Monday, July 31, 2006

One Night Magic was a huge *success*

Oh boy, I made it.

A sudden show, one-night only, in ZEPP Osaka! Which is called One Night Magic!

I was very pleased because so many people responded to such an urgent call on radio-. I was so hyped up right before the show to hear that we got more than 10 thousand applications within a single day.

As a matter of fact, it was the 5th time in my life I've performed in the club! All the audience was standing! Can you imagine how close the audience and I was to each other. I had a different kind of fun there than the huge venues!

Those guys who visited the venue although they knew they couldn't enter - I was so glad that they had been hyped up together watching the big monitor right outside the venue! I did feel the presence of them all.

I'm so glad I could make it~. I'd definitely like to do the club tour at least once before I die! Yes!

Please check ULTRA BLUE UNITED BLOG for photos, details and whatnot. The thing is, I'm also checking myself at the shows both on the blog and streaming videos . . . like, "Ah, so I look like this~." or "Oh! I look cool from this angle!" and such.

I hope the report of One Night Magic will be uploaded soon*

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Osaka version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'OK, time to pack up and leave.'

"Eh Are we going back to Tokyo already?"

'You say "already," but we've stayed for whole 4 days in Osaka. So did you like Osaka? My Kuma Chang.'

"Osaka is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan. Pillow-san is with me."

'Ah, so you find it a little difficult to say goodbye to pillow-san as you've been together for 4 days, right?'

"Yup. But time to say goodbye comes when you travel, Hikaru-chan."

'Yes. I'm sure you'll see each other again!'

"Pillow-san Bye-bye Don't forget me"

Friday, July 28, 2006

Coffee break

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"There is nothing like a cup of black coffee Hikaru-chan"

'My Kuma Chang, you're so mature~.'

"Hehe. Me heard bitters stimulate your brain. TV said so."

'Huh? It's like your leg is twisted in weird directions. Are you all right?'

"Eh Me is all right. Me is just crossing my legs."

'Oh, so you're crossing your legs! I see, I got it. You look pretty cool my Kuma Chang, you look great!'


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fancy socks of the day

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If you ask in which part I always try to look stylish, let's see, well that could be my socks! (everyone has their own sense of "stylish," you know*)

On Day One and Two in Osaka, I got tired-! I worked hard-! I did my best-! And I enjoyed them all-!

Every audience is unique in each place, which makes me happy because it brings a fresh sense to me every time, and I've been sorta keeping an eye on the guard people in each venue.

I'm not a guard-fetish type of person, but I just can't ignore them. All this time. I'm tellin' you, they do vary from place to place! It's not only about their looks, like their uniform and such - they are quite characteristic.

For example, what impressed me very much in Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium was that there were a lot of young female guard people there. I was so concerned about them! 'Cause they were so cute and cool! But only the guard-san in front of my backstage room was a middle-aged guy(lol) While basically they were all unreadable and precise, only this guy was smiling very nicely and spoke to me like "Have a nice evening!", which made me feel comfy a little! He looked gentle and good*

And Osaka Jo Hall! the guard people in there were all like young soldiers. They saluted, I mean, put their hand on their forehead and lined up their feet every time I walked past them! They were cute. Hehe. (Uh-oh, It's like I'm going to be suspected of a guard-fetish . . . )

Perhaps Osaka Jo Hall had the tightest security ever, not just their looks.
. . . Matter of fact, I was stopped in the corridor around the backstage area about 4 or 5 times . . . Awww!! I, I have no aura as an artist!!!(lol)

"Oh, excuse me, can I see your pass?"

"Oh, yes here . . ."

". . ."

". . ."

"I- I'm terribly sorry!"

I had this sort of thing a couple of times. Really.
Seems like I really . . . don't have the attitude down(T_T)

People told me "Everyone knows you by sight(lol)" when I made my pass just like other staff, but see! It was good that I made my own pass, after all!

Honestly, I was very pleased to be requested to show my pass.
(-o-) Heheheh

Finally I made use of my pass! I did it! (wonder if this is something I should be about, though)

So, thank you for your hard work, the guard people*

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Identity of mini-Kuma

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'Say, my Kuma Chang, I got a lot of comments and emails asking what the small bear that's often seen in the recent photos is.'

