Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Old PC, aka time capsule

After talking about the time when I was writing messages with lots of smileys I saved in my PC's dictionary, I sort of missed that time and eventually I pulled, digged out my laptop I was using two years ago!

At first my main purpose was just to check the smileys saved and take notes of some I felt like using again, but what came out of it was a pile of treasures!

They were like: past diaries and random thoughts(. . . how did I get hooked on such gloomy thoughts like this? What a fruitcake!); essays I wrote for high school assignment(re-reading it now makes me feel like making a fair copy and improving here and there); emails sent(aaaagh how come I told such a thing to this person! Huh, did I really write such a cutesy or suggestive thingy? I bet I did it on purpose (lol)); emails received(you've got a friend, indeed . . .); pictures I took with my digital camera(hey did I take such a stupid picture? Ah, I haven't seen this girl/boy in a while, wonder if she/he's doing well); a couple of drafts for messages here(oh yes, I always spent two hours or so on the draft, wonder how I could manage all this up to now) and so on!!

It's just like "digging up a time capsule"!
It was the most suitable way to spend a skeptical autumn dusk.

But I found a strange thing while browsing the list of words registered in PC's dictionary.
Though most of them were sort of smileys, some of them were just "normal" words like "Utada," which cannot be converted to kanji at once.
All of them should've been registered manually by myself and what makes me wonder a bit is:


Huh? Who's that? What is that?
I don't know any guy with that name!
I don't think this word could be the important one which is often used, or deserves to be registered in PC's dictionary! (lol)

What's that ~ ??

Say it gets dark much earlier lately . . .

Monday, October 28, 2002

The moment I feel I'm linked with you all

Thank you so much for thinking up lots, lots of ideas to my looking for requests of ringtones!

Here let me sum up the most popular ideas:

I found many of the ideas like - "I'd love something which can be used as wake-up alarm!", "something that cheers me up to live through a day!" and . . .

"It's a common one, but how about 'Hey, you've got a call!' or 'You've got mail!", which sounds very hikki-ish?"

Also many people sent me requests for something funny, and I found so many of them asking for my mimicking Mr. Masayoshi Yamazaki, "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~(=Let's go home)," which I did when I was on TV and on tour.
Thank you for your nomination. (lol)

(Setting my mimicking Mr. Yamazaki aside) I feel relieved knowing that I'm aiming at the same target as you all, since I was thinking of the same sort of idea (setting my mimicking Mr. Yamazaki apart)!

However, here is an important fact.

The max. time length I can record my voice is just 2.5 seconds.
Well, I think I can manage to say a word within that limit. Actually all voice-ringtone makers are fighting within that, you know.

But I'd say, those 2.5 seconds are a very severe limit indeed, to play to the gallery! 'Cause the word will be repeated again and again while the phone is ringing, right??

What if I made a joke ringtone, whatever sort it was - a fairly straightforward one, surreal one or even the one like "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" by taking playful fans at their words, and what if people downloaded it . . . it would be an ultimate masochistic act in public! Downloading and listening to it for the first time may bring you some fun, but I'm sure it will soon turn into "a silly voice ringtone" after being repeated over and over, even if it may be the funniest gag I've ever made as a musician! (lol)

"Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~" "Hoouchi he~ Kaeroowuu~"

See, it's annoying enough just by being written down, isn't it? (lol)

So I reject your idea of mimicking after all. No offence!
Then what would be a good idea instead . . . again this is the hard part . . .
But I, Utada, who showed her astounding stumble at the very moment of her first appearance on TV at the age of 16, promise I'll manage to think out something cool!!!

Hey, it seems like I'm 100 times more into this matter than that last night's mail about working out the lyrics thingy, or is it just me feeling this way? (lol)

Bwa ha ha !!!

If it were a couple of years ago ??

After the last sentence of my previous message, "please look forward to it . . .", don't you think . . .

. . . I'd place a cute smiley face if it were a couple of years ago???

You should've just nodded thinking "yeah that's it exactly!"if you've been reading my messages since long before!

Sometimes people ask me why I haven't use smileys lately and it's because . . .

. . . I lost all the smileys I registered on my PC after I changed the PC to a new one several times, and eventually I ended up getting all of them disabled as I was lazy enough not to re-register them one by one or create a new one!

So here, let me use it again after a long time - to refresh my brain and for a change away from writing the lyrics . . .

face mark Bwahahahahaha!

