Monday, October 31, 2005

Good morning~! (Everyone in the music biz(or showbiz?) uses this greeting anytime. I usually say "Hello")

Another long title - the part two.

I watched Bokura No Ongaku 2 (Our Music 2) go on the air. That's actually a rare case for me, because I'm too shy to watch or listen to the shows I'm on and usually don't check them(or try desperately to avoid them, is more like it)!

I just watched it normally. I think I liked it! The bright red dress, which my stylist Bone made me pricking his fingers many times, was beautiful. (Probably his blood was soaked into the dress. Glad the cloth was red!) Yukisada san was easy to talk to and I had a great time.

And it seems like, I've got to talk about my *bright* news! for a couple of minutes in the show I'm going to tape today . . . I've been thinking about it for the past few days but . . . nothing comes up on my mind!! I don't have such news~. I might be a negative type of person. (Or a person positive to others and negative to myself)

I was browsing iTunes music store just now and found "Be My Last" was still at number 1, which made me so happy! It might be somewhat because I'm a Mac user. But that's not something I can talk about as a bright news in the show. I can imagine people's reaction - "Okay."

Hmm. My own bright happy news. Gee, I think I'm really not good at this kind of thing - !

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"my stylist Bone" ... could be Born or Vaughan or whatever. (no clue to confirm the spelling)
"Yukisada san" ... Mr. Isao Yukisada, the director of the film "Haru no Yuki."