"Huh You mean my bag?"

'Yeah that's it. Lots of speculations are rife that the bear might be a mini-Kuma Chang or illegitimage child. That's a scandal my Kuma Chang! Uh-oh!'

"My precious bag this is. Hikaru-chan bought me this in NY."

'Just give me a peek~.'

"Aw, no I don't"

'Why not? let me see it~. It looks nice.'

"No Me don't give this to you It's mine"

'I promise I don't steal it from you. What's in it~?'

'No No It's mine'

Morning guys!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I'm posting from Osaka!

Last night show was exciting, with lots of happenings*

The Osaka audience had a loud voice and always butted in on my talks with perfect timing(lol) That brings back memories~. I'll do my best again today.

I just woke up, so this is a good-morning message with the photo of Kuma Chang I took at backstage yesterday.

Summer is here!

I love Japan's rainy season as I love humidity, but it seems things are getting serious this year. I hope the rainy season will be over soon, before any flood damage occurs again!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Item I got in Fukuoka: 4

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

It's "sand"! Once again!

So you ask what sort of sand is it. I don't know any details about it as I left the description paper at the hotel, but anyways it's some very good sand of Fukuoka! (-in my very vague memory)

It is used for purifying, or it is also good to place it by your side to protect yourself against evils. It seemed like this one was in every room of the hotel.

I took a ceremonial photo of the Sahara sand and the Fukuoka sand side by side*

Somehow it amazes me that these ones are placed side by side. Could be a big sensation if this were the era of Marco Polo. Humans, goods, animals, plants, information: it has become easy to transmit anything, which scares me a little bit. Unnatural things have become natural! I mean, because it's so unnatural that the Fukuoka sand and the Sahara sand get this close to each other!

I wonder what the earth is gonna be like. I feel both nervous and excited.

That's all! That's the end of the last episode of "Item I got in Fukuoka" series!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Kuma Chang's head is so big that I couldn't tie the Tenugui . . .

"Weep Hikaru-chan You don't take a photo from the back! Me blush"

'Sorry, my Kuma Chang. You're concerned about your big head.'

He is exactly in the state of Binbocchama-kun! (I'm the Obocchama-kun generation)

Item I got in Fukuoka: 2&3

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Osshoi Osshoi Hachimaki makes me feel happy Hikaru-chan Me wonder why"

(*In Hakata you say "Osshoi" instead of "Wasshoi"! I got a bit of knowledge too!)

The Hachimaki Kuma Chang is wearing is the Tenugui as a souvenir of Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival! Day One of my shows was exactly the final day of Yamakasa. I asked my staff who stayed at the same hotel and it seems like only my room and my dad's had this Tenugui. So this Tenugui is the proof of VIP! Hehe!

Kuma Chang looks this cute with Hachimaki, which is the greatness of him. At first I tried to take a photo of myself with Hachimaki but I looked like Kouda Shin san with it.
Hehe . . . /(TmT) *slaps*

And the Uchiwa (paper fan) Kuma Chang is holding happily in his hand. Did you just wonder if there was any merchandise like this? You know what, this high-quality thing, is a hand-made gift from my fan~! There is a nice illustration of me and Kuma Chang on the reverse side. I'll use it with care, Akane san. Thank you!

Incidentally, I was cooling myself with this Uchiwa naked from the waist up and in red-checked trunks (like the female version of Ranma in Ranma 1/2) after taking a bath just now, and the Uchiwa hit my breasts, which quite hurt. Girls, watch out when you use the Uchiwa*

This series continues*

Item I got in Fukuoka: 1

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Ooh! This is . . . !

o(- . -o) . . . !

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the katakana on the crown cap reads "ponpon."

What's in the jam jar is

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hello. This is Hikaru, who looks forward to Mr. Akira Miyake's entries on the tour blog too much.

So! The gift from a fan person of me.

The answer is . . .


You know, it's not the sand you would see in some parks, with some dog poops.

It's the sand . . . of the Sahara!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeew ('o')

Holy crap~! Is, is it true?! Wow! It is! There's even an evidence photo taken in the Sahara! Holy cow! So is it allowed to bring just a small amount of it with you? Gee, this is great. What a surprise. Yo I'm Goku. Oh he's dead . . .!

