Thursday, September 14, 2006

Take a good rest for now

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"Is the tour over now? Utada-san Me feel kinda sad"

'Hahaha. Kuma Chang you're so sensitive. Easy, easy. (pats Kuma Chang on the head)'


The tour is over now-!



Oh boy oh boy. I've slept and slept and slept since the night of the tour finale, which seems almost biologically wrong, and 5 days had passed before I knew it. Oh Gee!

But I think I can sleep a little more*

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Impulse buying

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Well, it was when I visited Matsuyama last month . . .

I strolled into the convenience store next to the hotel before I knew it, like being sucked in by something.

The moment I felt cool air in the store on my skin, that thing, yes THAT THING captured my eyes.

Oh . . .

Can't believe . . . !

O . . .

( / 'o')/ Obocchama-kun stickers - - - ! ! !

Next instant I took the sticker in my hand*

Given the place I barely refrained from shouting strangely like "Wooooot!!!" but I was all excited secretly. I was so max-hyped up that my hand with the sticker was slightly trembling!!! (Just why does this sort of stuff always switch me on . . . )

Looking closely at the sticker I found that it was a collaboration sticker of some local mascot-like character and Obocchama-kun. Hmmm hmmm hmmm! (I don't care about what the mascot-like character is though, to be honest) Anyways, you can observe it later as you already decided to buy it, Hikaru! Yes!

But wait a minute. Maybe I could buy one more piece, just in case! Two pieces! Could it be enough? (What am I calculating?) All right! This will do!

. . . So that's why I bought two pieces of the sticker. That's a typical case of impulse buying.

On top of that, I had this bad feeling after I returned to the hotel: "it's very likely Murakami-chan of my office would go to that convenience store too . . . so she could possibly find and buy that for me . . . "

The next day, on my arriving in the backstage of the venue I found a piece of that Obocchama-kun sticker on the table, just as I thought!!!

Eeeeek! N, now I have 3 pieces of Obocchama-kun sticker in total!! ( ' O ' )

Whew . . . seems like I'd spend my life putting Obocchama-kun stickers on my personal belongings meaninglessly for the time being . . .
All good boys and girls, you gotta be smart and cautious when you do the shopping*

After that, Murakami-chan and I fell into talk about things like: "Why did they choose Obocchama-kun for the sticker? The person who came up with this collaboration idea, he/she's got a great sense of imagination."

Could it be, by any chance . . .

. . . because Matsuyama is famous for "Bocchan" by Natsume Soseki? (-_-; )

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You've got to see the *real thing*

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At the end of the road, in Hiroshima, Hikaru finally made up her mind to do what's called sightseeing*
(honestly, I'm almost cocooning myself*)

Genbaku Dome. I visited there.

It was smaller than I imagined, and I thought it was trying its best to stand there as the symbol of such a huge thing like "wish for peace." There was a fountain next to it; beautiful green park around; river flowing - staying in such a peaceful environment kinda healed me.

It was hot though. Those people who were taking commemorative photos in front of the Dome looked dazzled.

Maybe I could sit down and rest under a tree. I wondered if there were few shaded places around here for a while after the war because the buildings got broken . . .

"Ah, excuse me"

Oh, a young woman with a digital camera talked to me. I came out here with my cap on, but did she happen to notice me?

"Can you take a picture of us, please?"

Ah, that was it. (^-^)

Alright!! I, the photographer who's taken a bunch of Kuma Chang photos and refined my skill, am gonna take an erotic & cool shot of you girls! (Perhaps you picked the wrong person to ask)

So, I took commemorative photos of two close girls in front of Genbaku Dome~! By each girl's camera, as requested*

Phew, I got with it. Really. It was the first time I took commemorative photos of others, and I say, you feel a lot of pressure to do it! I hope it can be a memorable photo for them. (*^-^)

Seems like Iran won't stop nuclear program; America carries out nuclear test again; Lebanon and Israel need time to come to a settlement; North Korea has launched missiles; there are endless lines of victims of bombs and terrorism here and there across the world - I wonder where we are going from here.

I guess the world cannot be completely in peace, but I find hope in the fact that the place where the atomic bomb was dropped once, has become a very peaceful, quiet place now.

Oh! by the way I also visited the Hiroshima Museum of Art located right across from the hotel! They had some works of my favorite Edgar Degas, which made me surprised. I also saw Modigliani's works! It was such a nice-looking museum, which made me very pleased. There's nothing like seeing the real thing with your own eyes, you know*

My apologies for having taken my route in a direction opposite to every single usual route>Hiroshima Museum of Art san
(I didn't mean it (*sniff*))

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Hiroshima version~

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Last night, in Hiroshima.

'Mmmm . . . it's like I'm unable to sleep well . . . '

*rolls over*

'Augh!! Kk, Kuma Chang!'

". . . Hikaru-chan You took a spy photo of my bottom and uploaded it. That hurts that hurts. Courtesy should be exercised even among intimate bears and humans."

'I'm sorry, but your bottom was just too cute. And you have a reputation for having a cute bottom, my Kuma Chang. You've got even more popularity now.'

"Eh More popularity"

'Yeah yeah. Now bring back your good humor. Here is your Pillow-san.'

"Awww Pillow-san Hehe"

'This is our last business trip. We visited many places this summer. In Hiroshima shows, which were to wrap up the regional tour, I was in top condition and the show was pretty exciting, which was just superb. How about you, my Kuma Chang?'

"Hiroshima is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan Pillow-san is with me! Good night Pillow-san *mumble mumble* . . . "

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Matsuyama version~

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"*Mumble mumble*    Matsuyama is a nice place to be    Hikaru-chan    Pillo-san is