Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shizuoka Story, though I'm in Fukuoka now

Gee, I've got too much to write~.

Day One in Fukuoka is over today, and tomorrow is Day Two.
I think I'll write about Fukuoka nice and easy after I go back to Tokyo!

In addition to that I'll write about what's in that jar as well, for "Guess what this is~" quiz of the other day! Hehehe it'll be fun.
But say, nobody can tell what it is from that image(lol) So perhaps it's just me who's having fun!
(^o^) Bwa ha ha!!!

Yes that's right, I haven't even written enough about Shizuoka shows~! I know it might be strange to look back at Shizuoka when you're in Fukuoka, but I just checked Ultra Blue United Blog and found Shizuoka shows' reports so I think this is the right time. The time is now to write!

The first thing that blew me away when I arrived in Shizuoka . . .
That was . . .

It was hot!!! So hot! And so steamy too!

That's right. The fact that it's hot and steamy in Shizuoka made me so surprised.

I mean, I don't know why but, I had an image of cool place!!!

Translucent blue, green, holly green . . . I had that sort of cool image about that place. I sorta think it might be because of the name "Shizuoka," but you know, that's the one, I mean "ocha"! Translucent green, just like a premium ocha. I had that sort of image about Shizuoka before I knew it. That's what's scary about imagining things.

Actually that fact was a good thing to me! I was happy because the humidity is my favorite. As for the temperature, I don't care about it because it's like taking a sauna every time I go on the stage.

And one more thing, I've got a good number of emails saying "I'm worried if Hikaru-chan finds it hard to do shows here and doesn't want to come back here anymore, because we Shizuoka people are shy and quiet . . ." No I don't think that way, honestly!

It's true that the people looked a little modest on a superficial level, but it's just okay isn't it? I don't mind it at all! If I go to extremes, for example, I think I don't mind it even if all the audience were just sitting and listening to me quietly. I don't know why. Maybe I'll just think "Oh they are concentrating on listening to me!" (lol)

I don't have any feeling of how I would like the people to listen to me, or how I would like them to fire themselves up.

People who are blind, can close their eyes and just listen to me, and people who have a leg problem, I would like them to sit down and relax; small kids can lean over on their mom and fall asleep if they're tired, and shy people can get excited just in their hearts. Those who love to dance like crazy and don't mind even if they're in an awkward position because of it - I would like them to dance till they drop! (lol)

If you all could be honest, that makes me happiest. Sure this is the show that a lot of people come around, but you can never free your mind if you keep thinking "I must do this way!", "Gotta fire myself up more!" or "I need to dance the same way as the people around me" - right?

I wanna free my own mind on the stage, so I just want you guys in the venue to be free and honest to yourselves as well. I want you to have confidence and shine yourselves! All of you! Is it strange of me to think that way?

. . . But you know what, on Day Two in Shizuoka, all the people got exploded in the second half, which was awesome(lol) Their enormous heat surprised me a lot! There might've been this moment where everyone and I burst together like "!SNAP!". We all were uber excited before we knew it, which made me feel so high.

Alright! I'll try to make the best of it again tomorrow!

Good night.:*:.(*^-^)