Calm down me!!!
Gee the more I think about it, the greater it becomes. Thank you very very very much!!!!

It makes you feel like as if you're in the Sahara, as you hold this small jar in your hand, watch the sand flowing by tilting the jar gently and bring it closer and closer to your face.

Sorry for taking time to give you the answer since I announced the quiz*hehe*

I remember most of the emails I got were saying "Is it the sand of the desert somewhere?" or "Is it the sand at Koshien?". It's so great of you guys to tell it just by that image.

Now what am I gonna do about this. I haven't opened the jar yet. Am I gonna open it and smell the inside? Huh? Am I gonna, like, touch the contents?? Huh? Oh boy!

Well, I'll tell you if I ever do that daring things.

So that's "the Sahara Story though I'm in Tokyo now" for today! The End*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Oh he's dead . . . !(shi, shinderu . . . !)" . . . that's what Krillin said when Yamcha was killed by a Saibaiman.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shizuoka Story, though I'm in Fukuoka now

Gee, I've got too much to write~.

Day One in Fukuoka is over today, and tomorrow is Day Two.
I think I'll write about Fukuoka nice and easy after I go back to Tokyo!

In addition to that I'll write about what's in that jar as well, for "Guess what this is~" quiz of the other day! Hehehe it'll be fun.
But say, nobody can tell what it is from that image(lol) So perhaps it's just me who's having fun!
(^o^) Bwa ha ha!!!

Yes that's right, I haven't even written enough about Shizuoka shows~! I know it might be strange to look back at Shizuoka when you're in Fukuoka, but I just checked Ultra Blue United Blog and found Shizuoka shows' reports so I think this is the right time. The time is now to write!

The first thing that blew me away when I arrived in Shizuoka . . .
That was . . .

It was hot!!! So hot! And so steamy too!

That's right. The fact that it's hot and steamy in Shizuoka made me so surprised.

I mean, I don't know why but, I had an image of cool place!!!

Translucent blue, green, holly green . . . I had that sort of cool image about that place. I sorta think it might be because of the name "Shizuoka," but you know, that's the one, I mean "ocha"! Translucent green, just like a premium ocha. I had that sort of image about Shizuoka before I knew it. That's what's scary about imagining things.

Actually that fact was a good thing to me! I was happy because the humidity is my favorite. As for the temperature, I don't care about it because it's like taking a sauna every time I go on the stage.

And one more thing, I've got a good number of emails saying "I'm worried if Hikaru-chan finds it hard to do shows here and doesn't want to come back here anymore, because we Shizuoka people are shy and quiet . . ." No I don't think that way, honestly!

It's true that the people looked a little modest on a superficial level, but it's just okay isn't it? I don't mind it at all! If I go to extremes, for example, I think I don't mind it even if all the audience were just sitting and listening to me quietly. I don't know why. Maybe I'll just think "Oh they are concentrating on listening to me!" (lol)

I don't have any feeling of how I would like the people to listen to me, or how I would like them to fire themselves up.

People who are blind, can close their eyes and just listen to me, and people who have a leg problem, I would like them to sit down and relax; small kids can lean over on their mom and fall asleep if they're tired, and shy people can get excited just in their hearts. Those who love to dance like crazy and don't mind even if they're in an awkward position because of it - I would like them to dance till they drop! (lol)

If you all could be honest, that makes me happiest. Sure this is the show that a lot of people come around, but you can never free your mind if you keep thinking "I must do this way!", "Gotta fire myself up more!" or "I need to dance the same way as the people around me" - right?

I wanna free my own mind on the stage, so I just want you guys in the venue to be free and honest to yourselves as well. I want you to have confidence and shine yourselves! All of you! Is it strange of me to think that way?

. . . But you know what, on Day Two in Shizuoka, all the people got exploded in the second half, which was awesome(lol) Their enormous heat surprised me a lot! There might've been this moment where everyone and I burst together like "!SNAP!". We all were uber excited before we knew it, which made me feel so high.

Alright! I'll try to make the best of it again tomorrow!

Good night.:*:.(*^-^)

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Fukuoka version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Fukuoka is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan

Pillow-san is with me.

