Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sequel 2

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Yes - - - - - !

Here comes a huge amount of Super Kuman Senbei - - - - !

So cuuuuuuute !

(^-^)/Bonjour So cuuuute!

It's almost shame to eat them. I even wish them to be a fossil and dug out by someone in the future, but gotta eat up them soon actually!

I'll give them to all the people around me(^0^)

Sequel 1

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*Gogogogogogogogo*(sound of earth rumbling)

W, what's this . . . ?!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gifts I got: part 3

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This is the best one of this year ! ! ! The number-one gift that made me happiest ! ! !

Huh? What's this? A kerosine can?

At first I thought so too . . .

To be continued

Viva! *Hospital*

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Just let me show you this sorta girly photo of me, as I'm gonna talk about some dull things(Don't you think this muffler is cute!? Don't you!?)

I just wanna say, that I love hospitals so much*

I went to the hospital.

I saw a beautiful lady doctor.

I moaned "Ouch, ouch aww" every time I sat down or got out of the chair, painfully enough to make the nurse lady who always helped me (a sweet mom type of person) have pity on me, "Oh poor you!"

So! according to the diagnosis, I strained my muscle, that got irritated, having a certain influence on my nerves as well.

They gave me a pain killer to stop the irritation, some compresses, and medical corset! The corset feels so good!

I took an X-ray too but no problems of bones or hernia were found! Aww it was good (T o T)Very good indeed (T o T)

They told me to keep quiet for one week, take medicines and not to have a massage or exercises.

As soon as I returned home I rushed to put on compresses, take medicines and go to bed, then when I got up I found the pain was a little decreased!

The medicine worked quite well!

I don't have to moan like "Awwwwwww" any more when I get out of bed!

I couldn't thank the hospital enough (T o T)

Lately the hospital situations look quite tough, like the lack of doctors, passing around of emergency patient and such, but it is a very important thing that we have a place that we can visit immediately when we have misgivings about our health, isn't it.

I feel so relieved just by learning what the problem is.

Hope the working conditions for doctors could be better . . . this problem sits on our mind doesn't it(._.*)

Lately in America, I hear a lot of similar problems on the news, like, hospitals vanished from communities; hospitals are overloaded and having more and more medical errors; the number of fire department decreased due to the cost reduction.

Safety is a precious thing, once again I realize(._.*)

Hope politics could do something for it(._.*)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gifts I got: part 2

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"Hikaru-chan   Why u have   Rirakkuma beans   Did u bought it"

'Huh? I got it from Masaki-san of my record company on my birthday.'


'What's the matter with these beans?'

"Hikaru-chan   Do u find this guy   attractive   as a kuma"

'Well, I just don't care much.'

"Hmm . . . "

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sorry for causing you so much worry

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Here is Utada Hikaru, who thought of wearing pierced earrings for the first time in ages last week, found the piercing holes were closed so stuck the earrings into my ears, !zunk!


How are you, guys!

I was half-dead for the past couple of days (<3)

The first long, time-consuming video shootings in a while, completion of making my new album, lower-back pain that started the moment I turned 25, because of the pent-up tiredness caused by this and that, which they say. Well, it's been chilly enough to have snow in Tokyo, and I sort of hibernated together with Kuma Chang(^0^)

This lower-back pain hurts, seriously! Oh boy!

It ached so bad when I put on my socks, that I thought I'm okay with bare feet forever! (That's a lie)

I'm to go to the doctor next Monday(;_; ) *sob*

When I turned 20 it was miserable, like I had kanashibari for 3 consecutive nights from the night of my birthday, caught flu and such, so maybe I gotta be cautious when I have nice round birthday. > me

The next is 30 . . . gotta watch out!

I still have a lot of gifts I wanna show you here . . . gotta upload more and more!

By the way ! ! !

Have you already seen it ?? Have you ??

The CM of Recochoku ! ! !

It's being aired from yesterday, and to be aired a lot of times in the days ahead!

This is the best CM in the history of Utada Hikaru ever, I think!

I haven't seen it yet, but I'll keep the TV on and keep a close watch on it. He he he he.

By the way, I heard that the ke-tai movie version can be downloaded via my mobile-site by EMI(oops I almost wrote Toshiba) so I rushed to download it myself! I never get tired of watching it . . . Hehehehe.

I used the 2D barcode thing by ke-tai for the first time! Never knew it was that handy . . . !

Monday, January 21, 2008

Gifts I got: part 1

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Kuma by Swarovski!

It's shining so bright!

This, kuma on the left.

I'm so surprised cuz this guy looks just like Kuma Chang!

His face, the balance of his body, they are almost of Kuma Chang himself.

His arms are like fried shrimps too . . . His big belly, thickness and shortness of legs, those are all perfect ! !

Kuma Chang, wearing a top hat, holding his chest out . . . maybe he would look like this if he held a wedding.

