Friday, April 23, 2010

I . . . I'm alive !

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Even though I've finished my own homemade dishes . . .

I'm alllliiiive !

Which means, my cooking is successful! (what a low hurdle I've set for myself(lol))

I mean, it was just . . . good. So surprising.

At first I was very cautious . . .

*nom nom nom*

Ooooooh! (゚ロ゚)Very good! I'm sooo surprised~!

I've got so hyped up!

Hmmmmm Yum Yum(*´∀`*)

(↑Put the intonation on 'Y' please)

It was good anywayz~, I didn't have to get disenamored with myself~! (what a low hurdle, really(lol)) Perhaps the recipe I referred to this time was pretty good!

Restaurant Utada: tonight's affordable set menu is . . .

- Sake steamed spring cabbage, spring onion and pork
- Soymilk soup with new potato and broccoli
- Served with a cup of our proud sprouted rice

Looks so healthy doesn't it?

I searched Cookpad recipes based on the materials available at my home, to pick up and arrange some.

- Put coarsely-cut spring cabbage in the pan, then put wedge-cut new onion onto it, then put pork on the top
- Drop sake onto them, close the lid, simmer them on low to middle heat for 20 minutes until the liquid is gone
- The original recipe says you add some petit tomatoes at the end to make the dish colorful, but instead them I used paprika as I didn't have petit tomatoes
- Finally add grated new onion on the dish! Pour seasoning soy sauce if desired!

It appeared that the recipe recommended to enjoy the sweetness of spring cabbage so I didn't use my favorite ume, vinegar, ginger and such. it also said using grated daikon was not good as it tastes hot.

Jesus Christ! I never thought grated new onion would taste this good! Also it went together with paprika.

Now moving on to the soup . . .

- Stew new potato and broccoli until they become smooth
- Process them in a food processor and put them into the pot
- pour soymilk and water in it, add a bit of butter and consome to it, add salt and pepper too. As for my case I add just a bit of garlic seasoning and powdered cheese (used for pasta) just as a hidden flavour

I tasted vegetables, it was so good! Good and easy to cook~

I had enough. I'm satisfied!

"Huh? I thought I opened the site of Utada Hikaru's messages but I guess I set foot on someone else's blog . . . ?"

Is any of you thinking of things like this? Well but I'd say you would hardly find websites with such strong blue background. (lol)

Have I ever posted such a serious cooking entry with no gags like this here . . . I don't think so! Well I did post some petty ones like "I made miso soup for the first time!" though.

You know, last summer I forgot to turn on the fan when I was baking a fish alone, which brought two male security staffs of the apartment to my room to check the fire alarm system. I was so embarrassed . . . he he . . .
Never thought this would actually happen . . .

did you hear that?( ゚д゚)miss(゚д゚ )yeah that sounds awful

So that was a heart-quickening challenge for me today,

But that turned out to be a huge huge success for me!! Woot!

I really enjoyed the meal(●^口^●)


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It's so hard to dish them out

It just can't be helped! Cause I've rarely done things like this!

This is, with no double the most 'food-like' food I've ever made by myself . . .

Oh but maybe I shouldn't be too quick to say so ! !

Cause you can never tell if it IS something you can call "food" until you eat it. (;・`ω・´)

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

*!opens the lid!*

Oooh it smells so good! *takes a deeeep breath*

Ouch, I might've put too much alcohol in it

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

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I'm cooking now

. . . N, no worry, it's going all right so far !!

(My staff in the studio gave me that remmypan(lol))

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring . . . ?

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I found this cute hornworm-san sneaking up on my purple sneaker!

What a photo op!
Such a nice contrast between purple and yellow green! *click*

So I took this picture, thinking

"Wooooot! Spring has come~!"

- planning to upload it soon . . . but I've missed the timing over the past few weeks thanks to the messed-up weather. I've also missed the timing to clean up the panel heater in my living room.

I wonder if summer will come before we know it, skipping over pleasant spring.

I was thinking of going out on an exiting lone journey to Iwate at the end of this month but I found it's snowing! in Morioka today. Looks like it's cold over there . . .

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kuma Chang's frustration

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'Gee! What happened Kuma Chang! Calm down!'

"Grrrr Me can't forgive him Me is very angry now"

'Are you possibly talking about Rilakkuma . . . ?'

"Yush Me heard his sales campaign going on this spring is called 'Rilakkuma Bonjour' It's terrible terrible Me is sure he copied my Bonjour Me is full of anger"

'Easy easy, Kuma Chang, I understand your frustration but "Bonjour" is not only yours, you know. Perhaps Rilakkuma doesn't know Kuma Chang.'

"Heh Me wish him d**d"

'Awwwwww!! Kuma Chang! Don't say something like that! Lately you could get arrested for blackmailing and such if you say things like that on the net, you really need to watch your mouth, okay?'

"But but"

'I personally think Kuma Chang's Bonjour is cooler than his! One same thing looks/sounds totally different, depending on who says it who does it! That's what's called "personality."'

"Really Hikaru-chan Then me wanna do my own spring sales campaign too"

'That's another story.'

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My cellphone's wallpaper

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Here comes the season for getting some fresh air outside!

Cherry blossoms in Japan rule!

It's the season you can enjoy staying outdoors.

I wonder if I took this photo last autumn. Since that time this has always been my cellphone's wallpaper! It brings me a warm feeling every time I look at this picture, makes me feel the gentle wind on my cheek - the wind blowing past Kuma Chang sitting cozily on the chair, stroking his furry fur(´ω`)

Aww I wanna be a person who can be kind to the people I care about even when my mind is not relaxed(´ω`)