Monday, October 31, 2005

Good morning~! (Everyone in the music biz(or showbiz?) uses this greeting anytime. I usually say "Hello")

Another long title - the part two.

I watched Bokura No Ongaku 2 (Our Music 2) go on the air. That's actually a rare case for me, because I'm too shy to watch or listen to the shows I'm on and usually don't check them(or try desperately to avoid them, is more like it)!

I just watched it normally. I think I liked it! The bright red dress, which my stylist Bone made me pricking his fingers many times, was beautiful. (Probably his blood was soaked into the dress. Glad the cloth was red!) Yukisada san was easy to talk to and I had a great time.

And it seems like, I've got to talk about my *bright* news! for a couple of minutes in the show I'm going to tape today . . . I've been thinking about it for the past few days but . . . nothing comes up on my mind!! I don't have such news~. I might be a negative type of person. (Or a person positive to others and negative to myself)

I was browsing iTunes music store just now and found "Be My Last" was still at number 1, which made me so happy! It might be somewhat because I'm a Mac user. But that's not something I can talk about as a bright news in the show. I can imagine people's reaction - "Okay."

Hmm. My own bright happy news. Gee, I think I'm really not good at this kind of thing - !

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"my stylist Bone" ... could be Born or Vaughan or whatever. (no clue to confirm the spelling)
"Yukisada san" ... Mr. Isao Yukisada, the director of the film "Haru no Yuki."

Friday, October 28, 2005

Deja vu ~Anpan-man~

I just finished watching Anpan-man and you know . . . they were playing football. Shokupan-man kicked the ball nicely like "Shoku Kiiiick!". Then Currypan-man received it and -

"Curry Puuuunch!"

Huh? A hand ball? Wasn't that a hand ball? Was he that goofy type of man? - I thought so and then the next moment:

"Shoku Puuuunch!"

Eh?? Another hand ball! It's not a football game any more.

Now Currypan-man received the ball by blasting curry out of his mouth. (yuck)

And then what Shokupan-man said was:
"That's not fair to blast curry~"

I say, a hand ball could be more obvious foul than stopping the ball by blasting curry.

But that would be what the author aimed at. I wonder if it might be a message that says "Don't be slave to convention" . . .

Once again I'm puzzled by Anpan-man . . . Anpan-man is far too trippy to understand when you watch it on the late afternoon of the holiday from the busy, tiring time . . . Doesn't it happen to you too? Perhaps it doesn't. Probably.

Bye Baiolence~* (^-^)O

I'll go have a nap now . . .

I always think it strange to be called "The said person comes in" when entering the sites

Heya! Good morning~! Here's Hikaru, who's been taping a bunch of TV shows. You'll see them go on the air in a row starting tonight.
This time the taping has come late from the release date as a promotion for the single, which is rare, but I'm sorta enjoying it. I sang trying to be seen differently in each show with more spirit of challenge than usual, so they're all y, you chekku ya(a must see)! (=meant to refer to SLAM DUNK)

Do you like baseball? I don't very much. (Hey.) Volleyball, figure skating(I luv Slutskaya) and tennis are all that I watch on TV. But in these days I often see bright images of baseball! Lotte's championship in 31 years . . . I was moved to tears a bit by Mr. Valentine's saying "Kono team ha ichiban de~su(this team is the number one)!!!". In America the White Sox won the World Series in 88(!) years. Great that people still remember the last time. (lol)

However, I saw a little gloomy news this morning. It's that Matsuzaka Daisuke san is negotiating with Seibu about his challenging the Major League, which hasn't been granted so far. That's what's called "due to the team's situations." I understand that his leaving could have a negative impact on the team management, still, that was the news that made me depressed a little - or more like mortified - first thing in the morning.

You might have a view with this strong image that athletes, musicians or actors have more freedom than those people working with the business-suit on, and free from the office shackles or age/gender discrimination. Actually it seems any kind of work has the same kind of problems. Not many musicians are getting along with their record company as well. There are some situations where we have to do what we don't want to, for the company management and whatnot. There are also needs for things like juggling artists. Like, for example, the younger artists often find it hard to make it big when the big-shot ones are in the same genre. Sounds office worker-ish a little, doesn't it? What has put Matsuzaka san in the current situation that I learned from the news and what makes many musicians stressed out - it all comes down to the contract, I'd say.

Work and life are never without frustrating situations, guys.

You want try your strength but you're not allowed to that: I think that's the last picture this society should produce. It may sound boastful, but I believe that to try our own wings is the reason for existence of life. It's a challenge both to protect something and destroy it. Those who give it away get old. Kids often get injured because they're always trying their wings, growing every day~.

I think human beings, all living things, know how to take adversity! Even the people who say "No I'm not, I get depressed easily" have grown up against gravity, fought oxidation and aging, seen schools and society; everyone has tough times and almost dies some times in their life.
The reason why the more peaceful a country is, the more depressed people and suicides it has, might be because they don't have much chances to have easy-to-understand hard times. So Nature needs adversity, yes, and living things are defined by adversity, I dare say!

Gasp, the topic started off with Matsuzaka san and then branched far off in the unexpected direction. Er, I'm sorry (:sweat:) > to whom it may concern

(Such a bearish closing for such a bullish remark . . . (lol))

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"you chekku ya" ... literally means "gotta check out," which is a trademark phrase of Aida Hikoichi, a Slam Dunk character.
"Lotte"/"Mr. Valentine" ... Mr. Bobby Valentine is the manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines, a Japanese professional baseball team.
"Seibu" ... the Seibu Lions, a Japanese professional baseball team.