Friday, April 16, 2010

Kuma Chang's frustration

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

'Gee! What happened Kuma Chang! Calm down!'

"Grrrr Me can't forgive him Me is very angry now"

'Are you possibly talking about Rilakkuma . . . ?'

"Yush Me heard his sales campaign going on this spring is called 'Rilakkuma Bonjour' It's terrible terrible Me is sure he copied my Bonjour Me is full of anger"

'Easy easy, Kuma Chang, I understand your frustration but "Bonjour" is not only yours, you know. Perhaps Rilakkuma doesn't know Kuma Chang.'

"Heh Me wish him d**d"

'Awwwwww!! Kuma Chang! Don't say something like that! Lately you could get arrested for blackmailing and such if you say things like that on the net, you really need to watch your mouth, okay?'

"But but"

'I personally think Kuma Chang's Bonjour is cooler than his! One same thing looks/sounds totally different, depending on who says it who does it! That's what's called "personality."'

"Really Hikaru-chan Then me wanna do my own spring sales campaign too"

'That's another story.'