Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've gotta get this said

I can't keep quiet about this.

In an article by Sponichi about me there's this comment of Miyake-san, the producer of EMI, which says he "represents my feeling,"

And I was like "What the?!" - totally surprised, when I saw it.

It doesn't represent my feeling very well (lol)

Put simply, his comment is like "Being famous at the age of 15 made her unable to go to McDonalds and Shibuya 109. It seems she feels she's got a lot, lost a lot." Something like that.

I was so surprises as it totally missed the point, so I called Miyake-san to ask for the details. To ask him what was wrong with his comments. To ask him to explain about it.

Miyake-san said Sponichi made a call and he responded to it. Then Sponichi tweaked what he said, plus they mixed what he had said in an interview done like 10 years ago, and voila - that his comment was created. He told me this time he didn't say something like that.

Well I can understand it, since I had the same experience, like they developed something that wasn't in line with what I intended, by tweaking the content of interview with me. but

But, this is just

Too much~!

It's too different from what I'm feeling!
(´;ω;`) *cries*

McDonalds, 109 and such . . . it's ridiculous_| ̄|○

Maybe they wrote it that way thinking gossip-lovers would snap at it if they used some well-known proper names.

Matter of fact, I go to fast-food shops, use the restroom at convenience stores, take trains just normally_| ̄|○

I really can't take it if people think I would go on a hiatus from next year due to such low-level reason! (lol)

Well apart from that, the important thing is

I don't think "I've lost a lot!"

What's "to lost"?!

You keep getting things as long as you live!

Don't you?(*´ー`*)

At least I live everyday with such a thought.

That's all for now!
“(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆ !!