Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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The match against Paraguay . . . what a pity, just one step away from winning o(´□o)

This frustration lingers, really.

I was just watching the game and get frustrated this much. I have no idea how much frustrated the players are . . .

It was a really good team.  This is the first time for me that Japan's national team (not limited to football) made me want to cheer for this much from the bottom of my heart.  They were bright and shining . . . I'm pretty sure Japanese society is positively influenced by them. (lol) After all I watched all of their matches in real time . . .

I wish I was able to watch their matches more.

Thank you very much for showing us a lot of good matches(つДT

That said, World Cup is not over yet! There still remains Germany vs Argentina match and such!  It's needless to say that we couldn't cheer for them more than we did for Japan, but the fun still continues!

I heard Paraguai decided to change the day of the match to temporary national holiday on very short notice, bacause people can't watch the match if they are at work . . . awesome . . . South America has got a lot of spunk, seems like(;・´