Thursday, July 20, 2006

What's in the jam jar is

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Hello. This is Hikaru, who looks forward to Mr. Akira Miyake's entries on the tour blog too much.

So! The gift from a fan person of me.

The answer is . . .


You know, it's not the sand you would see in some parks, with some dog poops.

It's the sand . . . of the Sahara!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeew ('o')

Holy crap~! Is, is it true?! Wow! It is! There's even an evidence photo taken in the Sahara! Holy cow! So is it allowed to bring just a small amount of it with you? Gee, this is great. What a surprise. Yo I'm Goku. Oh he's dead . . .!

Calm down me!!!
Gee the more I think about it, the greater it becomes. Thank you very very very much!!!!

It makes you feel like as if you're in the Sahara, as you hold this small jar in your hand, watch the sand flowing by tilting the jar gently and bring it closer and closer to your face.

Sorry for taking time to give you the answer since I announced the quiz*hehe*

I remember most of the emails I got were saying "Is it the sand of the desert somewhere?" or "Is it the sand at Koshien?". It's so great of you guys to tell it just by that image.

Now what am I gonna do about this. I haven't opened the jar yet. Am I gonna open it and smell the inside? Huh? Am I gonna, like, touch the contents?? Huh? Oh boy!

Well, I'll tell you if I ever do that daring things.

So that's "the Sahara Story though I'm in Tokyo now" for today! The End*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Oh he's dead . . . !(shi, shinderu . . . !)" . . . that's what Krillin said when Yamcha was killed by a Saibaiman.