Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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The match against Paraguay . . . what a pity, just one step away from winning o(´□o)

This frustration lingers, really.

I was just watching the game and get frustrated this much. I have no idea how much frustrated the players are . . .

It was a really good team.  This is the first time for me that Japan's national team (not limited to football) made me want to cheer for this much from the bottom of my heart.  They were bright and shining . . . I'm pretty sure Japanese society is positively influenced by them. (lol) After all I watched all of their matches in real time . . .

I wish I was able to watch their matches more.

Thank you very much for showing us a lot of good matches(つДT

That said, World Cup is not over yet! There still remains Germany vs Argentina match and such!  It's needless to say that we couldn't cheer for them more than we did for Japan, but the fun still continues!

I heard Paraguai decided to change the day of the match to temporary national holiday on very short notice, bacause people can't watch the match if they are at work . . . awesome . . . South America has got a lot of spunk, seems like(;・´

Sunday, June 27, 2010

To celebrate Japan's advance to the final 16

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The☆Kuma's Hand goal

I drew something really surprisingly 'loose' for the first time in a long while (lol)

Friday, June 25, 2010


They advanced to the second round~!


“(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆ !!
of Joy ! ! !


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I guess many of you are now excited waiting for the kickoff of Japan - Denmark game. What I'm gonna talk about is completely nothing to do with it.

Look at this thing.

What do you think this is?

A ginger, you know ! ! It's a ginger ! ! !

I took out one of them from the bag and faced this, our eyes met(´ロ`)

What the heck is this grinning creature, with frog-like big eyes !

All those warts and gaping mouth-like division . . . . all those things are positioned in a miraculous fashion . . . I didn't cut it, I'm showing it just as is.

I mean, this really looks creepy . . . I mean it_| ̄|○

I have no idea but something in me is reacting to this at the DNA level . . .

My impression on it was

Ewwwwwwwwwwww Don't look at me------!!!

So I peeled it soon after I took this photo, then grated it.

That's all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


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'You stayed up late tonight, Kuma Chang! You look very cute in the photos!'

"Heh me say so-so Hikaru-chan you need a little more practice don't you"

'Aww! Mmm my apologies Kuma Chang!'

"Well keep trying next time anyway"

'Absolutely! Good night!'

"Hmm perhaps me watch Cameroon - Denmark match too"

'I'm going to bed as I feel sleepy. Kuma Chang it seems you are young~!'

"Hmm well me is active at night after all"

Sergio Kuma

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"Japan lost Hikaru-chan"

'Lost 0-1~. Regrettable, cause there were good points and chances too~!'

"Yup but me think they fought a good game against Holland the tournament favorite me expected they could win"

'And you saw your favorite Nakamura-san at the end!'

"But me think Nakamura's switch was off"

'Was it?'

"Me wonder what's wrong with him Me worry cos he looks stubborn"

'Let's continue cheering for them at the match against Denmark! The more I learn about football, the more I find to learn about it, it's the sport where the strongest cannot always win, where you can never guess what's gonna happen~. I signed up with Sukapa- as Kuma Chang, you told me you wanted to watch the games, and I made a good desicion!'

"Hehe finally you got to see the fun of football Me is happy"

'And when have you learned a lot about football, before I knew it . . .'

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Loud vuvuzela

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'Go~! Nippon! Go go~!'

"Go for it Nakamura"

'Your favorite Nakamura-san is not in the game yet!'

"Huh what what why Hikaru-chan"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A gift from my fan 2

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A hand-made gift - - - !

A plate - - - !

Kuma Chang in the center - - - !

And Super Kuman at the end of the whirl - - - ! ! ! !

Look at this. You can see all the names of my singles from my debut~! In the form of whirl! It even includes my singles released only on the internet ! !

Aww~ you know it so well ! I'm so impressed!
Thank you very much, Shinoda-san ! !

Hmmm perhaps I should display it somewhere to see, rather than use it at the table . . .

Oh, but say . . .

Imagine Kuma Chang in the center has ika natto and such put on his face . . . imagine him putting up with the smell and stickiness . . .

Such thoughts do turn me on ! ! !

(*´д`*) aHAAAAN ! ! !

Alright! I'm gonna use it!

That's enough o(●゚ー゚●)=○)゚O゚).。・

A gift from my fan 1

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Oooooooooh ! !

Kuma Chang staaaaaaamps ! !

Soooooo cute that my eyes almost hurt - - - - - !

Thank you very much 隆大(Ryuudai or Takahiro) kun - - - - - ! !

He says he made it on his art class. Wow! So does that mean you can actually design and make your original ones?! I never knew it!

It's just too nice to use~!

Gotta treat it as my family treasure . . .

Oh, but say . . . just imagine this Kuma Chang stamp is licked, put on an envelope, sent to somewhere far away - mobbed by piles of mails in this heat and humidity . . . ooh, such thoughts turn me on ! ! !


Alright! I'm gonna use it!

What a perverted mind I have _| ̄|○

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Never knew what "non-no" means . . . !!

I'm pretty sure you know "non-no," the name of the famous magazine!

I never knew it meant "flower" in Ainu - - - !!

Ooooooooh - - - ! I got it - - - !

What a cute word it is - !

The mysterious word "non-no," as a magazine it's been so common that it never made me wonder about its name. (Or perhaps I might've taken this name as some kind of pun when I first saw it . . . especially since there are a lot of pun-ish magazine names outh there)

I must say it's a damn cute name - !

Could it be that everyone already know this? Am I okay? I'm so excited! Am I all right?!

A 27-years-old woman, checking Ainu language from this early in the morning . . .(・ω・)