An item, with brightly shining fried shrimps.

I envy the kuma on the right(^0^)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aww kuma

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I'm having problems to take a shot that includes the ear parts properly (*sniff*)

I dyed my hair brown, cuz I wanna get close to Kuma Chang.

I'm so happy, as the kuma-ear color fits my hair color!

This is gonna be my fave item(*-_-*)

I turned a 25-year-old (kuma)

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I'm so excited by these high-level gifts coming out one after another(lol)

I'll show you some of them next time.

They're so high-leveled(lol), I couldn't resist to scream "Aaaaaaahh ! ! ! ! (*very glad*)" to see some of them . . .

On top of that I also got an item I myself ordered on the net a couple of days ago(lol)

The kuma ears ! ! !


I wanna be a kuma, body and soul . . .

Thank you for your congratulations!

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Just how lucky I am!
(T_T) *sheds tears*

I got a lot of flowers in the studio and it was like I was in the set of "Telephone Shocking" of Waratte Iitomo!

Inoue Mao chan gave these lovely flowers to me.

What a nice girl~ (thanks to her decent office . . . err, never mind)

Also Asience san gave a big flower basket with Dom Pérignon to me. Thanks very much for all of you
For showing such kindness to me, who's almost like a reincarnation of a kuma(;_; )

I got a nice cake, and lots of gifts too!

I'm gonna open them one by one*

Then hit the sack*

Good night!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The date has been changed, and

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I've reached my 25th birthday - - - ! !

Happy birthday - - - ! To me - !

My friends gathered together and treated me to yakiniku dinner!

How happy I am, to eat delicious meat without going out hunting ! ! ! Bravo to our modern world!

I ate a bunch of harami! It was so yummy, that I even thought it was a shame to swallow it down. If only I could chew and taste it forever!

Well, that's what happened, in the evening.

In the afternoon I took a little break from the studio works, and when I was shopping, hanging around in Shibuya I passed in front of the radio station booth in Spain zaka.

When I appear in here at work there's always a lot of people, guard staff also, so Spain zaka gets quite hyper, crowded, but it feels kinda strange to see nobody is here when I hang around in an ordinary day.

As a matter of fact, I often pass by around here. Hang around here, hatless.

I did shopping in PARCO 3!

It was fun. I bought an one-piece! Gehehehe . . .

I drank a lot( ^w^)
Ate a lot( ^w^)

Good nighty~!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Yoroshiku Aishuu

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"Hehe   So Hikaru-chan like   Onihei   Me like   Mito Kōmon"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Something unimaginable

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Onihei Hankachō

"The original by Shōtarō Ikenami is pretty nice too!"

"The manga version by Takao Saito is worth a read too!"

A couple of people told me like that by email, but only the TV series works for me.

I did read the manga version! It was huge fun. I love Onihei more than Golgo 13! Mr. Takao Saito!

But !!

You know, the music of TV series.

The outro song is ! !

"Inspiration" by Gipsy Kings !

What a miraculous music choice(T o T)

The music is being played on the main menu of the DVD right now.

This is so hot. Every time this song is played at the ending, my chest feels tight.

Every time I shed tears a lil bit. Like, AwwwwWW I'm totally blown away---- Awwwwww!

Th, this sound . . . this sound is something that can only be made by the person who has gone through lots of sadness and swallowed them down(T o T)

I can see the fingertips playing the guitar(T o T)

I can listen to this like forever!

Once again I realize the greatness of live musical instruments.

This time I put live strings in 2 songs, the one I just told you about, and Flavor Of Life, in the album.

I did the basic strings arranging for both songs though. When I replace the programmed strings of synthesizer by the live strings. I feel my body kinda tremble.

Th same thing happens when I record acoustic-guitar sounds and such.

I know what sort of sound strings and guitar make, and I've experienced the recordings of them many times, but I always see a totally different world when the real sound of them comes in.

Of course the sounds are recorded just as I myself imagined and arranged, but there's this moment when the sounds goes beyond my own image. When something, unimaginable thing comes back to me.

In such a moment I feel happy, I believe, because the phrase or line I wrote is re-created, or realized, as something greater than I expected.

The exact opposite of "disappointment."

A sheer satisfaction. Maybe I should call it "emotion"?

I'm living, seeking for this, I think.

Something unimaginably wonderful comes back to me. Or something unimaginably horrible or catastrophic comes back to me.

It's just okay whichever thing comes back, I just need it.

Whew~. Speaking of which, the box set of Onihei Hankachō.

It was good I bought this (T o T)
I bought a very good thing (T o T)

Everyone is kinky

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I'm writing this listening to the song of which I completed mixing today.

This is, like

(^-^) VERY!!

(^-^) VERY!!

(^-^) GOOD!!