Friday, July 14, 2006

"Is this kinako (soybean flour)?"

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Me wonder what this is"

'Guess what this is!'

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

A fan person has sent me a real surprising thing!

The gift, bottled in an empty jam jar like thing.

Can you guess what it is ~!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Roger Federer won 4 straight titles

He won 4 straight Wimbledon titles.

Federer is amazing( ' o')
That's why he's called the King of Grass.

That was a really fun match.

And Nadal, he always seems nervous and looks sullen, but today he showed various looks, which made me very happy as a fan*hehe. He even smiled a little! Wish I had recorded it!

You did a good job! > Nadal & me & all the people in the world who worked hard all day today

Day Two in Shizuoka is over now with no problems. It seems like, I was in very good shape today! Wonder why I'm always in better shape on Day Two than Day One . . . I wanna make Day One better!! And I wanna make Day Two better and better too!!!

Come to think of it, the audience was awesome tonight. At first I thought "Everyone is quiet today, what can I do for this?" but . . . it seems like everyone got their engine started from the second half of the show and hit their accelerator as hard as speeding violation. Which got me excited too.

Phew. I've got hot flashes-. I feel a flush at the back of my neck-.

Good night!

(:D)-|--| *falls with a thud*

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Shizuoka version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Shizuoka is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan

Pillow-san is with me"

'Yaaaaah! *squeals*'

"Hmmm you are loud :mumble mumble:"

'But Nadal was half-naked changing his shirt just now!'

"Good for you Me is tired so me go to bed now"

'Sweet dreams, my Kuma Chang! Go Nadal~!'

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rafael Nadal----!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Wooooooot! Nadal woooon-! (He does look a little like a primitive man, doesn't he? An nervous primitive man! I'm so crazy about him)
He reached his first-ever Wimbledon final~!
Con, gratulatioooons!

His final opponent is Federer the King, who's won three straight Wimbledon titles-.
This is gonna be great-.

Someday I'd like to go to see Wimbledon.

Good night!

Live coverage

I got it!

Nadal is cute cause he looks a little like a primitive man!

Live coverage


He won the 2nd set! Nadal!

He took off his shirt.

That was really an obvious misjudgement, but it was very good of him to be patient and keep cool! Yeah!

Live coverage

Yay! Nadal won the game! Go and win the 2nd set too!

I'm getting carried away now and let me tell you what fascinates me about him!
He's as stone-faced as Rukawa in Slam Dunk and he's got strong skills too, and he has a Sakuragi-ish wild momentum and he calls out quite louder than other players which is cute, and his frequent scratching his bottom just fascinates me!!!

Wonder if he's adjusting his pants biting into his bottom?

I say, this match is getting to be really interesting.

Oh my, hey hey hey hey----!!!! You the judge guy!!!! That was a fault wasn't it!!! Look at the VTR it's a fault!! !SQUEAK!

Live coverage


They say "Baghdatis is the guy who's winning the hearts of the audience."


Damn you Baghdatis, you're charming indeed!

Go Nadal
o(- . -o)*ponpon*

You are the guy that wins my heart~. Your bluntness is cute-! Very cute-!

*Untold Story behind Day One in Sendai*

I told you in reverse order but on Day One, a lot of things happened to me!

In the morning, at around half past eight, the earthquake that shook the bed woke me up.

I fell into the state of "Where am I, who am I" for a moment as I was in an unfamiliar room, but what crossed my mind next was the worry of 'Is the stage all right??'.

Then I checked my ke-tai and holy crap! What I found was '4 incoming calls'!

Quite honestly, it was a miracle that '4 incoming calls' was displayed on the ke-tai of me, who does emailing sometimes but honestly has trouble in calling!!! Perhaps it was the first time in my life! I hate to brag, but all the calls I get are from my staff about work things and from my husband. Humph!

I thought some problems might've occurred and emergency calls were made, so I rushed to check the incoming calls history and found 3 missing calls plus one message.

Could be butt calls, but I checked the message just in case.

"Excuse me~! Hello~! This is @# on the telephone tree speaking~! I heard today's blah-blah-blah was cancelled and postponed to such and such a date~! Sorry I'm away from home right now and only knew your ke-tai's number~! Well I, I'll make Yuuki contact you later~! Good bye~!"

