Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Message

(this message is originally written in English. please check her official site)

A Message

I wish to express my condolences for the loss of countless people due to the massive earthquake and tsunami.

And my heard bleeds for the people who have lost their loved ones, the place to return, spending their days worrying.

Among the areas heavily damaged this time, Iwate is my mother's birthplace and Miyagi is where my grand mother rests in peace. I thought what I could do now and made a blood contribution as well as donation to the suffered area through Japanese Red Cross Society.

I think there are many people who are making donations as well as other types of contributions feeling the same as I do, not only across Japan but also from abroad. We will overcome the difficulties together, remembering the spirit of mutual aid and love, even after the coverage of the disaster eventually fades away on TV.

I feel there is something every single of us should learn and notice from this situation.

It is the fact that our convenient life which we take for granted, is built on a very fragile system; that we are greatly dependent on electric power especially on nuclear electric power, and a certain local areas bear the large part of the burden and risk of it.

We could reduce waste together, if we realize that food and supplies, energy and resouces, our lives, all these are not something we "take for granted" but we are "gratefully given," as well as change our mindset from "use as available" to "use as needed," being aware of what is wasteful. The world with less waste, might be the world with less sorrow.

I hope the hurt of all the afflicted people's mind and body will be eased and smiles return back on their face as soon as possible.

From Utada Hikaru