Oh wow, this is great! Have you ever seen such an irrelevant use of a laughing-out-loud smiley like this?! (lol)

Eh? You think it's a problem that I'm getting myself out of order here for a change, 'cause it's a little too late at night to call my friend or go out??

Well then I'm gonna take a bath now and work on the lyrics again a little more!

Uh, actually I feel refreshed now by writing up here. (lol)

I'm working out the lyrics now~

Well the message title is sort of lacking in spirit but anyway it's the lyrics for my new song I hinted to you some time ago!

I'll write another message soon after the tough part is over, so please give me a while!

(I've got so many things to tell you, like when I started writing the new song)

Until then, please imagine me kneading the flour very well . . . for me writing the lyrics is something like that.

Yes, plus it's like straightening the badly-entangled chain of the necklace . . . ??

Hmm yes, what's more it's like looking for an old letter which should be somewhere in the house . . .

Yikes! Besides, it's like getting absorbed in peeling hangnails though it hurts so much!
Yes, that's it, that's it, exactly!

Aaghh! (sniff)
Why can I imagine anything when it comes to things like this? (lol)

I've finished the tune pretty long before and I like it very much, so please look forward to it . . .

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Ah yes

Come to that, a few days ago I was in a meeting at Toshiba EMI discussing this or that matter. Topics turned to things like, "how about getting my voice ringtones downloadable from the mobile site??" and we are getting ready for it!

It's like "how come I haven't thought of this before??" and now I'm getting all excited thinking what kind of words I'll use for it and how many patterns I'll make!!

Actually I'm a registered user of the site providing Evangelion characters' ringtones/animations and downloading stuffs like that paying monthly fee. You know, most of my friends don't appreciate this looking coldly at me, except for only a few! (lol)

I found various voice ringtones for call receipt, e-mail receipt, wake-up alarm and such at that site, so I'll make the best use of my experience and imagination if only there were ringtones like this and that!!

So I came to think of asking the people using my mobile site also about their requests and ideas. (I'd like to ask for them at my mobile site too as there would be many people who don't have a PC and could check the mobile version of this site only!)

Please send any suggestions for the words or uses you'd like to me!

Go Gorie !

I fell asleep while watching the TV program I was looking forward to, as I couldn't stand to stay up any longer-! I blew it~!

You know, my checking the on-air time in advance is almost as rare as seeing meteor showers in Tokyo. (I'm constantly checking that of "Project X" though. Huh? Did I tell you that I've got the "Project X" DVD box set and been watching it, sobbing?? Oh, did I not tell you such an important thing?? I'm ready to tell you about it anytime if you'll be kind enough to listen to me! (lol))

The TV program is . . . called "One Night R&R," it's a comedy show and the one I missed part of was its first on-air as a special version right after it was moved to prime time. (Did you watch it??) My friends and I've been so into it from when it was a live broadcast and since then I got to root for it so so much in my heart before I was aware, especially as I had some good times with Gori-san of Garage Sale and Miyasako-san of Ameagari Kessi Tai!! I got a huge task which had to be done by last Monday, and I was shouting at the TV like "I can see Gorie on Wednesday!! I'll make it, Gorie!!(sorry to those who haven't watched the program!)" while I was working on it on my PC at home-! I was struggling with the task, gathering myself up like "I heard Kuzu will soon release a new song so I'll write a song as good as theirs!"

In spite of that!

My life cycle got out of order as I stayed up all night last Sunday, and on this last night I was so sleepy that I fell asleep without knowing it although it was past ten. Oh my! We often hear people sob themselves to sleep, but laughing themselves to sleep . . . can that happen to me?! Yes, yes it can, indeed! It's like I fell unconscious around when Gorie's appearance was over.

Wish I had poured myself a cup of coffee or something to keep me awake! I usually have some but I didn't that time!

I really would like to ask the people who watched the whole show - what's Kuzu's new song like??

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Project X" ... (from NHK program guide) a Japanese documentary series designed to reveal the stories behind the histories of major projects that were never revealed to the public.
"Garage Sale / Ameagari Kessi Tai" ... comedy duos appearing One Night R&R.
"Gorie" ... a young girl acted by Mr. Gori of Garage Sale.
"Kuzu" ... a duo of "Hiro" (acted by Mr. Miyasako of Ameagari Kessi Tai) and "Aniki" (by Mr. Yamaguchi of Don Doko Don). One of their songs, "Kaze ga fuiteru," is featuring Hikki.