Thursday, October 10, 2002

Ah yes

Come to that, a few days ago I was in a meeting at Toshiba EMI discussing this or that matter. Topics turned to things like, "how about getting my voice ringtones downloadable from the mobile site??" and we are getting ready for it!

It's like "how come I haven't thought of this before??" and now I'm getting all excited thinking what kind of words I'll use for it and how many patterns I'll make!!

Actually I'm a registered user of the site providing Evangelion characters' ringtones/animations and downloading stuffs like that paying monthly fee. You know, most of my friends don't appreciate this looking coldly at me, except for only a few! (lol)

I found various voice ringtones for call receipt, e-mail receipt, wake-up alarm and such at that site, so I'll make the best use of my experience and imagination if only there were ringtones like this and that!!

So I came to think of asking the people using my mobile site also about their requests and ideas. (I'd like to ask for them at my mobile site too as there would be many people who don't have a PC and could check the mobile version of this site only!)

Please send any suggestions for the words or uses you'd like to me!