My own song struck home with me for the first time in a long while.

This is the image taken when the strings of the song were being recorded.

It looks like this if you look at the recording booth from the control booth.

The light was too dim to see things well as I took this in the confusion of the moment.

I'd say, this totally looks like a spy photo(^-^) Yaaay

You know what, the percentage of girls was higher than 90%, as the organization of strings on this day was a lil bit unusual ! !

Which turned out to be a quite lively strings' recording!

There was only one boy, among more than a dozen people. I was able to observe him feeling timid, from the control booth(lol)

While the girls were getting ready to go home after the recording, they were chatting endlessly as if girls were such beings that die if they stop chatting(; .V.), and I very much enjoyed listening to chit chats of the girls who never knew I was listening to them over here using a mic(lol)

It's kinda bugging (^-^) I'm sorry

Well, I fairly like this spy-photo-like image, and I thought about the reason why.

Here is the conclusion!

Seems like, this looks like the picture of ballerinas by Degas . . . ! ! !

The light is dim, you can't see their faces clearly, but you can recognize there are a bunch of women,

You know it's what's called

A spy photo ! (lol)

So, I would like to advance this new theory that the good thing about Degas' works is that they look like spy photos! (This might not be a new theory at all though)

Those people who like his works, may have a taste for spy-photo stuff I suppose.


Nice strings were recorded, and they made the song much better.

Thank you very much for the strings people( ^w^)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girl with house

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Awwww it's freezing cold ! ! ! !

When you spend winter in Tokyo you tend to compare the coldness with of New York and let your guard down, like "Hehe~It's so easy~It's like a warm autumn day, compared to winter in New York~"

But I thought today was freezing cold.

Well it was cold indeed, I guess.

How fortunate I am, having a house to return to( ; _ ; )

The moment I get in my house, I enter into the happy, warm and cozy world

I'm very fortunate to change into a pair of pajamas and get into bed with smooth pillow and futon( ; _ ; )

I'm very much moved to the point of tears every time by this fact( ; _ ; )

On top of that I've got a nice bath, with the control function of hot-water that comes with a woman's voice that confirms every change made on the settings( ; _ ; )

I'm so grateful to all these things everyday( ; _ ; )

This kind of talk could go on forever, so now I change the subject to the image above.

Some days ago, when I went to the studio, Komori-kun handed this big bouncy ball to me.

"I believe this is Hikaru-san's, isn't it?"


What's this --- ! ! ! This is so bloody cute - ! ! A kuma-san is in it - ! And he has a camera --- ! ! ! I've never seen such a bouncy ball like this - !

"Eh! So this isn't Hikaru-san's stuff!?"

It seems like, it was left(?) on the sink of women's restroom. All the studio stuff concluded that it should be Hikaru-san who owned it, and they decided to return it to me.

They say, nobody would own such a childish thing like bouncy ball, with a kuma in it, but me.

They say, they wondered like "Hikaru-san . . . what was she doing in the restroom?"


This is something hard to believe for me myself, but it is not ME who left this kuma bouncy ball in the restroom of the studio . . . It's someone else . . . . ! ! !

Only few women use this studio. The number of its possible owner is extremely limited.

Who is it . . . Who is the person that has such a good, superb taste, having such a wonderful item . . .

I, I sincerely hope we can become friends ! ! (T o T)

(Scratch that)

I'd very much like the person to come forward and get this bouncy ball back into her hands, if this is something important to her!

Err, this is to be taken by Utada Hikaru if the owner doesn't come get it after a couple of days (lol)

Thanks in advance.

Just one more effort to wrap up the album

I see the end coming

I wanna get this wrapped up asap.

(^-^)/ Alright guys, seeya soon~

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Hold it"

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Gah~ I'm sleepy~ So sleepy~

o(- . - o) Pillow saaan

Pillow-san looks so cozy, shining, but I'm bloody sure I'll fall into sleep within 3 seconds if I bury my face into it now     I bet I will

I'm writing music, resisting my impulse to open the DVD box set of Onihei Hankachō arrived today, with nerves of steel! > Okita-san

(I just watched Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Solid State Society a lil bit in the bath, though)

Alright I'll be up all night for the first time in a long while (*-_-*)

I'm working on the last one (*-_-*)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My wild side

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I look like this without a smug face.

Sakuramochi---- ! ! ! ROAAAARRRR-----!



Polar bear head

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Lately my smarty friend is often wearing a furry big hat . . . I think I have a similar one myself . . .

I fumbled through my closet . . .

There it is~(^-^)

I do have the one! A furry hat!

So I went to the studio wearing this big hat which I've got a long ago but never put on.

This is very nice, I mean, my head looks like a polar bear ! ! ! Very warm !

I'm happy, as this kind of color goes best with my brown hair.

It fits this DS Lite's color - which is called not metallic rose but actually metallic rosé.

