathe would consist of more flower scents than oxygen . . .

Especially this big ajisai(hydrangea) is breathtakingly beeeeeeeeautiful!

So last night, when I returned home eshausted after doing a big job for the first time in a while first I had a shower and all I needed was just to relax and hit the sack, but . . .

Flowers!! Yes, flowers!! Gotta move them into a vase!!

That thought hit me! then

I started disassembling the big bouquet in the kitchen

And figured out it was much bigger than I thought!!

Other than big hydrangea what I found were: 2 x huge winding leaves; approx. 40 x blue roses; approx. 20 to 30 x purple flower which I don't know the name; 3 x skinny long-legged ghost like white flowers; 2 x reminds-you-of-a-mixture-of-heaven-and-southern-island looking huge leaves (I love these but totally forgot the name); 1 x yellow-green, blueberry like thing; 2 x red-edged leaves . . .

I have to admit all the vases at home (4 in total, big ones and small ones) are completely outnumbered . . . ! ! !

So I couldn't help but pull out this and that like empty bottles and such, to put flowers in vases and them one after another, pondering the combination of each flower.

I got all excited, going hyper alone at midnight thanks to dopamine secretion in my brain in the middle of those works! (in the quiet of the night)

I did finish putting the flowers in the vases but . . .

There's no decent space to place them ! ! ! !

So I just put them wherever I could put them. At the side of the TV, on the table, on the bookshelf, in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom!

Flowers, flowers, flowers are everywhere, all around my house!

My life surrounded flowers has begun~.

Pity those cut flowers can't live long . . . I'll love them as long as possible, changing water for them everyday! (*´ー`*)