Tuesday, September 05, 2006

You've got to see the *real thing*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

At the end of the road, in Hiroshima, Hikaru finally made up her mind to do what's called sightseeing*
(honestly, I'm almost cocooning myself*)

Genbaku Dome. I visited there.

It was smaller than I imagined, and I thought it was trying its best to stand there as the symbol of such a huge thing like "wish for peace." There was a fountain next to it; beautiful green park around; river flowing - staying in such a peaceful environment kinda healed me.

It was hot though. Those people who were taking commemorative photos in front of the Dome looked dazzled.

Maybe I could sit down and rest under a tree. I wondered if there were few shaded places around here for a while after the war because the buildings got broken . . .

"Ah, excuse me"

Oh, a young woman with a digital camera talked to me. I came out here with my cap on, but did she happen to notice me?

"Can you take a picture of us, please?"

Ah, that was it. (^-^)

Alright!! I, the photographer who's taken a bunch of Kuma Chang photos and refined my skill, am gonna take an erotic & cool shot of you girls! (Perhaps you picked the wrong person to ask)

So, I took commemorative photos of two close girls in front of Genbaku Dome~! By each girl's camera, as requested*

Phew, I got with it. Really. It was the first time I took commemorative photos of others, and I say, you feel a lot of pressure to do it! I hope it can be a memorable photo for them. (*^-^)

Seems like Iran won't stop nuclear program; America carries out nuclear test again; Lebanon and Israel need time to come to a settlement; North Korea has launched missiles; there are endless lines of victims of bombs and terrorism here and there across the world - I wonder where we are going from here.

I guess the world cannot be completely in peace, but I find hope in the fact that the place where the atomic bomb was dropped once, has become a very peaceful, quiet place now.

Oh! by the way I also visited the Hiroshima Museum of Art located right across from the hotel! They had some works of my favorite Edgar Degas, which made me surprised. I also saw Modigliani's works! It was such a nice-looking museum, which made me very pleased. There's nothing like seeing the real thing with your own eyes, you know*

My apologies for having taken my route in a direction opposite to every single usual route>Hiroshima Museum of Art san
(I didn't mean it (*sniff*))