Monday, July 05, 2010

Mother's birthday

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Today was my mother's birthday

I woke up early in the morning, at 5.30am

Hopped on the train

to go to the Chiba Park

to see Ooga lotus

which is desinated as a natural treasure, known as "the world's oldest flower"

all alone - - - - - ! ! !

Yaaaaaaaaay ! ! !
“(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆ !!

It's been a loooooooooooooong time since I last took a train in Tokyo! All alone! All the way to Chiba! Woot!

. . . Huh? Did you say "All alone"? (and excited that much . . . ?!)

Y, yes . . . all alone . . .

Cause . . .I happened to learn the blooming of Ooga lotus thing in Chiba Park on a TV news, and I happend to feel like going there to see it, and I happened to check it on the net . . . and I found out this Ooga lotus was to come into bloom at around from 6 to 7 am, then start to close at around 9am, so you gotta come to see it at 8am or so.

"Too early! (tough for musicians)" I thought, but I decided to go to Chiba by myself, thanks to my strange positive energy!

Actually it didn't have to be "all alone" but . . . say . . . whom could I ask to come with me for such a thing . . ._| ̄|○

Well I've got a couple of friends I could ask, but do you dare to ask this to them?! Or if you were them do you wanna be asked such a thing ?!

Would you dare to meet me at the station at 6.30am to go all the way to Chiba just to see a lotus?!

If I were my friend,

I would respectfully decline the offer ! ! ! (lol)

So. I went out on a petit solo journey.

That was really fun(●^口^●)

The Ooga lotus, this ancient flower woke up from 2,000 years sleep and came into bloom. Looked pretty elegant and beautiful.

A flower's life is short, but a plant's life is unmeasurable. Greatness of life~! Greatness of seed~!

A bug's life and a human's life, they don't make much difference . . . this morning just before I left my house I encounted a roach in the bathroom. I screamed around like "Aaaaaaaghh" "Awww" "Y, Yarrr!! I'm sorry! Sorry!!!" and killed him . . . I feel guilty. I couldn't help but feel I gotta kill them every time I find them, but come to think of it I might not need to kill them actually . . . but but what if they arrived in large numbers? . . . if only I had the skill to catch them and let them loose into the balcony . . .

That's what I was idly thinking on that day in the morning. Surrounded by lots of old men and women who came to see Ooga lotus . . .

Every time I have a close look at a lotus it makes me think "how big it is!" Perhaps you can't get its fineness through this photo but anyway the flower looks beautiful, isn't it(´▽`)

So. What I wrote has nothing to do with this but

Mom, happy birthday to you