Monday, September 29, 2008

Let me explain it

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(; 'o')

(;._.) *rubs at her eyes*

What the hell is that "Ta-dahhh" thing ! ! ! ?

I might have made some of you surprised like that.

This series of my pictures in anachronistic, somewhat Vietnamese-ish outfit.

I'll explain you on it!

Well first of all - Hikaru was kinda in weak physical condition, because of summer weather and whatnot, you know*

Then this friend of hers said, "Hikaru~! Why don't you come visit my friend in Nagano with me! It's a real nice place you know, and you've been too sick lately! The place will cheer you right up for sure! It'll be a nice change of pace for you either! It's so nice to be deep in the mountains of Nagano, I promise!"

Hikaru's friend encouraged her to visit the place.

Hikaru replied: "Yeah . . . seriously, I've been week these days . . . I mean, I wanna go. I wanna go with you~!"

But Hikaru's friend was too busy with work to visit the place for the time being, so she thought "Well that can't be helped, then I'll go visit there alone by myself!" and ended up staying in the house of someone who she's never met before, for 3 days.

I didn't even check what the place I was gonna visit at all, I just rushed off to the place with only the barest necessities, telling them "Okay I'll come over to you after 2 days!" Just relying on this vague sense of ease that makes me feel like "this is gonna be fine," as well as the referral from my friend.

Those who were surprised by the dull mood of hinted-looking me at first, gave a lot of energy to me during those three days. It was really deep in the mountain, where you never get ke-tai reception. For three days those strong people living right in the middle of Nagano wilderness and whatnot gave a lot of energy to me, and I'm back here now!

It was really a countryside ... the one that you've never been to, and I have no idea how to explain it, well, it's deep deep in the mountains I guess . . . ? Just imagine some village that you see in Japan's old tales. Mountains, mountains, mountains . . .

There was this person who was ill, and people living in the mountains nearby were helping to harvest the person's rice field all together! And they were kind enough to invite me as well: "Hikaru-chan, why don't you come with us~*" I couldn't be happier and took a little part in the fun work of harvesting!

"You take this, use it like this, this way"

"Aye Sir! I got it! So sorry that such a newbie like me turned up all of a sudden! I'll do my best!"

"Hey come to think of it, Hikaru-chan, your skin is so pale white, you know! You got white skins, big eyes and has a small build, so you look like someone from outer space! (lol)"

"Are you serious~? (lol) I'm an earthling~"

Chattering happily with those tough, beautiful women carrying their baby on their back, helped to do this work called "Hazekake" ? "Hazakake"? (drying rice) just a little bit!

It was such a nice, wonderful experience for me, and I was very much impressed by the toughness of young women working on the crop work, carrying their baby on their back, together with 2 kids; and by the scenery that reminded me those of Japan's old tales!

I once again realize I like mountains better than seas~. When I watch the sea in the night it makes me feel like dying. (-_-;)

Me, city-born and messed up its own health in the summer, underwent such nice rehab in Nagano! I'm so in a good condition ever since I returned from there!

Mounthains are great (T o T)

Mountains rule (T o T)

By the way I heard many people are saying the image quality is not good. (lol) It's quickly taken by my friend's ke-tai. Those fan people who like to see them in a regular size on their pc (or those who aren't my fan and just wanna see them out of their curiosity), please drag them onto the desktop and such, then take a look at them after resizing.

If you see them by ke-tai they'll be shown in the nice, proper size.


I feel soooo refreshed!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


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I just remembered I was some kind of an artist

*strikes a model's pose*


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I changed my image

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


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From yesterday my left double eyelid got bigger because of my haggard-looking and sleeping too much, which I can't ignore . . .

Looks kinda heavy! You know what I mean, right? (lol)

When I was a kid my eyelids were a type of those which covered eyelash lines, but as I grew older my eyelids got thinner, which made double eyelids more remarkable . . . I remember my mom often said she got triple eyelids when she was tired.

My dad said I looked kinda like some kind of insect (lol)

Gosh, could these possibly be too big & creepy-looking double eyelids when I get even older? And what should I do, if it happened only to my left eye(; 'o')

If it does happen then maybe I've gotta have a facelift or something to get them to look normal . . . but facelifting would be scary . . . What happens if they failed. Well you'll never know. I don't have to worry about it now, I guess.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cute drawing (lol)

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Just why did I think of drawing a picture like this

I wanna ask the reason to the past-me (lol)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cute drawing

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I'm so happy I've got lots of comments telling me that the beret fits me well.