This image turned out to be something like an ad. I look smug.

Monday, January 07, 2008


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So you ask me how come Hikki doesn't have a DS Lite? Well, I did receive one from Nintendo-san when it's just released, a white-color one!

I've always felt sorry to own it when it was tough to get, just because I appeared in its commercial a while ago (especially when you think of it that a lot of kids wanna have it), so I've been meaning to buy another one myself at some point.

The white-color DS Lite you see on the right of the image: I played Tetris on it so many times that its buttons and arrow keys are now slow to respond, so honestly I kinda needed a new one. I've always thought that it's too luxurious to buy a new one though it's not broken . . . but I yielded to temptation when I saw the pale pink DS Lite, so I bought it.

This color is called "metallic rose," and it's a very beautiful pink though my cell phone camera isn't able to capture its true color perfectly! You didn't expect that I would choose a pink DS? He he he he.

It's like, a cool nice color! Like, the color of Sakuramochi I'd say. Hmmm, get it? It's pink, but a little bit brown-ish, as well as light purple-ish.

I'll practice cooking with DS Oryōri Navi this year (._.; )

Sunday, January 06, 2008


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Yaaay Yaaay

I've got Otoshidama-(^-^)

I rushed to a toy store, and got a new pink-color DC Lite(^-^)

This is the one I've always wanted to get! I'm so happy I finally bought it!

I'm pretty sure it's rare that you see such a 24-year-old woman who takes a Otoshidama envelope out of her bag to make payment at the toy store checkout (lol)

Am I all right . . . I'll soon be 25~. And playing in Kuroko outfit. Wearing a chonmage wig alone when I'm doing some netsurfs or watching TV at home(I feel kinda relaxed with it).

I think it's OK(^0^)

FYI, last year "playing Jungle animals" had been quite popular (only for myself) and I was making Jungle-ish sounds myself in spare moments from meetings, shootings or when in the dressing room of TV stations.

Roaaaarrrr! Au Au Au
Yack Yack Yack Ow Ooww Uhhooww Auuuuuuuhh! Screeeeeech!

Like, in very loud voice. I was mimicking the sounds of Jungle monkeys, birds and gorillas.

How come.

(That was fun for me, for some reason . . . )

Compared to last year, I have a feeling that I'm steadily leveling up this year ! ! Playing Jidaigeki actors rules! (at least I've advanced to the mimicking of human beings)

I haven't used the new DS Lite yet.
I'm kinda tense (; .V.)

I've already charged it up though.

*thump thump*

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Big surprise ending

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'The pyro-theif, no, Heizō the Kuma! Now I'll take your life!'




The king of Jidaigeki for me is "Onihei Hankachō"

I just learned SKAPA has a Jidaigeki-only channel, so I'm planning to send the application for adding it right away

I'm excited


I can watc Onihei ! ! !

Awww I'm so excited that I forgot to add "h"

Anywayz, Kuma Chang has given Jidaigeki fever to Utada Hikaru! My personal fave of the time is Jidaigeki! Jidaigeki rules ! (limited only to me)

I bought a bunch of Jidaigeki-cosplay items at Tokyu Hands in the end of last year. Those Kuroko outfit, jutte and katana are part of them.

I went to the store memorizing what was where as I'd been keeping an eye on every single item, but you know what, a completely different stuff was placed on the place where Jidaigeki items had been until very recently, and I went:

"Oh NOOOOOOOO Come on ! ! ! Could it be that, they removed Jidaigeki section as they were too unpopular ? ? ? Weeeeeeeep ! ! I should've bought them the other day - - - ! ! I'm shocked . . . ! Stupid me ! I've forgotten the Utada family rule('If you see a babe, go speak to her,' which means 'Don't miss your golden chances') . . . "

I was soooo shocked and depressed that I got absent-minded and couldn't hear my friend saying "Maybe we could check other Hands stores?"

But, I'm telling ya, my friend dragged absent-minded me and kept browsing around the Party Goods floor further, then . . . !

There they are ! ! ! !

We found em ! ! !

The Jidaigeki section had been moved to a completely different place for some reason ! ! !

Oh my God! my Bear! my Buddha!

Thank you my grandpa in heaven!

I nearly wept for joy for sure, and I spent ca. 20 thousand yen on those things . . . (I wonder what Happiness truly is)

And you know the jutte was so heavy (lol)

A real weight (lol)

My bag got huge after buying a bunch of voluminous stuff, so I struggled on my way home withstanding strong wind resistance. It was heavy too.

But I'm so happy I bought them(*^-^)

That was the best shopping of 2007(*^-^)

I really like the Kuroko outfit(*^-^)

By the way my work (first work of the year) is going quite well today, and I'm starting the new year days in a pleasant mood!

I've got Otoshidama too ! ! ! !