That's exactly what you call a butt call.

On top of that, this @#-san's high-pitched voice won on an ace over my brain that just got up*

. . . Annoying . . . I thought, and tried to sleep again, but I couldn't get the word 'telephone tree' out of my mind!!!

That was a call from the telephone tree so does this mean, I am the one who's gonna break the tree here?? He/She said he/she'd make Yuuki contact, so it seems like someone should be in trouble later on, right? Am I around the end of the tree? Or am I around the beginning of the tree and gonna get a lot of people in trouble? Is this gonna be a big issue of responsibility for @#-san?

The last time I concerned the telephone tree thing was when I was in junior high. It was nothing but fear for me, who was very poor at doing this kind of messaging, businesslike stuff properly as promised. I got nervous just by looking at the telephone tree paper on the fridge!

I was listed around the tail end of the tree as 'Utada' because I was in a English-speaking school, but I should've been listed around the very beginning of the tree as 'Utada' if I'd been in a Japanese-speaking school, and I would've been under a huge pressure. Good I was in an international school.

That kind of thoughts raced through my mind!!!

And . . . I pressed the call button!



'(What makes you that hyper?) I'm the one who got some calls from you, and I called you as I thought you had the wrong number.'

"Eh?? Oh! Oh I see! I'm sorry!"

'Okay then, bye'

"Ah yes, bye, sorry for that~!"

*slam* *beep beep beep*

I felt relieved and fell back to sleep! Zzz zzz! I woke up in the early afternoon~. I almost overslept~.

By the way I wonder if that telephone tree made its way to the end without any trouble after that. I feel like I'm a little worried about it. I also feel like I don't really care about it.
(^o^) Bwa ha hah!!!

I've always loved watching tennis, and this 20 year old boy called Nadal playing a match on TV right now, is my favorite of the moment! He's got so much of athletic ability and he looks like a wild animal, which is cute~! He's got too beautiful arms!

His opponent Baghdatis(seems like the commentators find it very hard to pronounce his name) (actually they've been mistaking a lot) is also a young, developing, unknown quantity and dedicated type of interesting player, but I'm behind Nadal that I've been keeping an eye on since last year! He's like, a fierce rabbit which is cute . . . or rather, a beaver?

Ooh Taghdatis just hit a miracle shot!! The match is getting interesting so see you later~!

Friday, July 07, 2006

*Untold Story behind Day Two in Sendai*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

On Day Two of the shows in Sendai, about an hour before the show, I got zunda mochi at backstage!

It was the first time I saw zunda mochi! I heard it was from some well-known shop, but it looked like puke, partly because of the shop's own arrangement! Gee! A puke-looking thing! Yet yummy and popular! Wow! Really looks like puke! And still I wanna eat it!

When I was looking hard at zunda mochi imagining it would come back in almost the same shape if I ate it and puked, Chie-chan of my office said "If I remember right, it's Mr. Utada's (papa Utada's) favorite . . ."

"Really? With his THAT looks? I can't even imagine my dad's bringing out the word zunda mochi from his mouth. Are you sure?"

"I strongly remember that Mr. Utada said he loved zunda mochi very much, when we came to Sendai 6 years ago on the tour. (lol)"

"Then, would you go and ask him if he wanna eat this?" (half in doubt)

Chie-chan ran to the next room.
Chie-chan came back.
"He said he'd like just one piece of it!"

Geeeeeez! So my tough-looking dad really does eat zunda mochi~! I could never imagine that from his profile photo on the blog(He really looks like Gendou Ikari in the photo doesn't he?). I'm not sure how I can explain this odd feeling, it's like . . . it's like his Imperial Majesty eating Umai-bo . . .

Oh, I've gotta put on the costume now. - So curtain time came, the show started, the show ended, I took shower, and headed from the venue to Shinkansen by car.

While in the car, I had a relaxed conversation with my dad for the first time in ages.

"Say, I never thought dad would like zunda mochi~. Why do you like zunda?"

"Cause my mom often took me to Sendai and I often had it there when I was a little kid. It was surprisingly tasty and I loved it the first time I ate it."