I think I'll look into this further.

Some say wearing the beret at a tilt makes me kinda look like a painter. (lol)

Well that's nice to hear.

So that's about it.

I was lucky enough to find this cute drawing, when I was sorting out the drawings I worked on in my senior high days the other day!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

25-year-old rulez

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I went shopping on my way back from work!

And you know what!

I finallllllllly! Goooooooot a berrrrrreeeet! I was loooooooking fooooooooooor ! ! !
(translation: "I finally got a beret I was looking for!")

I've been looking for this type of beret for 8 years! A gray, female-sized one.

But you know. As it turned out. It's a pretty rare thing.

I found berets like uncool checked ones, too big ones, strange-appliqued ones or army-like ones(lol) though. Flea markets in London, boutiques in New York, department stores in Tokyo - all those places got same type of things like that.

At that time I thought "Maybe I need to be more matured, real woman first, otherwise I'd look like an elementary school kid in a beret" and made up my mind not to wear it until I turn 25.

I mean, to be honest, I completely forgot about that until now (lol)

"Oh Jeez, you are . . . ! Th, the, gray beret! Oh God, I didn't imagine I could meet you in such a fancy shop(for women) . . . ! Your time has come! (*sheds tears*) As promised, I turned 25! 8 years, been such a long time, a lot of things happened! (*sheds tears*) Let's go drinking and talk!" Thinking like that I rushed to the cashier.


What's that glum expression in your face? You're waring the beret you're dreamed for a long time, aren't you?

Don't you think like that, looking at this picture.

Well, the thing is . . .

I have no idea how to wear it . . . :slumps down:

Should I pull it down? Or should I pull it up, so that it makes some slack around the back of my head? Oh Jeez.

I prayed but what came out was

.... only the image of Osamu Tezuka (T_T)

Or is it like, if you're a young woman, maybe you should tilt it slightly to the left or right and make some slack, right? Am I correct? Or not? Or perhaps you need to consider your hairstyle and even your face bone?

I'm totally messed up now(;_; )

I thought I gotta look for some good examples in old films and web images and dug them, but I found very few . . .

It wouldn't look the same even if I mimicked the way of beautiful actress ladies. Maybe I could talk to my dad, as he's fashion-conscious . . .

And yet at the same time. You fashion-conscious guys who're reading here! Please let me know the good way to wear. I owe you one! Please!

Whew~come to think of it, I visited such a fancy shop for girls like that, for the first time in ages.

Don't you get nervous when you visit those kind of fancy shops?

I feel dizzy and eventually sick if I stay in a place where a vast amount of goods that require me to make a choice visually (clothes, jewelry, sunglasses and such) are displayed. Sometimes I even nearly have hyperventilation, give up shopping and rush out of the shop. Can you get it?! Maybe this is one of those "'I got it' or 'I don't get it'" type of things.

The most scary place is the curtain stores. What was worse, was that I visited an enormously huge store of all stores, in New York.

All those samely-shaped things, in slightly different colors or of different materials, line up endlessly . . . Ugh, just remembering that makes me sick. Maybe it's because, I can't see the whole thing loosely but concentrate on all the details. I got so much information out of it that my brain crashed. I broke into a cold sweat, trembled in every limb, and eventually I ran away (lol)

Clothing shops are just okay for me and I can stay in those shops that deal with vintage rock t-shirts, like forever. I just have a problem with women's shops.

So I always buy my clothes on the web (lol)

But today I went shopping together with my staff, which made the shopping so fun!

Good that I had the courage to go shopping.

20's rule ..'+.(^0^).+.'+.'

I'm happy to be alive~.

Good mooooorning!

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I took this photo when I was in a state of an old drunkard, like

"Aw it's been quite a while since I last wrote a message~, alright let's take a photo of something and write some~! ゚+:.゚/(*^-^)/.:+゚"*hiccups*

That way I took this photo and started writing, but I was so drunk that I could hardly write, so eventually I gave up. (lol)

Hurray for my life~!

I have a TV-related work scheduled this afternoon, for the first time in a long while. It's a shooting of my short comment for a TV program.

I was just checking e-mails here and found one from a person of the TV station that's gonna use my comment! (lol)

This person usually does on-location shootings but sadly can't make it to here today.

"I really want to see Hikki!" is what's written in the email (lol)

If only this staff person could make it, I would be so happy! Too bad!

I feel kinda strange (lol)

I'll be on this in a quite casual manner, dressed in my usual plain clothes, anyways I'll do my best~!