Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kuma Chang's travel diary ~Hiroshima version~

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Last night, in Hiroshima.

'Mmmm . . . it's like I'm unable to sleep well . . . '

*rolls over*

'Augh!! Kk, Kuma Chang!'

". . . Hikaru-chan You took a spy photo of my bottom and uploaded it. That hurts that hurts. Courtesy should be exercised even among intimate bears and humans."

'I'm sorry, but your bottom was just too cute. And you have a reputation for having a cute bottom, my Kuma Chang. You've got even more popularity now.'

"Eh More popularity"

'Yeah yeah. Now bring back your good humor. Here is your Pillow-san.'

"Awww Pillow-san Hehe"

'This is our last business trip. We visited many places this summer. In Hiroshima shows, which were to wrap up the regional tour, I was in top condition and the show was pretty exciting, which was just superb. How about you, my Kuma Chang?'

"Hiroshima is a nice place to be Hikaru-chan Pillow-san is with me! Good night Pillow-san *mumble mumble* . . . "