Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Viva! *Hospital*

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Just let me show you this sorta girly photo of me, as I'm gonna talk about some dull things(Don't you think this muffler is cute!? Don't you!?)

I just wanna say, that I love hospitals so much*

I went to the hospital.

I saw a beautiful lady doctor.

I moaned "Ouch, ouch aww" every time I sat down or got out of the chair, painfully enough to make the nurse lady who always helped me (a sweet mom type of person) have pity on me, "Oh poor you!"

So! according to the diagnosis, I strained my muscle, that got irritated, having a certain influence on my nerves as well.

They gave me a pain killer to stop the irritation, some compresses, and medical corset! The corset feels so good!

I took an X-ray too but no problems of bones or hernia were found! Aww it was good (T o T)Very good indeed (T o T)

They told me to keep quiet for one week, take medicines and not to have a massage or exercises.

As soon as I returned home I rushed to put on compresses, take medicines and go to bed, then when I got up I found the pain was a little decreased!

The medicine worked quite well!

I don't have to moan like "Awwwwwww" any more when I get out of bed!

I couldn't thank the hospital enough (T o T)

Lately the hospital situations look quite tough, like the lack of doctors, passing around of emergency patient and such, but it is a very important thing that we have a place that we can visit immediately when we have misgivings about our health, isn't it.

I feel so relieved just by learning what the problem is.

Hope the working conditions for doctors could be better . . . this problem sits on our mind doesn't it(._.*)

Lately in America, I hear a lot of similar problems on the news, like, hospitals vanished from communities; hospitals are overloaded and having more and more medical errors; the number of fire department decreased due to the cost reduction.

Safety is a precious thing, once again I realize(._.*)

Hope politics could do something for it(._.*)