"I see~. Eh, why Sendai? Huh? So could it be . . ."

(/ ' O ')/

(/ ' O ')/

(/ ' O ')/ So my grandma was from Sendai?

Er, come to that, I think I've heard that kind of thing before!

This trip would've been more profound if I'd noticed it . . . !
(And I would've used it as a MC talk in between songs . . . ! (voice in my heart))

I stepped into Shinkansen with a little feeling of regret in my mind!

I scarfed a box lunch of sake and ikura(salmon and salmon caviar). I was really starving. And no wonder because I exhausted myself that much. Chomp chomp chomp! Gulp gulp gulp! Munch munch munch! Now I see nothing around me! Hmgwahhh! FFFT!

"Er, e-excuse me, c-could you sign an autograph for me . . . ?"

Munch munch munch! Sake! Meshi(rice)! Ikura! chomp chomp ch

; ' o ') Eh?

A girl, with my poster in her hand, trembling like a small fawn, was standing there.

Some staff on alert stood up in Shinkansen, but after I said yes they set up the table, unrolled the poster and put my box lunch aside(lol) and then I finished writing my autograph.

I was so happy to see a cute girl's smile. I was supposed to be so happy, but . . . I was doing my show on that surreal stage only some hours before, and now, I was caught wearing no makeup, in washed-out hair, jeans and parka, scarfing ekiben being beside myself . . .
*slumps down* I, I feel ultra blue . . .

So I returned Tokyo now.
I brought home zunda mochi for souvenir, which tasted awesome. I find it great that something that looks like puke that much tastes that good.

My shows in Shizuoka starts tomorrow!

I'll do my best-*

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How to spend Sunday Morning

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Awww Hi, Hikaru-chan"

'What happened, my Kuma Chang?'

"There is a new theme on Ulutora Buluu Unaiteddo Blog Me me me didn't know that Other people already uploaded their answers"

'Let's see. Oh yeah, there it is. It says <How do you spend Sunday Morning?>. So didn't you receive any email from the staff asking for your answer as before?'

"Waaaahh Me got kicked out of the blog Boo-hoo"

'Calm down my Kuma Chang. There might be some reasons for it. Maybe they were just careful not to put any burden on Kuma Chang who was busy preparing for the tour, I guess?'

"Me got the biggest number of trackbacks so others got jealous of me and counted me out Me sure of it That hurts that hurts"

'I don't think so~! So, how do you spend Sunday Morning my Kuma Chang?'

"Uh Me just sit around"

'Oh you do, hehe. But you are always sitting around!'

"Yes me do Hehehehehe"



Monday, July 03, 2006


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I got it-!

I mean, I made it~~~!

If it's a matter of motivation, then I'll show you what I've got! - that's why I've made it all the way to here, pausing quite a few times halfway.

I think the total play time was around 16~17?? hours. Could've been fun if I'd timed it~.
You could start and finish one whole Role Playing Game with that amount of time.

This would be something that's called pride, not patience, when things come to such a point! Yes that's right, it's my woman's pride! Tee-hee-hee!

Matter of fact, I was stunned for a moment to find the 8th digit last time I played the game. Cause I thought the scores were to be shown with up to 7 digits. Once I thought "Okay that's enough," but ended up making it to 99999999 as I felt the sting of defeat-by-a-program a bit!

Phew I feel great!

The tour has started, and I'm right in the middle of being filled with motivation to improve the show each and every time!! I feel kinda hot now!

(Oh, by the way I'd sealed off DS when I was in Sendai! lol)

I had a couple of fun things in Sendai, so maybe I'll write about them next time!


Sunday, July 02, 2006


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Okay, why don't we take a little more Sendai-ish photo, my Kuma Chang!'


'Hey look at this, you look small in the photo in perspective!'

"Yaaay Me look small The perspective is great Hikaru-chan"

'I remember you were hurt 'cause everybody said you were big in the photo uploaded on the tour blog the other day. But I think bigness doesn't hurt! I wanna be bigger!'

"Everybody wants what they don't have Hikaru-chan"

'That's right. Let's do our best again today.'


Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Sendai version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Sendai is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan

Pillow-san is with me!